Picture of How to Bring Treats to Trick-o-Treaters
I am a big fan of Halloween and love everything that has to do with the holiday. I enjoy passing candies out from home and seeing the Trick-o-Treaters come to the porch with their fun and creative costumes. For the past 2 years, I have lived in a residential area that is dark and not very popular with Trick-o-Treaters. Halloween night usually consisted of visits from around (if lucky) of 2-3 Trick-o-Treaters.  I have tried setting up shop on the side walk with chairs and tables along with my bowl of candies to maximize visibility and accessibility but with disappointing results. Finally, this year, I had enough and came up with a solution: If Trick-o-Treaters don't come to me then I should go to them! Therefore, the idea of the Halloween mobile treat was born. The prop was very successful and enjoyable. I ran out of candies half way around the neighborhood!
This Halloween mobile treat prop is simple and easy to do. Since, I am a Halloween freak, I have props galore but for this project, I only used very cheap and simple props.
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Step 1: You will need a wagon (Radio Flyer)

Picture of You will need a wagon (Radio Flyer)
I had this wagon stored in a corner of my house collecting rust. I dust it off and put it to work.

Step 2: Carve a Pumpkin

Picture of Carve a Pumpkin
I carved a pumpkin to decorate the outside of my house but decided to use it for the mobile prop after all.

Step 3: Candy bowl

Picture of Candy bowl
A bowl from my wife's kitchen did the job. Along with a monster prop I had. I taped the monster to the bowl and poured the candies in.
Not sure if this is at all possible, but the gag with the blowup doll head and tricylce in jackass 2 (you know, the part where Johnny Knoxville rides it around in the park and it looks like the doll is uhhhh..... eating) could be used in a similar manner to make the head look like it was eating the candy. Would add a little bit of zazz to the thing. oh and props to the OG radio flyer!
that was in jackass 1, i watched it yesturday and watched jackass 2 today and will proberly watch jackass 2.5 tomorrow.
juliet88104 years ago
good i love Halloween :P
atlacatl5 years ago
Hey, This was a clever idea.........everyone loved it, we brought the candies to the treaters............I like the cyclope pumpkin