Step 5: Cutting out the Hardhat and fitting it.

1 - Measure 2 inches up from the curve of the lip of the helmet on the backside. Now draw a line accros the back area as wide as the raised grooves as seen in the first picture.

2 - Now mark a spot near the front of the hardhat as seen in the second picture. OR measure 9 inches up from the back line, if you have a different hardhat (refer to the fifth picture for measurements, each tick represents an inch) If you have the same hardhat as shown in the picture, your front mark should end up around where the inner grove ends.

3 - Measure 1 inch back from the very front mark. Now measure 3 inches left and right from that mark to determine the left and right sides.
Use a left over foam strip to draw lines from the back to the left and right sides, then to the front point. Your outline should look similar to the one on the second picture.

4 - Now cut out the piece and the result should look like the 4th picture.

5 - Draw a line around the front of the helmet and cut off the front brim as shown in the 7th picture.

6 - Now you want to drill holes where the ears will be placed. You want to drill into the groove on the hamster ball that is just past the corner of the mouth. Drill a hole in the upper end of that groove. Now fit the ear on with the long thread going into the top hole and insert it as far as it will go with the short thread remaining out. Mark where that short thread hits one the groove and cut a hole in that area. Your ear should now fit perfectly snug on the hamster ball. Do the same for the other side of the ball.

7 - Fit the head into the hardhat as shown in the 9th picture. Use a pen or something that will fit through the top holes on the head to mark on the hardhat where the holes for the threads will be. while the hardhat is inside the ball mark a spot on the back back of the helmet and drill a hole through that and through the ball. Insert a bolt through that back side of the hamster ball, and through the back side of the helmet You will need to add some washers to fill in the space between the inside of the ball and the helmet, refer to the 11th and 12th pictures. I used hot glue to hold the bolt from the inside, this will be permanently on the ball.

8 - Remove the hardhat from the ball, screw on the ears on to the ball from the short threads only and reinsert the hardhat into the helmet fitting it through the hole on the back of the helmet first. Now you want to move the hardhat as if you are sliding in the 2 long threads, mark the spots where it hits the hardhat and cut out a groove and the result should look like the last 2 pictures. You will also need to put some washers between the hardhat and the ball here also to fill in the space.

9 - Now remove the hardhat and the ears until you are left with just the hamster ball.