I have been in robotics since I was a kid and I am very passionate by robotics. I learn BEAM robotics around 1997-98 and started building robots for a science faire project call "Insectroides" in 2001. http://robomaniac.solarbotics.net ( they change server and the website links does not work anymore it is on Linux and it is CASE SeNsiTIve! ) here is the old one

One of my many robots was the beetle robot, a VERY simple robot that can avoid obstacles on the floor without ANY silicon chip! ( the red ladybug, second picture, is my FIRST beetlerobot )
the red ladybug use a home made PCB carve with a dremel and two playstation motors with rubber wheel from a walkman!


It use
2 - motors
2 - SPDT switch
1 - AA battery holder

I has 16 years old when my uncle showed me the principal of the SPDT switch ( Simple Pole Double Throw). I then took this idea and incorporated the design into the (world famous) beetle robot :P

Now I am 22 and want to show you step by step instructions how YOU can make this simple robot!

here are some videos of my beetlerobot in action!

The beetlerobot in the video is made using a Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ).
This design will be use if I make a kit one day!

Check them all out here!

This Instructable is divided into three parts

- You will learn how to build the robot
- I will explain how the robot works
- I will then teach you how to fix your robot if it does not work ( Debugging )

Don't forget to read the complete tutorial before starting! And remember to wear safety glasses at all time because eye injuries ain't worth the risk! It will happen in a blick of an eye.

Have a great time!

ps- Check out Gareth Branwyn book, I made a one motor walker and he made a complete chapter with my robot!! He send me the book call " Absolute beginner's guide to building robots" A very great book!

Maybe I should write a book...

Jerome Demers aka ROBOMANIAC!

Updated july 2007 - I have added some pictures of the inside of my first beetlerobot. Home made AAA battery holder! I have also added some videos on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/jeromedemers

Updated 22 july 2007 - I added a picture and text on step 19 if your robot does not work :P

What is it's purpose? What is the purpose of the beetlebot?

robomaniac (author)  stypayhorlikson028 months ago

to learn robotics in genereal and build your first robot without costing a lot of money.

is it possible to make a 3rd connection in a single 9v battery? because I only got a 3v and 12v brushed motor and I want it to powered with one 9v battery.

robomaniac (author)  ChristopherS2528 days ago

if you take two 9V batteries, you can create a 3rd connection.

Lukeplayer7 months ago
Where can I find Spdt Switches in the Phillipines?

you can purchase it from raon recto... or if you have busted computer mouse, unsolder those

am i correct my motor is moving forward but when push rigth antena my right motor is moving forward again but the left motor is going stop and when i push left antena the left motor is moving forward too and the right motor is stop. My Beetlebot Is Correct? Plsss answer it here's the picture

robomaniac (author)  AngeloMagbanua3 months ago

that schematic is not like the original. That is why it does not work. You are suppose to connect one end of both motors together. Then that connections goes on the other side of the batterie pack.

AlejoC3 months ago

Can I use an LiPO battery, I don't know how can I make the third connection because this battery only have two cables.

robomaniac (author)  AlejoC3 months ago
the answer is yes but I don't recommend you use lipo batterie. If you let the batterie discharge too much it will cause problems that can be dangerous.

you need to connect you batterie in series and then then use the middle connection has the third connection.
AlejoC robomaniac3 months ago
Thanks for your reply, then ¿I need two batteries LIPO? I'm not an expert in the topic but ¿can you send me some image or link to have a clear idea of these? Thanks a lot again, regards!
robomaniac (author)  AlejoC3 months ago

Sorry but since you are not an expert, I can not give more info or else the lipo batterie can explose and burst into flammes if you don't know what you are going. This is serious stuff. It's for your safety and for other people. Go buy some AA batteries and a batterie holder from Digikey.com. You will get that next day for 1.38$ +8$ shipping.


What is it's purpose? What is the purpose of the beetlebot?

What is it's purpose? What is the purpose of the beetlebot?

tiagolinux10 months ago

Yeah,it's good!

gabriels510 months ago

does it have a off and on switch

robomaniac (author)  gabriels510 months ago

You Simplify remove the batteries.
avenged7x1 year ago
Would it be possible to add an LDR so that the robot can be controlled but when it hits an obstacle(for example a chair) it'll still turn on its own?

wow . zero programming = 100 percent fun

mkovtchega1 year ago

Will these spdt switches work? They are from and old ball mouse.

hkarlis1 year ago

well I have a little problem I am not getting a 3 pole switch ad I am just getting a switch like this (posted). can u tell me if this works, pls give the way of connection diagram or tell how to connect it . And if not suggest me a site where I can find the 3 pole switch(it should deliver in India)

Enkeim hkarlis1 year ago
watch the picture closely again... at the bottom of the switch you can see that there is the 3th pole. So it should work ;)
hkarlis1 year ago
Enkeim hkarlis1 year ago
Yes why not?
robomaniac (author)  hkarlis1 year ago

yes, those are exactly what you need.

good luck

hkarlis1 year ago

is there any other method of making it as i am not geting the right switch

hai its awesome dude. quite impressive with small steps.

