I have played through Bioshock Infinite 3 times so far. I enjoyed the hidden modern day pop music. i found a lot of the full songs on the internet, and put them on my MP3 player. After that I thought i would like to make a creative way to play them, and i needed a new project to build.

It took me 2 weeks to build what i think is as close to a real voxophone that will play music from the game as well as become a set of portable speakers that i can hook to my phone and other devices.

Step 1: find a good view

First i had to play different chapters of bioshock to find a good view of one of the units in the game and get a good screen capture to draw real size.

I found a good one at the street fair just before the raffle, i took a capture of it and printed it big enough to fit 4  8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper. after that i fit a real record on top, to see if it is the correct size.  ( I used a 33 rpm LP which is 11 3/4" record. Iv since been told that a 78 rpm would be more accurate to the 1912 time period, those are 10".

<p>Just a small note, Columbia would have used shellac 78 rpm records. Vinyl records weren't common in 1912.</p>
That's true. How big is a 78? I went looking for 45s at salvation army but I found only 33s and I forgot the size difference
They're 10&quot; typically, but 12&quot; were used for longer classical works. It sort of hit and miss with 78s in thrift stores. Many times, they'll turn up broken.
This is...fantastic. Lovely build! Although, J. Fink would disapprove of your laborious method of shaping the speaker grille ;) <br> <br>Home Depot sells aluminum sheet for cheap. I can't recall its thickness but I plated my workbench with it. It's easy to trim using tin snips and IMO would be perfectly suited for the Voxophone's speaker grille. <br> <br>As an aside...I love the game, and have played through three times so far. I recently beat 1999/Scavenger Hunt; it took me a little while but was worth it. I really appreciate all the work you put into this build.
Definitely put this in the game life contest.
thank you for letting me know about the contest.
looks great! <br>
Curse you, you beat me to it lol. Well done though.
A very original build, thanks for sharing!<br /> <br /> <sub>(on your YouTube video, look for the 'embed' code and paste it into the editor here so your video will appear as part of your project)</sub>

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