How to Build a Walking Robot - Passive Walker





Introduction: How to Build a Walking Robot - Passive Walker

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How to build a passive walker by PVC tubes, no battery required, I show you how to build 1 for just 8 bucks, very easy, just watch my video instruction. (a little slant and mat are required)



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    Nice pipe trick! My favorite part is as the end, when runs out of table and crashes.

    the only problem about that is that it can't walk on regular ground without pads or some type of height is added to where the foot lands. meaning it is useless unless given apropriate force and timed momentum .

    Hey can u help me make a pocket sized one. My teacher was thinking it would be great to show this. I won't take ur idea. I was gunna ask., if I could its a great! Project for my class....

    I agree. This is by no means a robot, just a demonstration of the laws of physics

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    Why is a demonstration of the laws of physics not a robot?

    duh- its made of pipes- i like it

    Way cool! I don't know what the definition of a "passive walker" is, but I was thinking SLINKY. Once you got it started, it would "walk" down the stairs.

    I'm not sure if that's considered a passive walker... I think that to be considered "passive", it must be powered by a natural element, not the initial momentum that you're giving it. I'm probably wrong, though. Awesome anyhow!

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    give it a slight slope, it might go for.... until the slope stops... at least lol

    I think that's technically right, but the motion of this thing is pretty cool, anyway. Question: are those foam pads necessary for the walking motion? It looks like the leg-swinging motion would take each "foot" below the walking surface, which is why you can't just have this thing walking around on the ground; the step points need to be elevated. Is that right?

    It actually looks as if the pivot point is moving at the same speed as the swinging arm, but I can't really tell due to the low frame rate. That's certainly a valid possibility, though.

    interesting! but it's not really a robot!

    cool & imprissive toy

    thats awesome lol but it falls off the table at the end with a crash!

    LOL! now that is brilliant!