Aditya M1 year ago

I also made it but it was little different.........

but the concept pretty matches with this......

I Don't have any picture of that!!!

Tbus1 year ago

This is a great lab experiment. I'm taking a Robotics Fundamentals home study course (http://www.ciebookstore.com/robotics-fundamentals-...) and this instructable covered a lot of what I learned in my class. Thank you!

mfernando31 year ago
AWESOME STUFF man. Just wanted to give you a quick praise. Thanks!
hussein13 years ago
hey man can i use an mouse spdt switch?? please reply on this site please.
1 year old reply -.-'
The mouse SPDT would be hard to use, you have to de-solder, and the switch doesn't have an actuator lever (The metal thingy). But it could work! You could hot glue the paper clip on, that's what i tried to do, It fell off after the bot hit a wall 3x
CarlyAnne73 years ago
Can I Just Buy One From You ?
You can buy one from Solarbotics now!
Solarbotics Beetle Bot
meghams2 years ago
hey very nice bot ..!!wanna try right away ...but one thing which is boggling my mind is how you have fixed those motors in such a inclined angle..??
raghav572 years ago
i am raghav. i am 12 years old. i got all parts and i made some but how to stick SPDT switches and motors to battery holder.and where can i get heat shrink.the only part i didn't get.where can i get please say
rashtekar2 years ago
my bot is not going front when i coneect battries to the motors directly they work properly...but when i connect it to the switch and spdt switches it works slow and doesnt move forward...plz reply....i have to show it on monday..:-(
rashtekar2 years ago
my teacher is asking the uses of this beetle bot...what do i tell her????
TANMAYEE2 years ago
can u please help with the uses of this beetlebot?? do reply soon. Got an urgency. thank you. :)
Wisaam2 years ago
Can you please tell me the actual function of the SPDT switch and how does it work?...Please do reply..
prakash03022 years ago
hi it's cool idea...........!!!!
indradiana3 years ago
can i use two 3 volt motors by only using two 1.5 volt batteries?
does the beetle robot still work normally ?
niljo3 years ago
Hi!! i made the beetle robot, bt it wnt wrk if i let go of the switch.. i have to keep it presd..and the funny thng is tat wen i press the spdt swittch on right side, the left motor rotates and vice versa... cud u pls help me wit dis...
robomaniac (author)  niljo3 years ago

you are also there.

It is normal that when you press the right switch the left motor spin. That is compltely normal with the Beetle robot V1.

You told me that the robot does not move until you press the switch. This only mean that the third connection is not properly connected to the inside of the battery pack.

When you plug the battery both motors should spin forward. When you press the switch, the opposite motor should turn backward.

Make sure you have a good solder joint, a clean one with no flux or dirty thing on it.
hey thnks.. it really helped.. nw ts wrkng no prblm... thnks a lot jerome :)
niljo3 years ago
these are sm pics of the beetlebot i made.. i even made the third connection.. it wud very helpful fr me if u assissted me wit dis.. and my email id is niljos22@gmail.com
biocon773 years ago
can i use a Illuminated round rocker spdt switch?
robomaniac (author)  biocon773 years ago
well not really, only if you find an innovating way to trigger the swt with the antenna. then that will work. Rocket swt are stiff (hard to activate) so you need help with a lever system.
thanks also, can i use jumper wires
biocon773 years ago
do jumper wires work?
rimo3 years ago
it works ty sir
xXYEIROXx3 years ago
Hi there, i Did it! it works xDD ok to the grain, i wanna make one for one scientific faire in my high school but i wanna make it with an solar panel, so i dont see where i can put a thirth conection, if you know how plz make me know!
when my robot touches to a wall ,the switch will press till this process the robot is ok but after that the motor do not have that much force to push can you tell me what is problem...

