Step 3: Neck Cutout

This next step includes routing, chiseling, and drilling. The first thing you need to do, is to take your guitar neck and trace it onto the top of the guitar. Now, you should take the router, set it to the right depth, and stay close to the line. Now you should clean up the corners with a sharp chisel, and if necessary chisel the space bigger. Now you should place the neck in the space and mark out where you want to drill the holes. You then should take the correct size drill bit and drill out the holes for the screws, but do not go too deep. The easiest way to install the neck is to soak the screws in soap, so they go in easier.
Nice...and the Neck?<br />
totally great that you're bothering to make your own guitar, but they way it reads sounds more like you're putting up with 2 pickups instead of 3, putting up with a tele bridge instead of a strat, and altering other things based on the shape of the scratch plate. Surely if you're going to the trouble of making your own nice solid body then you'd make it the shape and style you want and make a scratch plate to fit. Big sheets of scratch plate material (triple lam) are only like £10.
yeah i was thinking about doing that, but i was doing it for a school project and it had to be done right away, but i might actually go get one of those scratch plates thanks man
hi it looks like u published this before it was complete ;)
haha yeah im still working on it, but im still waiting for parts that are coming pretty soon so it should be done in about a month
should have left the publishing til then XD it stores unpublished u know ;)

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