Step 5: Mount Hardware

The first version of this project used 4 D sized alkaline cells - these lasted a long long time.... Ultimately, I ended up using a small 6V sealed lead acid battery for rechargeable goodness.

The second picture shows the plastic spacers used to interface with the boom box speaker's mount. Also notice the zip tie holding the blue cat5 cable to the circuit board to serve as strain relief in the event the cord should ever get tugged on. This turns out to be absolutely necessary.

The circuit board is mounted to the speaker on one of the machine screws.
Oooo... this is SO CLOSE to fulfilling a silly little dream... I want to pipe Barney & Mr Rogers' songs thru it as a poorman's karma, so to speak, thanking other drivers for sharing their music with me... will try to use cigarette lighter 4 power, not sure how to pipe it thru loud enuf to rattle their teeth like they do mine, but it'll be fun!!!
If you put a baffle behind that speaker, you can double the volume and get a richer tone. I bought ready made from a car audio store, but you can just use tupperware.
In an open air environment, I'm not too worried about the richness of tone :) Plus, then only one ear is going to get sound ;) With the back end open, you get some form of audio coming out the rear.<br> <br> Check out my profile, one of the smaller images is a later bike stereo build using 2 speakers on either side inside of an enclosure.
Hey, great 'able! Would it be possible to make a stereo version of this by&nbsp;making two&nbsp;and using phono jacks instead of a&nbsp;microphone jack and link them up?
Sweet!<br /> Brings back such good memories!<br /> <br /> Stereo version in the near future?<br />
Oh hells yes :p I've got a 400W amp stereo mount for the bike :p Much better than this first version, about 390 watts better :p<br /> <br /> Eventually, I'll get around to sorting through pictures and documenting :p<br />
SCHWEEEEEEEEEET!<br /> <br /> Man... that looks <strong>so</strong> badass.&nbsp; Hooked up a generator for the battery yet?<br />
No :( It runs on a PbA battery and the amp is too big (heavy).... Somewhere down the line, I want to optimize for weight (which will likely mean efficiency too). Then I'll throw in some generator magic (that bike even has a mount for a side roller headlight generator) :p<br /> <br /> How'd the awesome grant project turn out? Can cotton candy be launched great distances yet?<br />
Awesome man, I can't wait :)<br /> <br /> It's coming!&nbsp; I'm down to figuring out how the electronics have decided to destroy themselves over the winter, and turning a venturi tube out of teflon.&nbsp; I really really want to be done by Maker Faire Boston, which is in April!<br /> <br /> Pics and more to come when I'm done :)<br />
I'm Jealous of your Recumbent ! <br /> <br /> I might have to make my own<br />
Cool 'ible!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Your side note at end of intro completely ROCKS!!!

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