reply at meetshadabmk@yahoo.com......pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yaryev3 years ago
Hello, my son really likes science projects, is in third grade. How or where do you recommend I can find information for my child to start learning about robotics? thanks
rnoorlind4 years ago
Thanks to this tutorial I got few burns :p from soldering iron and glue gun but I finished my robot. Although the wiring pic wasn't very helpful as with my robot I had one wire on every thinkable nob but the instructing pic had one wire about two wires. At that part things got messed up. So all was able to do was to sketch circuits until I understood it. But I thank you for making me think it through like that.
Thank you!
rajaavadi4 years ago
Where does that blue wire from motor go?
d'où vient le fil bleu aller?
aabuzaid4 years ago
hi how are you ,,, there are anyone can help me to built robot ,,,, i am studing mechatronics and there are project for robot course ,, my project is wowwee robotpet robot
kkeyan4 years ago
hey dude it is realllllly intrestinggggggggggggggg
rnoorlind4 years ago
At least the picture has metric system.
jsharma44 years ago
can i use spdt switch found in mouse fr d robot model?????????
plz reply fast..........i've 2 submmit my robo on 28 th
ashuki4 years ago
can you give me the schematic diagram ?

rkittukriti4 years ago
hey can i use it for my biology project!!??
rmkn214 years ago
In legazpi city, spdt limit switch is called micro switch
gpunia4 years ago
can you help me make a SPDT switch from house things pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
and if you know please send me at punia.gaurav5@gmail.com
sanjo shaju5 years ago
can u help me to make a SPDT switch by using home thing!!!!!!!!!!

i will be very glad if you help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese..........

                                              /       *           *      \
                                              !             J             !
                                                \        -------       /

Hai the above one is me
go chop some old pc mouse....u can find it there...that is what i used for my beetle bot.....just be careful not to toast the switches hehehe
kabshab774 years ago
what does solder mean?
Soldering is defined as "the joining of metals by a fusion of alloys which have relatively low melting points". In other words, you use a metal that has a low melting point to adhere the surfaces to be soldered together. Consider that soldering is more like gluing with molten metal, unlike welding where the base metals are actually melted and combined. Soldering is also a must have skill for all sorts of electrical and electronics work. It is also a skill that must be taught correctly and developed with practice. from http://www.aaroncake.net/electronics/solder.htm
101nemesis4 years ago
I've made the robot..but when i press the swtich..the opposite motor STOPS . It doesn't reverse its direction !
What could be the reason ??
Probably you have it wired wrong. Recheck all your wires.

The same thing happened to me once. It's an wasy thing to do.
lol...i thought so too !! but i double checked..heck..i triple checked !! i even removed all the wiring n did it again !! No matter what i do...the motoe stops when i press the opposite switch !
I'm using a 3 cell battery holder rather than a 2 cell...could that be the mistake ?? Cause 2 cell battery holders are surprisingly hard to get in my area (dubai) !
It could be that your motors are too high a voltage. It's not that your circuit is bad, your motor might not be getting enough power when in reverse mode.
I had a great time making a couple of these over my Christmas vacation. They're rather easy to do and a whole lot of fun.

One easy way to make a shell is to use half of a clear christmas orniment bulb. I found some large plastic ones at a hobby store for $1. Half an orniment works perfectly, you just have to melt out some holed (I used an old soldering iron.).

I made some kits for this project on my website, http://www.browndoggadgets.com, for only $15.  Mostly because I had to buy a switches in bulk as they cost $3 each at Radio Shack.

HOPKIR014 years ago
how come there is only 5 of the white wires??????????????????????????
sagarv484 years ago
http://buildarobot.blogspot.com/ you can find resources for making a line following robot.. and many more!!
sagarv484 years ago
Good collection of robot tutorials available at http://buildarobot.blogspot.com/
what do you mean with "What" and "that mean" ??....

shooternash4 years ago
Question: Say you had one motor with the normal + and - terminals. Could you split the positive and negative leads from the battery, so that you have 4 wires total now, hook a positive AND a negative lead to 1 terminal on the motor. Then if you had an SPDT switch and at either throw have 1 positive and 1 negative. So then if you were to flip the switch and connect say a positive within the switch to the one, central lead leading to the remaining motor terminal, would it spin? And if you were to flip the switch the opposite direction, would the motor spin opposite? Basically, would the postive and negative automatically connect within the motor and the remaining positive or negative not affect the wiring? Sorry if it's kind of wordy. Hard to explain. Thanks
what?????????? so hard to under stand
coolariel4 years ago
do u hav to use heat shrink?
robomaniac (author)  coolariel4 years ago

