Picture of How to Buff Out a Scratch On Your Car
Scratches on cars are fairly easy to remove, with a little patience.  Most scratches aren't even scratches at all: they're materials rubbed on the car that sticks.  This will walk you through how to diagnose a scratch, and how to fix it.

Step 1:

Step 1Materials

Aerosol adhesive remover

Chamois cloth

Soap and water

Black shoe polish

Ultrafine sandpaper: 2000 to 3000 grit for wet dry use

Clear Coat

Matching paint

The cheapest and most effective way to fix car scratches with cost only $2 to $3 and most importantly the product usually always available at your home


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Ldavis801 year ago
Step 5 says apply clear coat, What kind and where can you buy a clear coat that you can apply. and will it be able to wax afterwards?