Step 6: Video

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Our detailed video demonstrates the making of this easy DIY project from start to finish.

my family made this last summer-ours was a little smaller but we used an old wheel well for our ring-worked great
Great idea . Could you even use the spokes if you rearranged them so they were all level i wonder if that would work...maybe weave/weld a spiral of metal going round...dont know if spokes are safe though- might be galvanised ,could replace them .
kberry_787 years ago
Great way to reuse paving bricks and old metal drums. Ace project
It's not reused at all, it costed 500 bucks of brand new material XD Real DIY project would be to make your own rocks. That's what I'm gonna do
Perhaps, but he does give me a great idea on how to reuse metal drums.
teslafan1005 years ago
1 Ton! That's A Lot! 
Damonic6 years ago
Looks good! Here's a tip though. In the future, I would plan for spaces between every other block on the second from the bottom layer. That way you allow air into the pit and the fire can breathe better. Without these vents the flames will consume most of the oxygen in the pit and it essentially chokes itself out. (That's why there are always vents on or near the bottom of grills.) Having the vents on the second layer will mean they'll still allow air through after your ashes start piling up on the bottom.
leeeannn6 years ago
great video, thanks. going to tackle this project loved it. wish me luck..
drocko7 years ago
Great video! Very nice project.