How to Build Your Ultimate Game Room





Introduction: How to Build Your Ultimate Game Room

I’m a lifelong gamer. I’ve been playing games for over 20 years. It’s a big part of my life and I’m not ashamed to say it. So, I decided to just own it and finally set up my Ultimate Game Room.

And here’s my modern day game setup, at least until I embarked on this journey. My monster monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio. Honestly, it was kind of a mistake. It’s great for watching movies but not so much for games. Most games don’t support that ratio, at least without some mods or tweaks. And here’s my humble office. A little messy, I know. Ok, let’s start the build!

Step 1: Decorate the Room

First step, the room itself. Like I said, it’s kind of a mess! Just because I’m sitting in a garage doesn’t mean it has to look like it. I put up some beautiful new wallpaper and I even decorated the AC a bit. By decorate I mean I slapped stickers all over it. Hey, it works!

Step 2: Set Up the Desk and Computers

Bought a nice new desk from Ikea to hold all my new gear (oh that’s right. Lots of new gear. I went all out.) I’m pretty handy putting this stuff together, and it didn’t take me more than a couple of hours.

Ok, on to the fun stuff. I bought THREE snazzy new LG monitors with a proper aspect ratio for gaming. My rig can handle it and I’ve been wanting to play around with Mosaic. I found some pretty cool, very versatile monitor arms from Loctek to let me fit the monitors together just right.

MMO’s are my thing, and I’m loving the extremely wide field of vision I get from the three monitors. Loctek actually has a triple arm too, but I went with the three single arms.

Step 3: Cable Management

Cable management is CRUCIAL! Put in all the work you want on decorations and monitors, but if there’s a rat’s nest of cables in the room, that’s where the eye is going to go. The Loctek mounts have a great integrated cable management solution, which was one reason I chose them.

Step 4: Set Up Shelvies

I picked up some nice shelves from IKEA too. It’s kind of like the cables. If you’ve got all this great stuff, but it’s just laying around in a pile, what’s the point? I figured it was time to just own it and display all my collectibles.

I also built a long shelf all around the top of the garage for my audience.

Some tasty beverages. I’m fancy.

Step 5: Lights & Fridge

Some more tasty beverages and I fridge in which to keep them. I’ve got a few mood presets on the lighting, which are controllable with the remote. I thought about something that would automatically cycle, but I decided it would get annoying.

Step 6: Decorating

My beautiful object d’art to display on the walls. AKA game posters. I preferred FemShep, but it’s hard to find her!

Step 7: Done

The completed project! This just took a weekend to put together after I selected all the pieces. I’m no longer reluctant to have visitors over, and it’s just awesome having my dream space to hang out in. I wouldn’t recommend going all out like this for everyone. What do you think?



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    This is really cool..I have built a few games by my own even though i don't have any coding skills and it is pretty easy...and i hardly get stressed while developing:

    This is really cool..I have built a few games by my own even though i don't have any coding skills and it is pretty easy...and i hardly get stressed while developing: