Step 1: Anatomy of a Hollow Core Door Slab

Knowing how hollow cores are constructed is important to completing this project.
Hollow core doors are constructed with a wood frame on its edges and a cardboard honeycomb
filling the inside. This is then covered up with thin sheet of veneer on the front and back.

It is important to remember when cutting through a door, the cardboard core will be exposed.

The side that shows the inside of the door should always be hidden or facing a wall so this side is never seen when the office is completed.
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Very nice and detailed 'ible. Nice to see CAD work on one every now and again. Great idea, has me thinking of other ways to critically misuse other items.
Wow, very late to this one - but nice 'ible!! Might modify this for an extra room we have...will post here if we do!
Very good, I see a Dell and a what? L
We actually have 3 Dells in the office.
They're all Dell? I have them at work, I've seen people accidentally block the intakes with paper and they go "vroooooooom" - "why is it doing that?".... Not a Dell specific problem, but my question was just general interest. L
&nbsp;Fan working harder because of constricted air maybe?<br /> <br /> I tend to stay away from dells , they seem to overheat and break alot<br />
&nbsp;We have never had a problem with the dells overheating or breaking. Some of our computers are almost 5 years old now and we've had no problems.
&nbsp;I've never had problems with dell Computers for overheating but The dells at my school Are always broken .&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Dell laptops are the culprit for overheating . My one gets hot quickly<br />
Dell fans are usually a little 'cheaper', resulting in more noise and stuff like that. For some reason they run ALOT faster then normal fans on the same 12v, but they also sound like jet engines when they do that. There was a dell line of laptops that had a major heating fault in the whole build. There was no way to fix it, unless you took it out the darned case. Cant remember what line of products it was.. I have a bunch of them in the attic, get them for free all the time there that bad.
Yes it's the fan going flat-out because some fool blocked the intake.<br /> <br /> L<br />
What beautiful office space and an amazingly detailed and clear instructable! I am at the beginning stages of converting an extra bedroom into an office for the SO and me. Your plan is by far the least expensive and one of the most attractive end results, which now makes this instructable the clear winner over any other plans we've seen. If you are willing to have some painted surfaces in your office, you could save quite a bit of money by using some doors that are labeled "paint grade." These are made from several sheets of veneer, joined with finger laps. They look terrible in their pre-painted state, but once painted, they're as attractive as any other painted door. Thanks again.
any structural issues regarding using hollow core doors, do the desks bow under weight?
We have been using the office for about 6 months and we have had no bowing. If supported as described the door slabs should hold up quite well. Currently we have a couple computers, lots of large books and various office supplies. Even when pushing down on the desks with force, there is minimal to no bowing.
Beautifully done, nice work!

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