This is a Video of the Coil winding machine I made, Mostly put together using scrap items, only a couple of things were bought from the store (junction boxes, Counter), The rest I sourced from a Microwave, scrap wood I had laying around etc. what doesn't work in first Video I remedied in the second.   hope you enjoy :)


<p>Great Work.</p>
If you live close to Syd i would like to interview you for a doco. Plz contact me on the user name above @yahoo.com.au Thanks
Im, not able to comment on your youtube account. It says error! <br>Would be great to add some positive comments but youtube will not allow. Is this a conspiracy by youtube to stop free energy? <br>Help me out? Check it out!
Hey, great work.
Perfect coils are not necessary for radiant applications. As Tom Bearden has theorised, radiant/negative energy, being a convergent energy, impedances in the system work to increase the input of vacuum energy unlike divergent energy which prefers impedance matching. So you can see perhaps &quot;mistakes&quot; in the coil winding could increase output...
I like this video on <a href="http://www.udayintegral.com">coil winding machine</a>.Best video i have ever seen on coil winding machine.<br> <br> <br> <br>

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