but you need some grip or else the motor shaft is too shinny and it will slip on the floor!
robot13984 years ago
can i attach the the motor straight with a wheel but not on an angle
robot13984 years ago
can i use some thing else instead of heat shrink
J-Five4 years ago
In the first video I know what it's saying "Get me out!!!!"
i m do it .
ok i am going to attempt making this.. the problem is i have never done anything like this before.. im kinda in over my head.... does anybody have any tips for me on how to do this..
I made this in 5th grade. It worked perfectly. When I lost it, I was like :(
hi(: ok I started and it looks so nice but it doesn't works, I dont know why, first when a plug the positive and negative (I have the third connection kind of permanent) and the motors start to run thats ok but when a clic the switches they do nothing and I put my finger to see if the change direction but it does not and finally after some seconds of having it plug in all the connections it starts to super heat, please Im making this as a science project and I really need help :) I would appreciate very much your help.
PS: I will tray to post photos right away.
sparkspooky4 years ago
sparkspooky4 years ago
arjunbhat_94 years ago
Hey Robomaniac,
nice and beautiful robot, i love it. And the one i made is great , and has been selected for a competition, and i am representing my school, with my robot.
But i dont understand one thing, if both antenas hit at the same time, what to do, please reply!
robomaniac (author)  arjunbhat_94 years ago
both motor reverse!

So that is it.

simple and efficient!
sparkspooky4 years ago
sparkspooky4 years ago
Will hot glue really hold the motor at an angle wlth one touch???
day-veed4 years ago
Are the SPDT switches (single pole double throw right?) the ones you get in a mouse ?
If not, how can I test for a SPDT switch with say, a multimeter (resistance?)?
Does it have to Be that specific switch?? Or will any similar one work???
robotnard4 years ago
and btw i am from china lol
robotnard4 years ago
i want to power the robot with solar energy is it possible if it is can u plz teach me how i am only 12
celdric4 years ago
if the angle for both motor are not same,is it the bettle bot will not go straight instead of just go in wide circle??
robomaniac (author)  celdric4 years ago
I don't understand your question, the RPM of each motor is different, that is why is makes wide circles. Play with the angle, add more heat shrink on one side, experiment. That is call learning.
celdric4 years ago
how i make the bettle bot go straight?
robomaniac (author)  celdric4 years ago
Make one wheel bigger then the other one.
you have to favorite make an robot.
aqibm45 years ago
i cant understand
can the switch be a toggle switch
robomaniac (author)  Guitarmanandy5 years ago
No since they don't have any spring to toggle back the switch to it's initial state. And even if you do find one with the spring, it will be hard to mount it on the antenna.
sourcer5 years ago
uhm... my motors run on 3 volts each, how do I make the robot without getting half the voltage... in this case I mean how do make it without the third connection?
robomaniac (author)  sourcer5 years ago
Your motor will work with 3V. Your robot will move.
by that, I meant do you know how to make the robot work without the third connection? I made a bigger version of the robot, and instead of a beetle, I made it into a centipede. doe the centipede to work, I need both of my battery pack to be connected into one, and than use it as a normal batt. pack. I saw you made it into a circuit with a third connection line, which basically makes it half the voltage, but with only 1.5 V, my motor wouldn't move....
robomaniac (author)  sourcer5 years ago
It is impossible to make that robot without the third connection. The third connection is there to reverse the polarity of the motor. See that thing like two separate battery connected in series, one battery is there to powre both motor forward and the other battery is there for backward. you could make it work using DPDT switch and a single battery. Yep that works.
by that, I meant do you know how to make the robot work without the third connection?
madmada5 years ago
Thats groovy Seems pretty simple to make, and they look awesome in motion too. I want to try to make something like this now! :)
kelly555 years ago
I made one of these but i didint have an SPDT switch, instead I took a slide switch thing out of an uno attack game.
robomaniac (author)  kelly555 years ago
I would like to see that. When it slide to one end, how you make it return back? ( slide back to normal position) Thanks
do you know where i could scavenge a switch like this?
mice?!?!....i think he means SPDT flip switches :)


| = Base
> = Flip switch
ya take apart an old mouse and where the b=mouse buttons are is where the spdt switches r on the circuit board im a 7th grader goin in to 8th grade and i just figured that out
you know the buttons in old mice are these kind of buttins but they dont have the metal piece....
well kinda....i know they push and activate but i dont see how you can still use them comforatably...
avenged7x5 years ago
 i made the beetle bot but when it hits an obstacle it just stays there and doesnt reverse. i checked the switches and they work. cn u help me plz??
avenged7x5 years ago
 how do i make the beetle bot reverse? whenever it hits something it just stays there and doesn't move. cn u plz help me?
torab25 years ago
how do you make the beetle bot go straight?
i'm having a problem with my beetle bot, it's not going straight, like it goes in wide circles. i tried to put the motors on the same angle but still same problem.
could you please give me a hint.
avenged7x5 years ago
 cn i solder a wire to the negative side?

