Introduction: How to Build a Dog House

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- Approx. 250 outdoor screws
- (7) 4'x8' sheets plywood
- (2) 4"x6"x6'
- (1) 4"x4"x12'
- (1) 4"x4"x14'
- (4) 2"x4"x12'
- (1) 2"x4"x8'
- (1) 2"x7"x4'

- Power drill
- Saw
- Jigsaw
- Level

- Paint
- Paint brushes and/or rollers

Step 1: Cut Pieces to Length

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A - (2) 4"x6"x6' [Base]
B - (4) 4"x4"x42" [Base]
C - (1) 4'x6' plywood [Floor]
D - (2) 2"x4"x6' [Base frame]
E - (2) 2"x4"x41" [Base frame]
F - (4) 4"x4"x3' [Corner beams]
G - (2) 2"x4"x6', cut dovetail notches [Top frame]
H - (2) 2"x4"x4', cut dovetail notches [Top frame]
I - (2) 2"x4"x3' [Side wall supports]
J - (2) 38"x6' plywood [Side walls]
K - (1) 38"x4' plywood [Back wall]
L - (6) 2"x4"x27 3/4", cut one 60 degree angle [Rafters]
M - (3) 2"x4"x48, cut two 30 degree angle [Rafters]
N - (2) 3'x6' plywood [Roof]
O - (1) pentagon , 27 3/4"x27 3/4"x2"x2"x4' [Back peak wall]
P - (1) pentagon , 27 3/4"x27 3/4"x40"x4'  [Front wall]
Q - (1) 2"x7"x4' [Face plate]
R - 24"x26" [Door way entrance]

Step 2: Base

Picture of Base

1. Lay down two pieces A parallel with each other.
2. Screw four pieces B to the inside of A. Use a level to make the base level.
3. Attach piece C on top of A and B.
4. Frame pieces D and E to outter edge of piece C.

Step 3: Side Walls

Picture of Side Walls

1. Attach pieces F to D. Use tri square to make beams perpendicular to floor.
2. Assemble pieces G and H to the corner beams (pieces F).
3. Center pieces I between D and G, then screw into place. Use tri square to make perpendicular to D and G.
4. Attach side walls (J) to pieces F, G, H, and I.

Step 4: Back Wall

Picture of Back Wall

Attach back wall (K) to piece F and H.

Step 5: Rafters

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1. Assemble pieces L and M together to form a triangle.
2. The 30 degree angles should be placed against pieces L.
3. Pieces L should come together at the 60 degree angles at the top. (Makes three rafters.)
4. Attach all three rafters, spaced out in thirds (front, middle, back), to top frame.

Step 6: Roof

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1. Attach pieces N to top of rafters (L). (Forms the roof.)

Step 7: Back Peak Wall

Picture of Back Peak Wall

1. Attach piece O to pieces L and M. (Forms a complete back wall from floor to roof.)

Step 8: Front Wall and Entrance

Picture of Front Wall and Entrance

1. Attach front wall (piece P) to pieces F, H, L, and M.
2. Use a jigsaw to cut hole in the front wall as big as you want.
Recommended: 26"x24"

Step 9: Face Plate

Picture of Face Plate

1. Attach face plate (Q) to front wall (P), pieces A, and piece B. Use level to make the face plate level accross the bottom of the front of the dog house.


venkat1822005 (author)2016-05-13

super but dont cut trees

buirv (author)2011-02-28

What kind of dog are you building this for a Mastiff or a Great Dane?

zachsmith83 (author)buirv2011-02-28

It is big enough for any dog to fit in and have plenty of space. I built it for my large golden retreiver and siberian husky.

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