Step 9: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Assemble the desk with bolts to hold the pieces together. set the concrete carefully on top, and add any drawer pulls, power strips, or other things to finish it off. Use zip ties to route wires.
Forthcoming Additions: diy light box build to light up fiber ends in different colors and patterns! also: pictures with less wire clutter visible.
mrman171 year ago

To help remove air pockets, you could use an electric sander without the sand paper, hold it at various points around the mold.

this looks very interesting - i have a kitchen counter refurb and granite is v expensive...

nitsuj10983 years ago
Still waiting for the light box instructable and lit up and night pictures...
joeyoung254 years ago
I would just like to say that from the pictures, Unless you are hiding some major "screw-ups", this desk looks simply amazing! I really like that the top is concrete but is not plain like a driveway. I really like the woodworking you do also. This is a really good looking desk.
nitsuj10984 years ago
A picture of it lit up at night would be awesome!
pocketxgirl4 years ago
That's really cool. I wish you had posted some pics of the desk with the fiber optics on after it was completed. I bet it's sweet!
grunja4 years ago
thanks. never thought of using cement. be cheaper than marble for a good solid top. great desk too.
Win7Maniac5 years ago
Great project. Do you know how to do it with wood instead of concrete? Concrete gets heavy. I like how you added all that cool stuff, like fiber optic and glass. Awesome. Glad you have Win7, it pwns :) Ryan
With the light box, use an Arduino with digital potentiometers and RGB LEDs connected to the optic cables. Set the Arduino to tell the pots (potentiometers) to dim one color, and increase the strength of another in the LED. This is based off standard RGB codes, so you could get a color picker freeware, pick a color, and see how much red, green, and blue you should give power to. You need to have a little experience with the Arduino, though. Ryan
or just use the Arduino PWM outputs, no fancy digipots needed
agiledesign5 years ago
Just wondering if you poured it on a piece of glass if it would have saved some time polishing it? I've considered doing my kitchen counters in a similar manner. Great looking result. Nice write-up and pics too.
there is a special sheet of plastic! is shiny and mostly used for columns that can give you a similar finish! also is easier to vibrate with a rubber mallet just hit the form with the mallet several times, this will ensure that all the cement goes down preventing air bubbles so the final product is even and shiny!!
Shiny? I could guess someone could use Polyethylene/Polypropylene sheet since almost NOTHING sticks to it- http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=23655&catid=705. It's also sold at retail hardware/home improvement centers as plastic drop cloth 4 mil. but this can wrinkle and I've never actually done it this way since it would probably not be very shiny.
rcafrix5 years ago
amazing work, well done!!!
bahi5 years ago
Superb, better than those silestone surfaces. But I'd prefer debian or ubuntu instead of win7
sarliaee5 years ago
Windows 7 was my idea. Concrete Desk was yours. Congratulations. Beautiful job!
carmac5 years ago
Concrete and LED light don't go hand in hand it's like getting sucked in to a Black hole, unless you know what you are doing (RIGHT).  We all would love to see it working.  nice desk
Dimitrios5 years ago
Awesome work! The way you built your cabinets as well. I bought myself the dvd from Cheung, still have to buy the polishing kit. Umm was surprised you used sand in your mix.
aasigo5 years ago
How about a picture of the desk with the fiber optics in action?
sturmey5 years ago
I am very impressed with your finished desk. I also like the recursive picture of your desk with the computer, nice touch. I will try this when we redo our kitchen.
Johny0075 years ago
Looks perfect. Just isn't a bit cold and thus uncomfortable for hands?
How about casting a "tile-warmer" right into the concrete? There are very inexpensive electric heating pads designed to go under tile floors to heat them. Maybe one of those could give a nice, warm concrete desktop!
I am totally inspired, this is going into my files.
jrpresto5 years ago
Excellent design! I've been thinking about a polished concrete kitchen counter for a while. The glass bits definitely add some pop!
nanosec125 years ago
I am inspired....I love the final product and the fibre optic lights are pure genious !!! Well done sir, well done.
osgeld5 years ago
Thats a sharp looking desk, well done
AlaXul5 years ago
Well done! It looks fantastic. I think I'll start drawing up some plans for my own. Thanks for the inspiration.
Mr.Miz5 years ago
freaking awesome.