 first of all thnx very much for the instructions were really helpfull:P i know my guetion its gonna be a bit silly...but im student of 4th grade and i construct this robot for my science fair but i want to add wheels to make it look better but i dont know how to add them in order to work witk the motors....plzz help me!!
TKret5 years ago
I really like this robot thanks to its simplicity and I also build one, but I don't like that one battery is dead before the other one. I am thinking about building an H-Bridge where the spdt switch gives the signal and replaces two of the transistors, but I don't have time at the moment :(
It would still be quite easy and you would be able to combine it with other circuits, for example for light seeking.  Did somebody try this or something similar?
bubsbrain5 years ago
ok im not sure if it was already said but i wired my beetle to what i thought was the correct way to do so... but i now find out that both motors are spinning in the same direction the left side is correct but the right is spinning the same way (making it do donuts) so i then thought "why dont i just change the polarity wires... and it did nothing... im lost and confused and putting this together for my final project in one of my electronic classes.. so i could really use the help for quickest way to contact me please email to bubsbrain@gmail.com thank you
alzrc_13j5 years ago
hahahahhey man i also manage to build one hehehehe its just that the motor runs very slowly i dont know wat could be the problem hahahaha any suggestions to make my motor run faster???
 best invention ever

It drives forward like it should, but if one of the buttons gets pressed, it stops. If both get pressed it reverses which is good, but why does it  completely stop if only one button at a time is pressed?

antienoob6 years ago
i have one big problem with the one i built, and that is that it does not move unless you push the button. so it just sits there until you push the buton then itl move until u let go. now mine is the exact as yours but it doesnt use the same battery holder instead it usses a double + and double - conection, which means the batteries go in the same way as each other. so if you could help me that would be great. TY.
robomaniac (author)  antienoob6 years ago
Hello, When you need to press the switch to see action, the problem is the third connection, the connection that connects both battery together. the problem is probably the double + and double - connection. I really don't understand what you mean. IT could be good, I am just confused. Check it closely and have fun! Jerome
 he means what he said, both batteries go the same direction...

try looking at the holders connections VERY CLOSELY!
see if you can find a part where + and - meetup.
teguhdj5 years ago
new inspiration for me,

very nice,


We don't really use 13 wires at all, right??
 does it not need wheels?
akhile19965 years ago
 will this switch work?
eminem15 years ago
you should tell people about how to make a shell or decorations
aditya1005 years ago
Is there any other that can be used instead of the SPDT switch??? am not able to find one (maybe two)!!!
rodriyrex5 years ago
Hi! I have a problem, when I turne the switch on, nothing happens, only if I press the SPDT's, can you help me?
davewhite5 years ago
Can I use spdt toggle switch instead of a lever one?
sfq6 years ago
sjoobbani6 years ago
I got switches from radio shack, the "spdt-submini Lever switch" ( without roller) and I followed your exact steps and everything, and the robot started turning in circles (1). I am confused, alot of people say it reverses, others say the trigered motor just stops, so which one is it?(2) and 3, I think our switches work differently, because when I first tested it, the 2 wires that connected the switches needed to be on the opposite pins, not the same. Help please? Je parle francais aussi, alors si vous avez diificulte` a comprendre ou quelque chose, je pourrais traduire merci beacoup :)
robomaniac (author)  sjoobbani6 years ago
Salut Sjoobbani,

If if turn in circle, it could be two things, one motor is stop and the other one spin. The other problem is that one motor is simply spinning the other direction while the other side spin forwards. That will make robot spin a larger circle and the other robot spin on a "dime".

You can rise the robot from one side to see the direction of the wrong motor. When you find the reverse one, simply reverse the connection of that motor. It should go forward. The next step is to try the switch and see if they go reverse the motor polarity.

". I am confused, alot of people say it reverses, others say the trigered motor just stops, so which one is it?(2) and 3"
When you trigger the switch with your hand, if it makes the motor stop, that is a third connection problem.

", the 2 wires that connected the switches needed to be on the opposite pins, not the same. "I don't understand what you mean by that.

