Introduction: How to Build a Lego Star Wars Battle Cruiser

Today, I'm going to show you how to build a custom Star Wars battle cruiser. It's only thirteen steps! Hope you enjoy! If you like this, please comment.

Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Wings and Floor

Step 3: Side Parts of Floor and White Slant

Step 4: 2 X 4 Plate and Long White Slanted Piece

Step 5: 2 Slant White Piece and 2 X 8 White Brick

Step 6: 2 X 6 Gray Plate and Slanted Gray Plate

Step 7: Gray Ladder

Step 8: Storage Units and Gray 2 X 4 Brick

Step 9: Tall White Slanted Piece and Black Plate Outlined in Studs

Step 10: 2 X 2's and 1 X 4 Flat Plate

Step 11: Long Slanted Black Plate

Step 12: Gray Ladder Piece

Step 13: Black 1 X 4 Rail Piece


MacaroniMonkey made it!(author)2016-01-06


DIY+Hacks+and+How+Tos made it!(author)2016-01-06

Great model.

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