Step 7: Drain Wort into fermenting bucket

Picture of Drain Wort into fermenting bucket
Open up the tap and drain the Wort into the Fermenting bucket.
moaner70 (author) 7 years ago
Hi, I've had a quick search around and I can't see a scientific/brewing reason why pouring and aerating my wort is a problem. If you could enlighten me please as anything to improve an already astounding tasting beer would be fantastic. Regarding gelatin..well that I know is a known working aux fining. What would you suggest as a fining to be even better? I read Issinglass is better? Thanks. Mark
psi30008 years ago
WTF are you doing? I don't see a hose on that Mash Tun leading down into the fermenter so that it doesn't aerate, add excessive oxygen, to the wart. You should know better when brewing from grain!!! Shame on you, and your telling other people to do this. Their beer will have a very offset flavor!!
PSI... That's exactly what I thought when I saw this... STOP IT!!! You're killing the beer!!! Where are the brewing police when you need them! Plus why are you using Gelatin in your beer??? Clarification? Yeah, your "Beer" will be clear, but it will be stripped of a lot of the flavor...