Bonne chance!

ps- As tu deja regarder la version 2 du robot?
OOO!!! merci beaucoup ca aide vraiment, et ca marche tres bien maientenant merci!
robomaniac (author)  sjoobbani6 years ago
Génial alors! Je suis bien content que ca marche! Au prochain projet, Jerome
Tom Buckey6 years ago
was this special software called paint? by anychance
on your keyboard press the window logo and R at the same time, then enter "mspaint" then press enter.
i know, i was being silly i knew it was paint :)
ARCHGREEN7 years ago
how come step 7 show there are 13 wire in total and now this step I can only see 8 wire connected.
seriously, it makes no sense at all....
when you tie two wire together, end to end, it makes one long wire like ram_dabu said, tie the open end of the wire...
buddy it will be difficult for a beginner............. but it does not make any difference.. tie the open end of the wire...
nurnur6 years ago
robertmante6 years ago
do u really need to half voltage or is that just to save power
Zem robertmante6 years ago
It's not to save power, each motor only uses 1.5v, if you have two AAA's which have a total voltage of 3v then you split it in half to run the two motors.
Zem Zem6 years ago
Woops, meant two AA's.
Tom Buckey6 years ago
does the wire HAVE to be blue?
also do you need that wire for it to work
robo36 years ago
for the info
robo36 years ago
I built one and it worked Tanx
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
I made my Beetle Bot
Photo 1.jpg
SammyJ2656 years ago
i made it but it goes backwards-- what do i do?????? i've tried switching the two motor wires around but without success :s
OK I've done it (i forgot to also swap the 3rd connection) but now when it hits a wall it doesn't turn or anything and so after 5 mins the antenna breaks off :( I'm confused.
hi sammy just a bit of advice about the antennas.turn the spdt around so they face outwards but keep the same connections it just makes the antennas easier to activate cheers paintsniper p.s ask me if this doesnt work
allenph796 years ago
hey om i accidently bought 6v motors and my motors arnt spinning am i going to have to get new motors? or a new battery pack or is there away i can use the stuff i already got?
yes you will either need new motors or very strong batteries. probably simpler just to get new motors because they are so cheap.
no he cant just use a 9v he needs two 9v because he needs a 3rd connection this is exactly the same if u use 2 9v and will work the same but maybe faster cheers
try two 9v batteries.
ninjake6 years ago
do u need heat shrink tubes or can u use something else if so what else can u use
ninjake ninjake6 years ago
and wat is a plastic pearl
a plastic pearl is just a plastic bead, you know for like crafts and stuff.
jpeg7 years ago
Merci Jerome! Ça fait un interessant cadeau de noel ;)
psp3601 jpeg6 years ago
Il translate... Thank you Jerome! You made me a intresting gift for christmas
robomaniac (author)  psp36016 years ago
Wow I never say that comment. lol Thanks/Merci!
i could not understand the step 17 and how does it turns when it come across an obstacle??
thats when the 2 way switch comes in..when the robot smacks into a wall the antenna triggers the switch and one of the motors stop!its that simple
robomaniac (author)  psp36016 years ago
loll it does not STOP it reverse! haha Solarpowered robot use the trick of stoping the opposite motor, NOT the beetle robot. When the robot hits a obstacles it will simply reverse the opposite motor until it is free.
wierd when i made it it stops lol
weird,when i press the left switch,the right motor stops and the left motor keeps on going...
coolrobot6 years ago
are the 2 batteries connected together?I tried building this robot and it didn't work. P.-S. I did not use a AA battery holder,just a small box in which I had put some metal parts or the end of the battery. I did the 3th connection, :D
robomaniac (author)  coolrobot6 years ago
both battery are connected together. The third connection is the wire that is connected to the wire that connects both battery together.
thank you!i finished it and it was supposed to work well.it had too much weight and not enough power to trigger the switch when it hit the wall.now i took a AA battery holder from an old toy and im gonna make this project again
coolrobot6 years ago
eriko,i found like 12 SPDT switches in a car with alot of buttons,not RC that my brother has (he's 2 yrs old) and that didn't work.most of the buttons were green,:) the buttons would pust the SPDT switches
coolrobot6 years ago
here are some photos... 1st one- ALL THE WIRES ARE CONNECTED THE RIGHT WAY 2nd one- red:+ blue:- yellow,red and blue:3th connection
eriko6 years ago
This was a very good guide, just got 1 question: is it any toy or thing that have these switches? i dont wanna buy them xD
reiki_now6 years ago
Hi Y'all what part # at cherry for the right kind of SPDT SWITCHES?? got a part # or spec??
whitehound6 years ago
Hi robomaniac... i jus hav 2 motors 2.5v each..Can u please tell me the battery arrangement for the third connection? Im using a 4 AAA battery holder. Help me out please Cheers! Syama
robomaniac (author)  whitehound6 years ago

You have 2 leads coming out of the battery holder. So 4 in total.

