Picture of How to Build a Batcave

We had a bizarre mystery closet in our apartment that had no door and was right next to another closet. We hid it behind a sheet and started calling it "the bat cave". But for Halloween, I decided it needed something different... Here is how to build your own (temporary and storable) bat cave.

You will need:

--junk fabric, enough to cover your area
--fabric dye
--expanding foam
--craft paint

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Step 1: Building the Cave Walls

To start you will need to dye the fabric you will be using as the cave walls. I was able to find a lot of cheap fabric at Walmart for $1 a yard in the sale section and a pack of black dye. I also used a bottle of the black RIT dye.

Follow the instructions on your dye package. To get this gray color, I only dyed my fabric in the black dye for ten minutes instead of thirty.

Make sure your fabric is rinsed and dried!

Step 2: Stalactite/stalagmite structures

Picture of Stalactite/stalagmite structures
Start building the bases for your stalactites and stalagmites by building cones out of newspaper. Make sure you have a strong structure underneath--either something for it to sit on or perhaps a frame of chicken wire or something. I built mine out of only newspaper and that turned out not to be strong enough once the foam got it wet, and they sunk in and collapsed.

On my second try I stuffed them with newspaper and empty foam cans, and that worked pretty well but not the greatest. So make sure you have a frame in the cones!

Make them of varying heights and widths, they don't have to be (and shouldn't be) "perfect".

DO NOT use duct tape! The expanding foam needs air to dry as well as a surface to stick to, and since the duct tape is slippery and will also cause it to dry more slowly, the wet foam will simply slide down your structure and build up at the bottom.
justjimAZ4 years ago
A unique idea. Thanks for sharing!