Introduction: How to Build a Nether Portal Without Obsidian

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There are a lot of important things in the Nether, but what if you can find three diamonds? Well! It's a good thing I'm making this Instructable!

Step 1: Materials

At least 10 lava buckets

At least 1 water bucket


Pickaxe (any kind will do)

Flint and Steel

Step 2:

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Break a 2x1 hole in the ground. Pour lava in and put water on a block beside it. Collect the water so it doesn't get in the way.

Step 3:

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Build a structure that has a block on four sides and a hole in the middle. Make sure it's three blocks high and a block of it is on the obsidian. Pour lava in the bottom. Add water and repeat until there's obsidian filling up the entire hole. Repeat on other side.

Step 4:

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You'll probably end up with something like the first picture (on this step). Put a block on the obsidian that has two blocks beside it. Put a block in front of both of those blocks then put a block on the obsidian so it closes it off. Put lava in there and repeat the step to the other side.

Step 5:

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If you followed the directions correctly you should have ended up with something like this. You can break it if you want or you could leave it and just break the middle to have a little gateway for it. Ignite the portal and you are ready to go to the Nether!

Step 6: Enjoy, Heart, & Follow

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Thank you for looking at this Instructable. If you liked it, heart it and follow me for more! It you have any questions or Instructable ideas for me just put them in the comments and I'll answer!


djkirby6 (author)2016-06-05

ThomasK19, thank you :)

djkirby6 (author)2016-06-05

Good point TannerM7 and thank you. I will try to fix it

ThomasK19 (author)2016-06-04

Indeed a nice way. Just like a concrete mold :-)

TannerM7 (author)2016-06-02

Very useful trick, although the title may be a tad misleading. You're making a nether portal with obsidian, but you're doing it without having to make a diamond pickaxe.

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