Introduction: How to Build Your Own Skater Steven

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I make this because I watch in art attack Disney channel in last Saturday.I've seen this episode in the house and I want to make one in my neighborhood's house.I want to make to all people in Earth.

Step 1: Materials

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  • two card boards like the size of the bond paper

  • pencils

  • glue

  • paints

  • paintbrushes

  • picture

Step 2: First

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First, cut the card boards into two small circle like a size of a peso coin and two big circle like the size of a bottom of a glass.The circles should be perfectly cut in this activity.

Step 3: Next

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Next, You should glue the small circle on top of the big circle.Do the same to the other small and big circles. Paste together the circles like a sandwich. Set aside on the activity table to dry.To make the skater range, cut the other card board into halves

Step 4: Then

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Then, cut a curve on the center of the cardboard to make a U shape like a skater range.

Step 5: After

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After, on the front of the pasted sandwich-like cardboard, draw an image of a boy skating or a face. Color it using the paintbrush so that it will be beautiful and catchy when it will glide and move on the skater range.

Step 6: Finally

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To assemble all, hold the skater range in an upright position and place the circle on the center. Move the circle with the painted picture by tilting the end of the range to the other side and back tilt again to move back. Do this so that the circle will swing back and forth

Step 7: For the Final Touch

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For the final touch, use a pen to outline the skater range and skater Steven .And that’s it you made your own skater Steven.You can make your persons in the card boards.


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Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

thanks also

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