#1 battery holder has black and red wire.
#2 battery holder has black and red wire.

connect the red wire of the #1 battery holder to the black wire of the #2 battery holder. this is the third connection. You solder them together and you get the third connection that will touch both motors.

Simple hey!

Use the red and black wire has positive and negative for connection.

Have fun!

where did you get those spdt switches? because the ones i got don't have the medal thing that you glue the wires to
rayan16 years ago
photos of him
robomaniac (author)  rayan16 years ago
hahaha! That is really cool! thank you for sharing! Jerome
rayan16 years ago
my beetle bot named larry
sonya01266 years ago
Hi!! i´m new with this, and i´m trying to make it to teach my students.... With my husband´s help, I built the beetle but it doesn´t work. Can you see the pictures and try to help me? It only works when we press the switch.
robomaniac (author)  sonya01266 years ago
hello, you are missing the third connection, You can see in the picture,it is missing. That is normal that the motor is running when you press the switch. The green wire on the back that connects both motor together, you are going to connect the third wire connection to that green wire. That third connection wire is the wire touch the + and - of the battery pack, you have to solder a wire inside the battery holder. Check my instruction to see the pictures. good luck Jerome
JCOOL7776 years ago
Thanks alot this is my first robot. im almost done
RobotBoy7406 years ago
I am ordering some of the parts and I can't find anything called electric wire is hookup the same thing
abhikay6 years ago
my beetle goes front damn fast, but when it it touches something it just stops. my model is just like yours, nothing different, what do I do????
hey dude i liked thre beetle one i works for me we have 2 of them one mine and one of my friends and we fight with it i even fixed l e d red lights in front so during night we can have fun thanks for the fantastic idea u have shown brother ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
robomaniac (author)  vishnu_ad19936 years ago
loll thanks! :P
Branston156 years ago
What size heat shrink?
robomaniac (author)  Branston156 years ago
I think that 1/16 should do.
And what about the http://www.uchobby.com/index.php/2007/08/12/simple-robot-how-to/ ? Isn't this the same? Did someone already say that?
robomaniac (author)  LilPurpleCow6 years ago
Yes there was a big depate with this webiste, read the comments! really funny I think he saw my design and made his own robot and posted instructions to win something on uchobby. Why is it that only when I posted my instruction to build this robot that we start seeing imitations?
How does it balance on 2 wheels? Does it?
robomaniac (author)  LilPurpleCow6 years ago
hello, It does not balance on two wheels. It has a back caster. So it has 3 resting points.
Tomcat946 years ago
Thank you robomaniac! I did this for a science project and explained how it worked, and everyone was amazed! Everyone else's toy seemed mediocre compared to mine. Thank you again, I'm subscribing. :D
Can we use these switches
No, you can't. Maybe for the off/on switch, but not for the antennas. Those are sliding switches, which you can't really use for the antennas.
where are you from
by the looks of his avatar...
Umm... Actually, no. I come from a variety of internet-based communities, but not from 4chan. I just like the Awesome Face. .....So I heard u like mudkips? XD
Hey um so you have to solder the battery pack... would it work if the battery holder thing is closed? So I would have to solder the wire to the inside of the holder instead of the outside?
robomaniac (author)  LilPurpleCow6 years ago
inside or outside does not matter. Solder the way it is more easy for youl
jamesorlov6 years ago
Thank you, robomaniac for your tutor...it's just great! i've just finished my first robot ))) ... it's not pretty like yours, but it's moving and it we have a lot of fun to watch it with my co-workers... i wan tot build some solar(or AA) Roler, or something like this.. )))) Good luck to you !!
arren6 years ago
Hi robomaniac, what changes will i do if my motors are 3v and not 1.5v? i tried doing the steps but i just left out the "third connection" and when i put on the battery, it didn't work =(

