Gather Materials:
PVC: 90DGEB (2)
PVC: 3-way (6)
PVC: 45DGEB (4)
PVC: Tee (12)
PVC: TeeSDOT (2)
PVC: TeeSDOT (custom) (8) Curved T-joint with side outlet
PVC: Pipe (4) 1X14
PVC:Pipe (2) 1X12
PVC:Pipe (3) 1X8
PVC:Pipe (20) 1X7
PVC:Pipe (4) 1X20
PVC:Pipe (4) 1X5
PVC:Pipe (4) 1X4
PVC: Pipe Curved (8) 1X7.07

Step 1: Solidworks: Create Custom Pieces

1) Begin by selecting the top plane and sketch a centerpoint arc

2) Set the radius of the arc to 4.5 inches

3) Select plane first reference → point second reference → line

4) Sketch a circle on a new plane

5) Select second sketch → swept boss/base

6) Sketch circle diameter 1.0625 inches → swept cut

7) Select the circle and curve the pvc on the inside

<p>This truly is the coolest chair I have seen in a while. I'd use it, I bet it doesn't get cold like an ordinary porcelain throne! This would make a great cabin/workshop toilet if you slap a seat on it. I like it.</p>
All those joints is going to make it a little expensive?
looks awesome, probably more comfortable than a 5 gallon bucket, and sturdier, but then again it's not a portable and cheap. again awesome project, I. want to see more.
<p>Very creative,,, but still not sure it is time to give up the porcelain :) </p>

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