Picture of How to Build a Coffee Table from Reclaimed Wood
I really wanted a Restoration Hardware looking table but in my budget. So I built it myself!

Step 1: Get the Wood

Picture of Get the Wood
So I used Salvaged Wood from a Barn that was kindly given to me. I got lucky because this stuff can be pricey! So look around, ask around and you never know what a stranger might help you with! I did a light sanding as I didn't want to lose the natural greyness that the wood had and then I went to the gas station and used compressed air to blow out any debris

The pipe and flanges is an excellent idea. I'll use that for my next one :)

I love barn board furniture. Nice center piece.
triumphman1 year ago
Nice weathered boards! Beats any commercial stuff available at Homey Depot or Loweees. Nice Job mate!
sabphil (author)  triumphman1 year ago
esl401k1 year ago
I love the table top, but the legs look a bit modern for my current decorations. Do you have any recommendations or instructions for wooden legs?
sabphil (author)  esl401k1 year ago
Hmmmm. Well you could scour craigslist maybe? Get existing legs from another coffee table perhaps? This was a one off project for me so I'm no expert by any means! I just thought outside the box and did what I could as cheaply as possible!