How to Build a LM317 Adjustable Voltage Power Supply


Introduction: How to Build a LM317 Adjustable Voltage Power Supply

This is my First Time Posting Here!and my first electronics Kit assembly, If you just started with electronics you will find a Adjustable Voltage Power Supply useful in your other electronics Projects, maybe just as useful as having a Multimeter. Please tell me what you think about the video!


Here is a Link to the video for mobile users, Thank you "Skepticaljay"



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    I have heard that the transformer this project comes with does not have the VA rating to go beyond 100ma output with the whole supply. Which just looking at it seems about right to me. That transformer is just too small to put out any more power than that. Other than that it does look like a neat kit though.

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    The Maximum output Of that Transformer Is 9w~12w, So it is pretty Weak,in the end I put a 15V 2A Transformer and it just fit in the case, But I had to cut the case just a bit.I had to remove the IC from it because of the higher voltage.

    On the mobile app the videis don't get imbedded. You may want to add a link.

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