How to Build a PVC Fishing Rod Holder





Introduction: How to Build a PVC Fishing Rod Holder

Hello, This is my first DIY Instructable so go easy on me! :) ***I uploaded my video for you to watch. The video will provide all the necessary steps so you can make your own PVC rod holders for cheap!

You can also check out all of my DIY's here on my Youtube channels :


***Update: I added the shorter video above! Only 6 Minutes and 16 seconds long. Thanks for watching!

Step 1: ​Parts and Tools

1 1/4" SDR 26 PVC Pipe (thinner than schedule 40) a 10' piece at Lowe's runs around $5

Heat Gun

PVC Cutter or Hand Saw


Drill bits 1/2" and 1/4" and 1/8-1/4" bolts and lock nuts (stainless steel preferred)

Wine Bottle (or beer style bottle will work)

Safety Equipment: Glasses, Gloves, etc..

Remember: Measure twice cut once and please, use common sense when cutting PVC or using a heat gun.



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Wow looks like it works really well, I love how many uses PVC can turn out to have!

Just uploaded my newest PVC build :) I like PVC too :)

It does work wonderfully and the bend on top helps keep the fishing pole from snaging or scratching the grips. The slit in the top keeps the reel from moving around while in use :) Thanks for the comment!