Picture of How to Build a Low Cost Vegetable Garden Trellis

A great way to expand the space in your garden is to grow your vegetables and fruits up a trellis. It is inexpensive and can be done for under $20. A trellis will add character to your garden and allow you to grow more fruits and vegetables.

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Step 1: The Trellis Materials

Picture of The Trellis Materials

I bought the materials at a home improvement store. A bag of six - 6 foot bamboo canes at $2.97 a bag. The chicken wire measures 24 inches by 10 feet and it cost $7.00.  You can buy a 3 foot wide role of chicken wire or a roll that is up to 14 feet long. I don't recommend dimensions larger than those.

angelbabe433 years ago
I like this very good idea thanks
TheRustedGarden (author)  angelbabe433 years ago
I used 3 of them. Armenian cucumbers, small mellons and standard cukes. Saved me a lot of room and picking was easy. Just watch they don't rest and grow in the links of the chicken wire.
pfred23 years ago
Last year a grew a bunch of cucumbers inside a tube made out of welded wire mesh. I had so many cucumbers I didn't know what to do with them all! This year I plan on making a more substantial trellis arrangement for my bean patch. I had a catastrophic failure last year using just string. I still ended up with a lot of beans though.

With welded wire mesh the plants can weave themselves. Stuff will last a lifetime too, chicken wire won't. It is also self supporting, so no bamboo weaving is required. I'm not sure what welded wire mesh costs though, because I'm using some my grandfather got. OK maybe it lasts 3 lifetimes ...
TheRustedGarden (author)  pfred23 years ago
The tube mesh is a good idea. I do they a bit with some of my tomato cages. Ill have to build a few.

The mesh comes in rolls, you have to make tubes out of it. Although on some job sites I have seen mats of the stuff too. If you ever need the stuff flat the way we do it is to roll it out upside down. But you don't need it flat to make tubes out of it. To get it to stick in the ground cut away the bottom wire and leave the vertical pieces.