Have you ever wished your stuffed toys could get up and walk around, maybe even talk? Well this instructable is just what you need. I will show you how to transform your ordinary stuffed bear into an animated robotic pal. All the while, keeping the same soft, plushness that makes it so lovable.

Step 1: Materials

Below is a list of the materials that will be needed to complete this project. 

1. Arduino Duemilanove Board
2. Male to Male Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Cable Wires (8)
3. BB400 Solderless Plug-In Breadboard
4. H5-55 Feather Micro Hitec Servo (4)
5. Doll Accessories (Doll Legs Set/Lt)- Purchased from Hobby Lobby
6. Doll Accessories (Doll Arms Set/Lt)- Purchased from Hobby Lobby
7. The Pampered Chef: Cutlery (My Safe Cutter- #2904)
8. Windows 7 or Higher
9. Desk Top Computer 
10. Duct Tape
11. USB 1 to USB 2 Cord 2.0
12. 4.1 mm Phillips Screwdriver
13. Cardboard
14. Popsicle Sticks (6.3 cm X 0.9 cm) (4)
15. Scissors
16. Adhesive Tape
17. Medium Sized Teddy Bear
18. Plastic Ziploc Bags- Small (2)
19. Small Recording Device- Purchased from Build-A-Bear
20. USB Adapter Kit- Cyber Power (USB B)
21. Tapestry-Round-End Needle
22. Brown Cotton Thread
23. RAYOVAC Charger Model-PS73
24. RAYOVAC AA Batteries (4)
25. 7/16 in. Clasp Fastener (4)
26. 7/16 in. Eyelet & Snap Fastener Pliers
27. Old T-Shirt
28. 18 in. Piece of String (2)
29. Safety Pin
<p>if this is 100% legit, i will make a Freddy Fazbear animatronic and set it to laugh every night from 12-6 am. LIKE A BOSS</p>
<p>You're so smart!! This is so cool! You go girl!!!</p>
<p>This is so cute! It's kind of creepy with all the doll arms and legs until you get to the end and it's an adorable teddy bear!</p>

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