Introduction: How to Build Reclaimed Industrial Dining Tables

In this video I build 5 Reclaimed Industrial Dining Tables for a local brewery

Check out the video for a full walk thru on how I did it!

Materials :

  • Reclaimed wood 2x6's
  • 2x2" Square tubing


Step 1: Cut Down Wood and Mill to Thickness

Picture of Cut Down Wood and Mill to Thickness

Rough dimension all of your wood on your chop saw then joint and plane the wood down to its final thickness.

Step 2: Glue Up Tops

Picture of Glue Up Tops

Glue up your table tops using a liberal amount of glue and parallel clamps. I use the pipe clamps for pressure and to keep the wood flat

Step 3: Cut Down Wooden Tops to Final Shape and Dimension, Apply Finish

Picture of Cut Down Wooden Tops to Final Shape and Dimension, Apply Finish

Cut all your tops to their final desired dimensions. Using whatever tools you prefer, then go and sand and apply your finish!

Step 4: Cut Down Metal Stock for Bases

Picture of Cut Down Metal Stock for Bases

Cut all your metal pieces to their final dimensions. I use a FEIN Slugger with a carbide tipped blade. Makes short work of this part

Step 5: Tack Up Base

Picture of Tack Up Base

Tack all your bases together and measure for final dimensions. Use a hammer or clamps to make sure all parts are square

Step 6: Finish Weld Pieces Together

Picture of Finish Weld Pieces Together

Finishh welding your bases together after theyre flat and square.

Step 7: Cut the "X" on Bases

Picture of Cut the "X" on Bases

if you mimic the X style base like me. Cut the welded "x's" in half. Finish welding your bases together. Ad the brackets for mounting the tops

Step 8: Paint and Attach Top !

Picture of Paint and Attach Top !

Paint your base or finish it with clear. Attach your tops and you're all done.

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Jakes workshop (author)2017-04-23

I really love the design. Eventhough it is pretty simple, it is amaizing! Thanks for sharing

Patrick_MG (author)2017-04-21

Incredible work, very beautiful! Thanks for sharing

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