Picture of How to Build A Toilet PVC Chair
Gather Materials:
PVC: 90DGEB (2)
PVC: 3-way (6)
PVC: 45DGEB (4)
PVC: Tee (12)
PVC: TeeSDOT (2)
PVC: TeeSDOT (custom) (8) Curved T-joint with side outlet
PVC: Pipe (4) 1X14
PVC:Pipe (2) 1X12
PVC:Pipe (3) 1X8
PVC:Pipe (20) 1X7
PVC:Pipe (4) 1X20
PVC:Pipe (4) 1X5
PVC:Pipe (4) 1X4
PVC: Pipe Curved (8) 1X7.07
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Step 1: Solidworks: Create Custom Pieces

1) Begin by selecting the top plane and sketch a centerpoint arc

2) Set the radius of the arc to 4.5 inches

3) Select plane first reference → point second reference → line

4) Sketch a circle on a new plane

5) Select second sketch → swept boss/base

6) Sketch circle diameter 1.0625 inches → swept cut

7) Select the circle and curve the pvc on the inside

Step 2: Solidwork: Create PVC

1) Click the "Sketch" tab. Then click the "Sketch" button to start a new sketch.

2) Select the "Circle" sketch tool in the main toolbar. Click once on the origin to place the center of the circle there. Click anywhere in the drawing area to complete the circle.

3) Draw another circle. Place its center on the origin, then click outside of the first circle you drew to make it larger than the first.

4) Select the "Smart Dimension" tool from the main toolbar. Click on the outer circle and enter the outer circumference of the pipe into the box, and click the green check mark.

5) Click on the inner circle. Enter the inner circumference of the pipe into the box, and click the green check mark.

6) Click on the "Features" tab under the main toolbar. Select the "Extruded Boss/Base" feature. The "Extruded Boss/Base Property Manager" will appear on the left.

7) Click inside the box next to the "Depth" icon, which is a pair of red arrows facing away from each other. Enter the length of your pipe. Click the green check mark.
th3boy1 year ago

This truly is the coolest chair I have seen in a while. I'd use it, I bet it doesn't get cold like an ordinary porcelain throne! This would make a great cabin/workshop toilet if you slap a seat on it. I like it.

All those joints is going to make it a little expensive?
jtmax241 year ago
looks awesome, probably more comfortable than a 5 gallon bucket, and sturdier, but then again it's not a portable and cheap. again awesome project, I. want to see more.
kenbob1 year ago

Very creative,,, but still not sure it is time to give up the porcelain :)