Picture of How to Build a Minecraft Creeper
I will show you how to build your very own beloved creeper from Minecraft, using Perler Beads.

Step 1: Setting Up

Picture of Setting Up
You will need to have the following items to make your creeper.

* Perler beads
* Square bead board
* Ironing paper
* An Iron
* Green coated paperclips
* Wire cutters
* Pliers

I would recommend sorting through your beads, and counting them out first. The creeper will require 896 beads; 52 being black. Sorting them first will speed up the whole process.
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I really love the idea!
I just can't fathom what made you decide to do an interlocking design. By nature, pearler beads don't really support interlocking. After melting, the beads become larger and the gaps smaller, and it's nearly impossible to get an even press across one board. I just filled in all the gaps along edges and glued the whole thing up with a hot glue gun when I was done. It looks great, I just wish I'd done a better job on the head (I made it a good row or two too big.) I'd redo it, but sorting those freaking beads drives me up the wall.
sbrown (author)  LeviathanChuAn4 years ago
You're ironing them too much if you're having trouble interlocking them.

They don't need to be ironed extensively, especially when 3d, because you have 6 sides forming a rigid structure

Completely agree as I've been creating some 3-D projects and noticed they form best with very minimal ironing. I tend to iron both sides for about 10-15 seconds and snap together to cool. The product actually holds together well with a pretty solid foundation if ironed well.


Mine woorked perfectly. Im done
I'm still gonna try it, but don't tell me if it's hard, I've never used them and this may be my first (mabe I'll do a practice one). :P
BarryandJenniferP made it!3 months ago

Minecraft 3-D Creeper was finished in 2 days, as pictured. This project description was basic, simple and easy to assemble. My project consisted of 5 colors and the pattern provided was accurate, minus a few beads wrongly placed on the head section. Both sides were ironed with each part and the final product was super glued for reinforcement. The pieces fit together with ease however when ironed correctly, the pieces fit together perfect, providing it with a durable hold (super gluing it was a personal preference). I would recommend this project for any bead or Minecraft lover! Thank you original poster.

Thank you! Now ender dragon pleaseeee
summerseeley8 months ago

Thanks for the GREAT pattern!

We made the creeper & Modified creeper into Steve, then added a hook on top for Christmas ornaments!

Using basic pattern for a Skeleton ornament this year!

This is awesome!! I only had two colors, but it didn't suck too badly! ? Obviously the example is better but still! Also, turkeys are getting ready to be turned into dinner, just in time for Thanksgiving!! ???
AMO4RBO made it!10 months ago

Thanks for the great idea! The only thing I did different was used crafting wire instead of paper clips as it was easier to work with...very cool:-)

Gex made it!1 year ago

Help its gonna blow up my xbox!, ran out of green before i could make the last leg but was an awesome project :D


This was so much fun! I had to glue instead of using paper-clips, but that worked as well. Thanks for a brilliant instructable!

agm882 years ago
I want to see some one make a ender creeper....wait i should do that lol thanx man freakin awsome
ccarreer2 years ago
Look out, Turkeys! Creeper behind you! xDlolz

Awesome ible! Totally doing this.
epicman3332 years ago
Master978652 years ago
absolutely flawless! ive always wanted my own pet creeper.
He took a few hours, and he's not quite right because i got fed up with the legs (Oops!) but I love him! He's so adorable. :D
darman123 years ago
Wow, thank you soooo much for this instructable! Just the other day I was trying to think of a way to make 3D minecraft figures using perler beads but couldn't firgure it out! You just made my day!!!!
I did succeed in making a pick axe, axe, and apple....they aren't exact but i'll post pics!
kylie8203 years ago
I started making one! :3 only thing is now i wanna make other characters but i cant fin any other instructions :[
mcneilre4 years ago
Where did you get those beads??? I've been looking EVERYWHERE for them!!
sbrown (author)  mcneilre4 years ago
Any craft store like Michaels
scistone sbrown4 years ago
whats Michalels? ,'(
Lol fail?
hintss scistone4 years ago
A craft store!
scistone hintss4 years ago
Oh. where do you find that?
hintss scistone4 years ago
Well, theres always one overlapping the position of a Michaels store. :P
scistone hintss4 years ago
Ok. I'll look for a Michaels. Thanks
mcneilre sbrown4 years ago
Great thanks!!
Oh if your looking in England check out hobby craft :)

That is a site where I get all my beads. I just buy the 22k bucket and sort them myself, but if you don't have the patience then you can always buy them presorted in every color they have.
DeceptibotX3 years ago
I love creeperssssssss.
grake20003 years ago
I'm making a pink and purple one! The manliest colors out there!!! Thanks for this epic instructy! ;D
max9terf3 years ago
444fox3 years ago
Awsome I love it I neeeeeeeaaaaad to make one.
sstulpa3 years ago
Done and done! Brilliant!!
2011-10-28 16.55.27.jpg
kapaulsen4 years ago
Great Instructable. It took me a few hours to sort the beads and another few hours to place and iron them. Easy but time consuming. Thanks!
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