Picture of How to Build a Ice Fishing Jig Rod
I made this instructable for the "Make To Learn Youth Contest". Here are the answers to the required questions.

What did you make? : I made a jig rod for ice fishing.  The Materials needed Are a ice rod blank (you could buy one or just make one from the tip of an old rod.), some thread, superglue, two rod guides (again you can buy these or get them from a rod.), a jig reel (drill holes in the ends as shown.),and a peice of scrap wood to make into a handle.
The tools you will need are scissors, a bench vice, a old towel a screwdriver, some sandpaper, a rasp , a fly-tying bobbin (optional) and a pair of pliers (optional)
How Did You Make It?: I got the idea to make this project when I steped on the lower half of my expesive rod, i didn't want to throw away the other half so I decided to make it into a jig rod.
Where Did You Make It?: I made this at my house. Mainly I made it because I enjoy fishing.
What did you learn?: The project went smoothly except I accidentally crushed the end of the blank in my bench vice.
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Step 1: Wrapping

Picture of Wrapping
If you don't own a rod wrapper you can put a old towel in the vice allowing your rod to rotate freely. Using your thread wrap the top guide first by rotating the blank and guiding the thread onto the blank. Tie off using a whipfinish knot. Coat the thread with superglue, repeat on the lower guide. Set the blank aside for now.

Step 2: Forming The Handle

Picture of Forming The Handle
Using the rasp form the wood into a circular shape.Then use the sandpaper to smooth it out.

Step 3: Finishing The Rod

Picture of Finishing The Rod
Carefully drill a hole the same diameter as the large end of your blank in the handle. Now using the screws put the reel on the handle. put a few drops of super glue in the hole and quickly insert your blank into the hole make sure to line up the guides with the reel.
I justed voted for you and featured you on my facebook page. Nice work! I'd love to see some fish pictures with this.
wilgubeast2 years ago
Post some fish pics in reply to this comment for a free 3 month pro membership on me.