Step 6: Solder More Stuff

Picture of Solder More Stuff
Now, solder the terminal strip into place. Then, solder in the traces to the strip. Note that the positive trace is routed over the negative trace next to it, so you will need to leave a little insulation on the positive trace to avoiding creating a short circuit. Then, solder the wall wart wires on, noting polarity. Clip all the long leads close to the solder joint with the side cutters. Finally, make all the solder bridges to connect the components to the traces. Take care with sensitive components like the diodes and the regulator. These are sensitive to heat.
luudvig5 years ago

Shall the heatsink be grounded or something?

If possible, insulate from the MOSFET, if not possible just don't let it touch anything because the the plate for the heatsink is the same as the middle pin.