How to Build a Fuel Efficient Stove





Introduction: How to Build a Fuel Efficient Stove

Attached is a step by step manual on how to create a fuel efficient stove. It was created for a community in a village called Ngyeku, near Arusha in Tanzania but I think that this manual could potentially help others to build these stoves in community all over the world. Hopefully it proves helpful for many people trying to replicate this sort of stove.

Step 1: Create a Foundation

Step 2: Create the Layout of the Stove

Step 3: Sealing the Stove Layout

Step 4: Creating the Smoke Channels

Step 5: Applying the Finishing Touches



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    Hi Aron313,

    The stove has been a massive 'hit' in the community because heat is maintained within the stove without the need for continuously feeding the stove with wood. It has meant that the women could cook more food quicker and spend less time collecting firewood, and the impact this had on their lives was that they had more time to do other tasks or in our case we could teach them English in the time they now had free!

    Machines, generators, heaters, stoves, etc., have become important things in our life because these really provide us ease of doing our tasks whether at home, farm, construction sites, and other. The most important thing we have to consider is that we have to use them properly since they are dangerous if handled in a wrong way. These machines are widely available in our local hardware stores but the good thing is they are even available to purchase using the Internet. We have to choose for the best machines that we really need and it is important to watch out for our kids because they might play these dangerous machines. Thank you for sharing thins useful information.

    Mark Cruz


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    Great stove, I designed one similar for a uni module. The aim was to reduce the amounts of smoke, due to lower respiratory infections it causes. Your chimney design should greatly reduce the amount of smoke inhaled by the users?

    Good work.

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    Hi dimmaz88,

    Yes the idea of the smoke channels and the chimney is to divert the smoke generated through cooking out of the cooking area and through the roof so that the women and children using the stove do not have to inhale the toxic fumes!

    It works very effectively provided that the two cooking holes have pots in them.

    Thankyou these stoves have had a great impact in the community that they have been implemented!

    If you download the .pdf that I have attached to this email then it has the full step by step guide on how to build the stove. This includes the smoke channels. If you are still struggling then I am more thanhappy to answer any queries!