The Following set of instructions will guide you on how one could build a computer from used parts. If you have happen to have some old computer parts and want to make a computer for fun. The instructions here are not for all computer parts or types. There are many different types of computer parts, cases, connectors, and drives out there and we will not cover them all, only a select few used in this project. If you have several similar machines and want to try this with working parts just for fun these steps can assist you but are not a guide for all computer parts. Reminder, DO NOT use excessive force with computer connection and parts as they may be damaged and become unusable.
Parts List:
� ATX Case with a Power Supply
� ATX Mother Board (MB)
� DVD and CD ROM drives
� 3 1/2” Floppy Drive
� 80 GB Hard Drive
� PC3200 RAM
� AGP Video Card
� IDE cables
MB– Mother Board
HD– Hard Drive
DVD– Digital Video Disc
IDE– Integrated Drive Electronic
SATA– Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
� #2 Phillips Screwdriver

Step 1: Step 1


Open case, this case has to have both sides opened (Case already has power supply installed.)

Front Panel
Remove both the thumb screws on the back of the case. Slide the panel back about ½” then tilt the top away from the case and lift panel off.

Back Panel
Repeat above instructions.

Most cases are similar to this case, however, some can be easier or harder to remove the side panels

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