Introduction: How to Build a LEGO Mobile Home

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Materials Needed:

21 blue 2X4 blocks

20 light pink 2X4 blocks

14 white 2X4 blocks

12 fuchsia awnings

6 yellow 2X2 blocks

4 red 1X4 platforms

4 grey 2X2 axles

4 wheels 30.4X14

4 green 4X12 platforms

2 red single-hinge windows

2 green flower petals

2 red roses

2 red 4X8 blocks

2 doors

1 yellow double-hinge window

Step 1: Step 1

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Line up all four green platforms horizontally and upside down.

Step 2: Step 2

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Place one axle onto each corner.

Step 3:

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Place one red platform along the edge of the green platform adjacent to each axle.

Step 4:

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Place the red block directly in the middle of the platform lengthwise.

Step 5:

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Flip the base over onto the other side so that the axles are now touching the work surface.

Place the two doors two rows from the width edge and centered next to each other.

The doors should be placed so that the handles are on the inside of each other.

Step 6:

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Now it’s time to build some walls.

Align 3 blue blocks along the back side edge (opposite side of the doors). Take 6 blue blocks and line them up along the horizontal edges. Note: No blocks should pass the doors!

Step 7:

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Place the yellow window on top of the blue block in the back center of the house.

Next, place the two red windows on top of the second block behind the doors.

Step 8:

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Evenly stack up the blue blocks around the house until you are out of blue blocks.

There should be a height difference between the blue blocks and the windows and doors.

Step 9:

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Stack the whites evenly around the house until the walls are even. You should be out of white blocks.

There should be a gap directly above the yellow window.

Step 10:

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Carefully place two yellow blocks above the yellow window.

Step 11:

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Place the fuschia awnings along the outer edge of the top white blocks.

Step 12:

Place a pink block on each corner of the roof parallel to the front of the house.

Step 13:

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Fill in the larger space with two pink blocks perpendicular to the front of the house.

The roof should match the picture above.

Step 14:

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Place one pink block over each of the gaps perpendicular to the door.

Step 15:

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Align 3 pink blocks along the inside edge of the perpendicular blocks inline with the parallel blocks.

Step 16:

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Place one block on each inner corner of the roof perpendicular to the front of the building.

Step 17:

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Carefully place the four yellow blocks in the gaps.

Step 18:

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Place the red block on top of the roof to cover the gap.

Step 19:

Attach one red rose petal to one green flower petal (x2)

Step 20:

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Place your lovely flowers on the front lawn on the second peg in from the edges (between the door and wheel axles).

Step 21:

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Attach each wheel to each spoke, so that the rims face out.

You have now completed your mobile home!


shadow_the_sword (author)2014-09-19

Great work

MicioGatta (author)2014-09-19

Nice!!!!!! I did this kind of things, too, when I was a child.... I do love Lego.... I want to play again!

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