Step 5: Cutting out the Hardhat and fitting it.

1 - Measure 2 inches up from the curve of the lip of the helmet on the backside. Now draw a line accros the back area as wide as the raised grooves as seen in the first picture.

2 - Now mark a spot near the front of the hardhat as seen in the second picture. OR measure 9 inches up from the back line, if you have a different hardhat (refer to the fifth picture for measurements, each tick represents an inch) If you have the same hardhat as shown in the picture, your front mark should end up around where the inner grove ends.

3 - Measure 1 inch back from the very front mark. Now measure 3 inches left and right from that mark to determine the left and right sides.
Use a left over foam strip to draw lines from the back to the left and right sides, then to the front point. Your outline should look similar to the one on the second picture.

4 - Now cut out the piece and the result should look like the 4th picture.

5 - Draw a line around the front of the helmet and cut off the front brim as shown in the 7th picture.

6 - Now you want to drill holes where the ears will be placed. You want to drill into the groove on the hamster ball that is just past the corner of the mouth. Drill a hole in the upper end of that groove. Now fit the ear on with the long thread going into the top hole and insert it as far as it will go with the short thread remaining out. Mark where that short thread hits one the groove and cut a hole in that area. Your ear should now fit perfectly snug on the hamster ball. Do the same for the other side of the ball.

7 - Fit the head into the hardhat as shown in the 9th picture. Use a pen or something that will fit through the top holes on the head to mark on the hardhat where the holes for the threads will be. while the hardhat is inside the ball mark a spot on the back back of the helmet and drill a hole through that and through the ball. Insert a bolt through that back side of the hamster ball, and through the back side of the helmet You will need to add some washers to fill in the space between the inside of the ball and the helmet, refer to the 11th and 12th pictures. I used hot glue to hold the bolt from the inside, this will be permanently on the ball.

8 - Remove the hardhat from the ball, screw on the ears on to the ball from the short threads only and reinsert the hardhat into the helmet fitting it through the hole on the back of the helmet first. Now you want to move the hardhat as if you are sliding in the 2 long threads, mark the spots where it hits the hardhat and cut out a groove and the result should look like the last 2 pictures. You will also need to put some washers between the hardhat and the ball here also to fill in the space.

