Step 2: The Risers

Picture of The Risers
The most complicated part of building a staircase is making the risers. If you are building an outdoor staircase with no overhead obstructions its gonna be a lot easier, you need only decide on the angle of your stairs, measure and cut away. if you are building a staircase indoors you need to take into account the headroom.

Due to the complication in these indoor staircase calculations I'm going to refer to a free online stair calculator. as well I'll post this detailed diagram.

for uncomplicated staircases and once you have your lenghth and angle calculations this is how you measure and cut a riser.

1. take the board you are using for the riser and measure the angle to the bottom left corner and draw a line.

2. measure your rise height from the line in step 1 to the edge of the board and draw a line.

3. measure from the run length from the rise point 90 degrees and draw a line

See Diagram #2

cut out all the lines drawn and then make a duplicate, and triplicate depending on step width.

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