How to Build a Battery Powered Plane (Balsa Wood Airplane)





Introduction: How to Build a Battery Powered Plane (Balsa Wood Airplane)

A "how to" guide showing how to make your own battery powered balsa wood airplane. I used my 24" plane shown in a prior tutorial in this video. You can find everything you need to make it at RadioShack. Thanks for watching and feel free to comment below!



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    , and in case of making a remote control to control the plane, how would you stop, or turn off the plain.

    And what would be thebcost, and where did you buy the motor?

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    hi I'm going to make it for a school project, anything I need to know

    and can u put where u bough the propelars i can't find them any where

    how may I control the airplane?

    And in what classification this would be in, in a science project?

    И куда же улетел твой самолет? Ваше видео это полная глупость!

    Really cool project and video.

    I would like to ask a question with your permission.

    Is there a way to rotate the propeller slower?

    I want to build a carousel toy working with this motor circuit. Anyone help me?

    (may be 1.5V motor and battery?)

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    Hmmm, good question. One way to slow it down would be to use a sprocket and chain (or rubber band). The carousel would have to be attached to a large diameter cog or wheel, which would make the carousel spin more slowly. Just an idea. Go into Radio Shack or a hobby store, and ask the employees if there is a way to do this (cause I'm sure there is). Thanks for watching!

    Nice rich! If you attach some servos and a receiver to it, you could fly it RC style!

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