For those of you who are interested in little monetary investment with a lushous garden amendmant as the result look no further.  I am here to show you how to build a super cheap compost bin system!  This 3-bin system is great for people who have a little bit of extra space in their yard to spare and want easy access to their compost for turning.  The result is an efficient, easy to make, and most importantly inexpensive compost system.  If you have a little room in your yard and you want to take the initiative to create your own compost, continue to step one.

Step 1: Materials

The only materials you need for this project are seven wooden palettes, a pair of needle nose pliers, and a little bit of wire.  You can find wooden palettes for free in most cities and even some rural areas.  I got my palettes from a shipping business just two blocks from my house.  This short distance is great if you do not have a vehicle that can haul them. Essentially, you can carry them to your house one at a time. (This is how I did it.)  There are almost always businesses in town that do not reuse their wooden palettes.  You can either cruise around your city looking for palettes that have been left in front of business,  (In this case please ask the owners of the business if it is ok that you take them),  or you could use the yellow pages and call a few random businesses to see if they have any free ones.  This usually results in references for other businesses that may also have free palettes.  Wire is pretty inexpensive and truly any type will do.  You could get truly creative and reuse a plethera of old produce wire wraps.  If you string them together you will have enough wire.  If you don't have needle nose pliers you can essentially use anything that will cut the wire.  This includes your hands which you can use to twist the wire repeatedly in a circular motion until it breaks.  If you get free palettes, reuse old produce wire wrapping, and use your hands to break the wire, you have spent 0 dollars on this compost bin system.  Happy supply hunting!! 

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