Picture of How to Build a Dog House
- Approx. 250 outdoor screws
- (7) 4'x8' sheets plywood
- (2) 4"x6"x6'
- (1) 4"x4"x12'
- (1) 4"x4"x14'
- (4) 2"x4"x12'
- (1) 2"x4"x8'
- (1) 2"x7"x4'

- Power drill
- Saw
- Jigsaw
- Level

- Paint
- Paint brushes and/or rollers
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Step 1: Cut pieces to length

Picture of Cut pieces to length
A - (2) 4"x6"x6' [Base]
B - (4) 4"x4"x42" [Base]
C - (1) 4'x6' plywood [Floor]
D - (2) 2"x4"x6' [Base frame]
E - (2) 2"x4"x41" [Base frame]
F - (4) 4"x4"x3' [Corner beams]
G - (2) 2"x4"x6', cut dovetail notches [Top frame]
H - (2) 2"x4"x4', cut dovetail notches [Top frame]
I - (2) 2"x4"x3' [Side wall supports]
J - (2) 38"x6' plywood [Side walls]
K - (1) 38"x4' plywood [Back wall]
L - (6) 2"x4"x27 3/4", cut one 60 degree angle [Rafters]
M - (3) 2"x4"x48, cut two 30 degree angle [Rafters]
N - (2) 3'x6' plywood [Roof]
O - (1) pentagon , 27 3/4"x27 3/4"x2"x2"x4' [Back peak wall]
P - (1) pentagon , 27 3/4"x27 3/4"x40"x4'  [Front wall]
Q - (1) 2"x7"x4' [Face plate]
R - 24"x26" [Door way entrance]

Step 2: Base

Picture of Base
1. Lay down two pieces A parallel with each other.
2. Screw four pieces B to the inside of A. Use a level to make the base level.
3. Attach piece C on top of A and B.
4. Frame pieces D and E to outter edge of piece C.

Step 3: Side Walls

Picture of Side Walls
1. Attach pieces F to D. Use tri square to make beams perpendicular to floor.
2. Assemble pieces G and H to the corner beams (pieces F).
3. Center pieces I between D and G, then screw into place. Use tri square to make perpendicular to D and G.
4. Attach side walls (J) to pieces F, G, H, and I.

Step 4: Back Wall

Picture of Back Wall
Attach back wall (K) to piece F and H.
buirv4 years ago
What kind of dog are you building this for a Mastiff or a Great Dane?
zachsmith83 (author)  buirv4 years ago
It is big enough for any dog to fit in and have plenty of space. I built it for my large golden retreiver and siberian husky.