Picture of How to Build Night Tables
While a bed and dresser are the main components of any bedroom suite, today’s well-appointed chamber isn’t complete without a pair of night tables to flank the bed. Our design complements the bigger pieces, yet differs enough to create some eye-catching interest. As for utility, there’s room for a lamp, clock and phone on the top, a drawer for pens and paper, plus an ample shelf for books, magazines or a laptop computer. And, by lengthening the legs below the bottom shelf, you can use the design as an end table or lamp table for your living room or family room.

To match the other pieces in our anniversary furniture series, our solid mahogany night table has wenge detailing and inlays, and decorative panels veneered with highly figured pomele sapele. The veneer and lumber are available from a number of mail-order supply houses. One excellent source for both solid lumber and veneer is A&M Wood Specialty Inc., 358 Eagle St. N., Box 32040, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N3H 5M2; Making The Legs Rip and crosscut 13⁄4-in.-thick stock to size for the legs. Then, install a straight bit in the router table and use it to cut the 1⁄8 x 1⁄8-in. rabbet at the leg corners for the wenge inlay.

This project was originally published in the November 2002 issue of Popular Mechanics. You can find more great projects at Popular Mechanics DIY Central.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials