Step 5: Step 5

Turn on the water and test out your new garden pond. Make any last minute changes that you deem necessary.
Emma, that is a very nice pond! I can feel stress melting away just by looking at the photo. <br>However, I must agree with the others: as this is not your own work, you should have given the original author credit as andytt11 has done below. If you actually built this pond yourself, a pictorial &quot;diary&quot; of you doing so would have been better - we could otherwise have just gone to the watergarden.com site for the same instructions. <br>Don't let that stop you making more Instructables, but do remember intellectual property rights. Cheers.
cool but what do you use to keep the water in and how mutch was that
thank you for sharing :) i am excited about building a pond!<br><br> but plagiarism is no good. *shakes head*
&nbsp;I have seen this before somewhere; is this your <a href="http://watergarden.com/pages/build_wg.html" rel="nofollow">original work</a>?<br /> <br />
Beautiful!<br /> 2&nbsp;questions: Where are you situated and what plants did you used?
&nbsp;you should at least tell us were you &quot;got&quot; your info from&nbsp;<br /> <a href="http://watergarden.com/pages/build_wg.html" rel="nofollow">watergarden.com/pages/build_wg.html</a><br />
How much would you estimate this cost? :) --Devorah
Nice and informative, good job. Better than what I see most people do, which is dig a hole, put down some plastic sheets and fill it up.

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