How to build a geodesic dome out of newspaper.

Step 1: Materials and Getting started.

Picture of Materials and Getting started.
To make this, you're going to need a couple things.

-Newspaper, and lots of it (could be substituted for toothpicks for a smaller version)
-Staplers and extra staples (marshmellows for a smaller version)
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fharry3 years ago
Did this Saturday afternoon, skeptical that it would really work and dang it, it worked great. Substituted duct tape for staples. Thanks!

Covered with a sheet and my boy slept in in for two days (in his bedroom).

Its starting to sag a bit now so going to try recreating it with lengths of 1/8" dowels and styrofoam balls for the joints.
knattertom3 years ago

very lovely this papermade one.
I was living for short terms in a same sized dome, a friend of mine was traveling around with........, but of course not made by pappmachché. This friend was staying long at every place.

Now, i am planing to spend the summer up to sweden and maybe even finland. i want to see much and move often, so i thought about living in such one with a sticklength of about 2,5 m, which is big enough for 2 or 3 person.

To shorten the building-time, i thought about getting fittings for the connections between the sticks. But i am not sure about the angels.............,

The bottom pieces with 4 sticks would be 108 degrees for the bottom surface frame. The pentagon on top is split in five triangles, which makes 360:5=72 degrees. Missing is only the downward angle for the 5 sticks in the roof pentagon, which repeats in all the surrounding wall pentagons.

I hope you understand what i mean.

I'll do the calculation, when i have the tools, maybe one of you already did
it and can tell, that i can compare with my result.

Further, maybe some of you have experience or are interested in getting the same. If so, please let me know here, after we can get in touch. I thought of having them done in wood, but maybe plastic also could be possible if there is a larger order.


Thanks! This is just what I was looking for. You see, I have a geodesic dome project. You saved me lot of time.
katemday5 years ago
this is great, but I'd like to build one that can hold up to 3 3-5 yr old boys climbing and hanging all over it--pretty sure the newspaper won't cut it. but the design is great. Any ideas for material substitutes that don't require welding?
wood maybe?
pipes and pipe joints?
tjmortenson7 years ago
this is pretty sweet
my school is planning on building a 20' dia one to use as a greenhouse. if it gets done this year ill post pics on how it turns out.
dgobyo6 years ago
for all you building this, why don't you make a pentagon first, lay it on the floor, then add triangle to each strut, then connect the triangles and build the top
Tomton (author)  dgobyo6 years ago
That sounds feasible, It sounds like it should work. This is the way I learned to do it, so that's how I wrote it, but If I build it that way, I'll take pictures and add them and instructions, if it's ok with you.
dgobyo6 years ago
what are the stick lenghts please, i need to know by tomoarrow
as long as you keep them all the same they can be as long or short as you like, this is because they are all based on the same shape. if you need to know the exact lengths simply roll one and measure it hope this helped
ya thnx, but know I keep getting a hexagon and a pentagon, how do I get two pentagons, How many triangles do I use for the bottom part
I had to do this for mathcounts last year. It was great, so we displayed it in the lunchroom, but the little kids played in it and it got destroyed. :( Good job on it.
agdollison7 years ago
i will do this for my geometry class project
anna_20087 years ago
I rated this best ever because the concept of geodesic domes is important to our future, and this one can be made in stealth mode, by small children, with mostly throwaway items around the house, and it explains without a single mention of frequency and geometry, which so many dome builders begin with. And the cartoons. I have a game we play making bucky balls (domes out of 5 sided pieces, pentagons instead of triangles) out of straws and paper clips - all in the dark. No lights, just feel. Make all the pentagons fully sided, then put together and lose the extra straws. Then turn on the lights ands see what you made.
Ah... the Buckminster Fullerene (obviously I have no life). I remember doing a report on nanotechnology and wrote about them in it. I think it is cool how they are arranged exactly like a soccer ball (best sport ever, by the way).
The SEED project here has a paper bucky ball template, and what's neat if you build it, and spin it aloft, I found it has AMAZING (to me, also no life obviousyl) aerodynamic qualities.

Paper Buckyball

I think this is where RUTAN got his idea for his "deltoid pumpkin seed" airplane design.

PS I just found solar roof tiles for a real off the grid version...
Tomton (author)  anna_20087 years ago
Why Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it, and now I want to try and make one with a different shape for each of the "panels"... but that's for another day.
anna_20087 years ago
Oops I left out the hexagon making part of the Bucky ball.
were do you staple it so it doesn't roll back to a curlly piece of newspaper?
rickharris7 years ago
at Desert domes you will find instructions, calculations and examples of BIG domes - we built a 30 foot Dia a couple of years ago at School.

IF you want to build big and want to cover it try Tyvek - Works well BUT is only Sun shine proof for 6 months.
Tomton (author)  rickharris7 years ago
Nice! I kicked around the idea of a big dome, but I did this around like 8 or 9 o clock at night, and I don't think the neighbors or my parents would be pleased with me cutting pipe and building a giant dome in the back yard... Post pictures if you have them? Kind of interested to see what a bigger one turns out like, because you'd need to have more "layers" of triangles.
well dont tell ur parents ur building it and who cares what ur neighbors think mine think im an insane 13 year old i have not much to loose(except for my limbs)
Pyrowuzzup7 years ago
oh snoopy. what will you do next?
Tomton (author)  Pyrowuzzup7 years ago
That one was part of the "Mad Punter" Series of strips... I don't know why, but that series has always appealed to me.... Who knows what that beagle will do next?
gameboy7oa7 years ago
i like ur badger
Tomton (author)  gameboy7oa7 years ago
Why thank you!
oh dang i feel stupid now So here's a badger from the tubes.<<<<
Tomton (author)  gameboy7oa7 years ago
I was actually referring to the internet (series of tubes), but youtube is on the internet, and I bet the badger thing is on there, so that works, I suppose...
Maxx1 Tomton7 years ago
Here's the Link
Tomton (author)  Maxx17 years ago
Actually I was thinking more along the lines of this, but yours works too....
meddler7 years ago
I found this fascinating, i have wanted to try something like this for a while, and thanks to everyone else for the awesome links.
Tomton (author)  meddler7 years ago
I always thought that these were really cool too. I actually used a fairly large one made out of straws and those brass fastener thingies for an art project in 7th grade.
nnygamer7 years ago
Good work, something simple for kids to play with too. I live in a geodesic dome house (20+ years now) and although being cool looking it has troubles. Furniture doesn't fit well, no attic, water drainage troubles. You can make a bigger one with the dimension show on a page I found http://dome.zillabit.com/homedome.html
Tomton (author)  nnygamer7 years ago
Hmm... I always thought it'd be kinda cool but if it has problems like that, I'm kinda rethinking that. Thanks for the link.
nnygamer Tomton7 years ago
With proper drainage you wouldn't have much trouble, it's just the cellar here was built on what seems to be an underground stream. Plus putting on gutters was never done since where would I pipe 5 downspouts. This house is 24 years old and has settle a bunch too but any house will have some problems after that long. Mine is 39' diameter, with 2 stories. I'm sure never versions have most of the kinks worked out now.
Tomton (author)  nnygamer7 years ago
Cool, I still think It'd be fun to live in one....
altaria19937 years ago
i think i'll make this, and make a tentlike thingie out of it! if i finished it i'll post pics (if i can find the camera..)
Tomton (author)  altaria19937 years ago
Thanks! Post the pics if you can, I actually tried it earlier, mine held a bedsheet okay, but a heavy blanket probably won't work.
just wondering, exactly what does this do?
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