9 - Now remove the hardhat and the ears until you are left with just the hamster ball.
<p>OK so it's not a Deadmau5 head but I took the same concept and applied it to Mr. Meeseeks from Rick &amp; Morty. Turned out really well, the most notable difference is obviously the shape and implementation of the eyes and mouth. Also, no ears took a chunk of time off the building process, I probably put this together in 6 hours or so. What'd I learn? I used an 8.5&quot; diameter tub to draw out the neck hole - I guess I learned that I have a small head b/c it was a pretty tight fit for me but a lot of my friends couldn't fit inside. If I did it again, I'd consider making one of the helmet mounts be on the top, as opposed to two on the sides, but I think the helmet placement turned out well regardless. Tricky thing about the Meeseeks head is definitely vision - I put sunglass lenses in for the eyes, but in retrospect I wish they had been clear lenses rather than tinted. The tint looks better visually, but if you're serious about vision then it's tough in low-lit situations. Np if it's a dance party, but otherwise you get a bunch of clarity through the eyes w/o any field of vision, while you get field of vision through the mouth but w/o the clarity of the eyes, so it's kind of like a weird set of bifocals in a way. Oh and this applies for everybody - I bought &quot;stretch fabric&quot; from Jo Ann, and it wasn't at all what I needed. I got some 4-way Spandex from a local store instead, and that's what I ended up using. I used the spray adhesive for the layers of foam along the inside of the mouth as suggested, but then I switched over to hot glue for applying the fabric and I think that was a better way to go, since it dries almost instantly. Toughest part by far is stretching the fabric. Gl all.</p>
How thick are the ears ?<br>
<p>My 11yo and I made this for Halloween. We had a great time, and it turned out pretty awesome. We had a little trouble with the head fabric, it bunched up, and though we tried hard to smooth it out, you could see a few bunches here and there. Also, the mau5 head was a little on the heavy side, and the wind would blow it around. I tried to fashion a chin strap using a football chinstrap, but that ended up being too difficult to adjust once the hard hat was in. I might think of another way to fasten the head down better. Still, he love it, and so did his friends!</p>
<p>I love your tutorial! Helped me make the coolest cosplay costume the Japanese club at my High School got to see.</p>
Very cool! I'm making one for Halloween. Instead of using the hamster ball,<br>I used paper mache on a beach ball. Hope my head comes out well!
<p>thats awesome, im going to make a couple of these for Phoenix Comicon and Saboten con, thanx man</p>
<p>Took me two weeks (I had work and stuff in between) to make my own copy, albeit with a couple of alterations.<br>Most noteable one is probably that I have a speed-regulated fan mounted to the hardhat inside because being in helmet for prolonged periods of time sucks.</p><p>Your tutorial was a great help in constructing my copy, thank you very much!</p>
Hey! Excellent design. I'm going to build one with these plans, myself. How is visibility out of the mouth?
Your tutorial was AMAZING it only took me 10 days. I did some modifications with the instructable but all in all it looks great! I have all the build pics on my instagram @mark_yu_ Thanks much!<br> -Mark
this is bloody brilliant i dont think im talented enough to make this... but i can try because im not rich enough to buy your already made ones :p
Hey darkmantis I want to order a helmet but I'm only 12 so I don't have much mula so what do u suggest?
Couple of modifications, but your tutorial was fantastic!
can you help cover the head in fabric <br>
Great Success!
Great Success!
Hey Darkmantis, <br> <br>Any word on the EL WIRE instructable? I recently just began my head and want to use the EL Wire design. Thanks
this blew my mind but it is kinda hard to make and i was wondering how much your selling for get back to me soon but i check this everyday seeing if there is anything new but get back to me thanks
I have some listed here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Darkmantis?ref=pr_shop_more
I'm really glad you taped up the openings and glued them. A peeve of mine is that most people don't when using these massive hamster balls so the final product always looks weird with the indentations.
On your black hat with yellow, is that glow wire or just some sort of yellow cord?
It's orange EL wire, I have a photo of it on and another off.
where did you go to purchase it at?
I ordered it from coolneon.com
so, the 13&quot; hamster wheel fits your head? <br> <br>
Yea, I had to cut the circle larger so I could actually be able to stick my head in though.
what type of fabric did you use
It's a swimwear/dance fabric I got from Joann's. 90%Polyester 10%Spandex
this is amazing, i really, really want one of these, ive wanted one since i first saw he wore this, i might save up and buy one from you since you seem to know what you are doing and they all turned up great
Thanks! I appreciate it. It was a little trial and error to get it just right. I wanted to create a clean design with minimal seams. I'll have the heads up on my Etsy store as long as someone is looking to purchase one, but if you feel crafty enough to make it yourself feel free to ask any questions and I'll try my best to help :)
I do wanna try it, but usually when it comes to making things like this or things I really want i tend t mess up becuase ilI rush, and I'd wanna make a bunch.
How much does it cost to make it and how long? Why is it so much?
Materials run a little over $100, at the moment it would probably take me a little over 2 weeks if I had to make one, considering my extremely busy schedule as of late. I feel the price is fair for the quality of the mau5 head that the buyer receives.
Do you sell them? If so how much?
I'm making a head and it looks great! Everything is good looking so far, I just need to add the eyes. I want to put Led lights inside, any tips?<br>
Hmm, I haven't really done anything with LED's. If anything I would maybe try mounting them on the head right under where the eyes would be. Although, if you already wrapped the fabric that could be tricky not to rip into it trying to drill holes.
hey man how much did this cost you with out the lights. like all of the stuff you use
Materials will probably run you about $100 bucks depending on where you get the materials. I added estimated prices to the items I got and where I found them if you need more info on that.
Very informative &amp; crap-ton of picture = win! :D Very nice! Question about the EL wire, what kind of gauge/size you went with? Seems thicker than what I'm used to.
Thanks! I use the 5mm high bright from Coolneon.com I wanted to run with the thickest so that it would stand out more. Although it doesn't quite bend as much as the standard one, I run the wire in the head, then out immediately next to that to get around that problem. I'll be putting up An El wire Instructable soon.

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