How to Build a Healthy Habitat for Your Bearded Dragon





Introduction: How to Build a Healthy Habitat for Your Bearded Dragon

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Disclaimer: if you dont agree with any of my methods i dont care what you say im going to do what i want to do and there is nothing you can do about it so thank you come again and look at my other instructables.

This instructable is on how to make a healthy environment for your bearded dragon by my standards. These are the basics you can expand and add on, its your habitat do what you want with it.

Step 1: The Cage

I have a glass cage or aquarium, its 40 gallons and should last him a while

Step 2: Substrait

Were going to start from the ground up. 

Here im using packaged ground walnut shells as may substrait. many people dont use any substraits and use tiles instead but if its on the shelf and hasent been recalled probably because its fine im gonna use it but tile will work just as well. if you are going to use a substrait it would probably be a good idea to buy a scooper. if you want to use your hands ,fine by me, just dont expect me to shake it.

Step 3: Hides

Hides are a must for any habitat. a hide is a place were your reptile can go to its happy place and releave its self of stress. you can buy one or learn to make a home made one with this instructable:                                                                                               

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Step 4: Logs

since bearded dragons are baskers they are going to need some were to, well bask. this basking point should be above ground level so a log or branch is ideal. dont use real rocks because they can over heat and burn your reptile.

Step 5: Lighting

For your bearded dragon you only need two types of lights, a basking light and a uvb light. the basking light should be placed above the basking area(refer to the last step), it will bring heat to that spesific area because that is were he will be spending most of his time. the uvb lite is a must also because the light the help the reptiles body abosorb calcium and vitiman d.

Step 6: Water and Feeding Bowl

When buying a water dish buy a BIG one because when a bearded dragon is shedding they like the soak in the water so it should be big around and deep. You can buy a feeding bowl but i dont use one becuase i hand feed my beardy its fruit and veggies, it will get him used to you and tame him if its posible.



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    do i positively without a doubt need to remove the crushed walnut shells from my bearded dragons habitat

    My boyfriend uses calcium sand instead of the harmful stuff like ground walnut shells.

    This is pretty good (except for step 7 which really spoils it, remove that and I'll rate it)


    2 replies

    Use sandi chips

    You shouldn't use a big water dish. It will increase the humidity and that is terrible for your dragon; they are native to arid, desert conditions. When your reptile is shedding, you bathe them to help with the process.