Got Sustainability!
Instead of  just throwing away that empty milk jug, for it to sit in a landfill for generations why don't you make an easy, cheap bird feeder.

- Empty milk jugs
- String
- a marker
- scissors
- Glue
- A pine cone
- Sunflower seeds ( any bird seeds would do)
- Peanut butter ( the thicker the better)
- and Raisins ( or some kind of fruit so the birds have a variety)

I would make the suggestion that you do this outdoors a) because it can get a little messy and b) it's always great to build things in nature with great scenery.

Step 1: Marking

First you will want to use your marker to make an outline of where you are going to have to cut. Start by making a big enough opening in the middle, then make a mark at the top and bottom of the jug.
kool will use for school project<br>

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