We had a bizarre mystery closet in our apartment that had no door and was right next to another closet. We hid it behind a sheet and started calling it "the bat cave". But for Halloween, I decided it needed something different... Here is how to build your own (temporary and storable) bat cave.

You will need:

--junk fabric, enough to cover your area
--fabric dye
--expanding foam
--craft paint

Step 1: Building the Cave Walls

To start you will need to dye the fabric you will be using as the cave walls. I was able to find a lot of cheap fabric at Walmart for $1 a yard in the sale section and a pack of black dye. I also used a bottle of the black RIT dye.

Follow the instructions on your dye package. To get this gray color, I only dyed my fabric in the black dye for ten minutes instead of thirty.

Make sure your fabric is rinsed and dried!
A unique idea. Thanks for sharing!

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