Step 7: Install the bulkhead fitting

Picture of Install the bulkhead fitting
bulkhead inside1.jpg
The best way to make sure you have a leak proof connection for your spigot is to use a bulkhead fitting.

Insert the threaded end of the bulkhead fitting through the outside of the barrel. (The thick rubber washer should be on the outside of the barrel.)

Using a pair of long handle pliers and an assistant, place the thin, hard plastic washer onto the bulkhead fitting followed by the large nut. Tighten securely. (Note: The word tighten on the large nut faces the inside of the barrel.) These are reverse-threaded bulkhead fittings. Turn counter-clockwise to tighten.
mrtank4 years ago
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johndengler6 years ago
Is this bulkhead fitting a common hardware store item? I wasn't able to find one at my local hardware store.
AtlantaRainBarrels (author)  johndengler6 years ago
I was never able to find them locally and they can get pretty expensive on some websites. I buy them in bulk and sell the extras on my site (www.AtlantaRainBarrels.com) and you can also probably find them for a reasonable price on ebay. Make sure the interior is threaded and not smooth (slip), which is made for glue.