How to Build a Countertop Drinking Water Filter to Remove Fluoride or Chlorine





Introduction: How to Build a Countertop Drinking Water Filter to Remove Fluoride or Chlorine

Here's a YouTube instruction video on how to build a kitchen countertop drinking water filter for removing fluoride and chlorine using water filter parts available from plumbing suppliers on the Internet.  The parts needed to construct a working water filter, for municipal water filtration, include a countertop filter housing, inlet and outlet fittings, tubing, spigot, spigot holder and faucet diverter valve for connecting the water filter to a kitchen faucet. Once connected, a knob is rotated on the diverter to transfer the cold water from the kitchen faucet to the countertop water filter. The water flows through the filter cartridge and out the spigot producing fluoride or chlorine free water. Carbon water filter cartridges are mainly used to remove chlorine from drinking water, and must be replaced yearly.  Single fluoride removal cartridges may be installed, using activated alumina or bone char carbon, and also have a one year life.

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    Where can I find your video? Youtube says it's been removed!

    Not everyone needs fluoride. Some people are chemical sensitive and remove it for health reasons. Fluoride is known to affect the thyroid. There is some evidence that it can cause neurological problems. See

    Harvard: Fluoride Can Increase Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder

    Posted on March 10, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog

    Also, the levels of fluoride in municipal water have been too high and kids' teeth have been affected. They are suggesting lowering the levels to around 0.83 ppm from an average to over 1.2 ppm. So, there is some concern, and people do have a right to remove it if they have problems or concerns.