Step 4: Continue Building

Continue building your shelf by repeating the steps again and again until you have your shelf to the lenght you desire. It is very easy to make, you are basically repeating each side. I built this version extra long becuase I had a large area to cover.
<p>Thos monkeys just make the shelving unit absolutely adorable! It would look great in a kids' room or nursery!</p>
Great write up. What software did you use to make these incredible sketches?<br><br>
Thanks, I used google sketch up. It's free from google.
Thanks. I'll give it a shot. Google's so cool
Nice! I followed the instructable on how to make one of these (your previous one) and have it holding my PS3 games right now! I've had it for about 3 years now and is still holding strong. I made mine from the wood of an old box spring.
Cute room. I've been thinking of posting some pictures of our Tiki Bar; where we used a similar "bamboo fencing" to cover the walls.
OK, when I saw the pic of them in the driveway I thought they looked very crude, but the pic of them in the room shows how they fit into the theme. Very nice job.
What an awesome room! And I like the slat look to the shelf rather than a solid board. I might have to try this one!
I like the room! Very unique
Excellent layout! No kidding, this should be an example for others to follow on how to post a really GOOD instructable. . . .Eh, and now a question: what's up with the grass cloth? I like it . . .I think. :-)
Thank you. That is Spanish Moss, I need to add more of it to add to the room. if you like it enough please vote for me in the contest. Thanks again.
Nice job! Looks good
Thank you, It's always good to hear from you Linuxh4x0r.

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