robomaniac (author)  arren6 years ago
you can use 3V motors, the robot will be juste a little bit slow. The hole concept of the robot is on the third connection, you need it to make the robot work.
jo walter6 years ago
where can you buy the SPDT switches??????????????
Bombbunny6 years ago
Dude! what happened at step 10?! In the steps before step 10 there are exactly 9 or 10 wires! Then when you get to step 10 there's only 7 wires? What happened? Did you make a mistake when soldering the brain or did you realize that something was wrong with the motors?
robomaniac (author)  Bombbunny6 years ago
hello, You should build the version 2 of the beetle robot, there is only like 3 wires. Much simpler then that! There is no mistake, it is just to simplify the design. When you have 2 separated wires that are connected together, you can sort of just solder one instead of having two wires. That is what happen. Instead of having 2 separated 1inch wires connected together and make a 2 inch wire, I only soldered 1 wire of 1inch. have fun!
lilypad4216 years ago
Hello, what store could i get the switches? could you name a store(s) that you could easily find in malls or such? thank you. p.s., i've already tried radio shack, the only ones they have are just toggles or push buttons.
m3lt lilypad4216 years ago
Take them out of an old computer mouse. Cheaper the mouse the better it seems.
huge976 years ago
whats the black (?wheel?) on the motors on the fast one?? gooooooood tutorial!!
robomaniac (author)  huge976 years ago
It is call heat shrink and it is a tuing that shink when heat is apply to it. You put wire connection in it and heat is up so the tubing shrink and covers your connection to protect it and make it last longer. This will add grip to the motor shaft and will make the robot have more grip to move around. The heatshrink tubing was shrink on the shaft. With out it, it will not move. Thanks! Jerome
can you make a bot with only one of the switches
bsarkady6 years ago
Nice project, I helped my son build one last night. My problem, when the bot hits an object it just backs up a little then forward again basically just bouncing off the object. I have tested the switches both are working correctly. Any ideas, suggestions on how to get it to backup further and turn? Thanks,
robomaniac (author)  bsarkady6 years ago
hello, You should play with the antenna geometry. Try to get the antenna to go foward then loop them to the side. Try making one smaller( shorter ) that will remove the symetrie and perhaps the bouncing. ps- are you sure when the LEFT switch is press, the RIGHT motor reverse? It should because there is no way to screw that up with that design. Have fun! :P Jerome
Does the wire have to be connected to the back of the contact plate???? Cheers Shadowkinght101.
Can you show me a picture of exactly where in the VCR you got the SPDT switch?? Where would it usualy be located??? Thanks.
robomaniac (author)  Shadowkinght1016 years ago
hello, I might have trouble since I am 3000km away from home. I am making an intern. I am in Calgary. It depends of the VCR, really old ones might have them. Some might not have them. You need to look carefully! good luck Jerom
One more thing dude, I've got round motors instead of flat sided motors. Would that pose a problem when I have to fit the motors onto the battery case??? Cheers Dude!
robomaniac (author)  Shadowkinght1016 years ago
You are going to glue them to the batttery holder so that makes no difference at all. I have all ready made beetle robot with round motors. You be sure of the polarity of the motors. Even there that is a easy fix, you can simply swap the connection of the motor if it turn the opposite way. Jerome
Can you show me a picture of exactly where you got the SPDT switch??? The one from the VCR...... Please and thank-you.
amando966 years ago
Hey about those switches...
are these the same type?


thnx great instructable! WILL TRY TO MAKE IT xD
whills6 years ago
Wow this is an incredible robot and also very very simple. I have to do it I always wanted to do one and it's my time. Well great work guys Thanks about this information.
I couldn't understand the debugging page so i used a translator that i found on Google
moe12436 years ago
robomaniac (author)  moe12436 years ago
Yes you are right, it is the exact same thing!

Someone else already showed that to me. Check the first link I saw:

Patent Pending.... I think they try to patent the plastic mold that hold the motors.
I am not sure.

It is very ugly.

I am working on something much better then that!


defferson6 years ago
Good Afternoon everybody I am Brazilian and I am in Brazil. I study English and I absolutely love robots and eletronics. The BeetleBot is very interesting and I´ll mount it soon. Congratulations robomaniac.
No way!!!
robomaniac (author)  defferson6 years ago
Hey Thanks Defferson! I hope you enjoy the sun you have in Brasil, because here in Quebec, it is getting cold! :P thanks! Jerome
It's right. we like that. Here sometimes is very hot (sunny), but not all days. I thought you live in the U.S. Quebec is very cold, but is very beautiful too and Canada is a great country.
moe12436 years ago
my beetle yay finally finished http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwKS5celiFs
zain666 years ago
Its an electric motor which runs with the help of AAA size battries of 1.5 v..


moe12436 years ago
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vECGuWKRQw he used your idea without credit.. gj on the beetle i just finished mine just gunna make a shell and then try to keep it from going sideways lol any ideas on how to get it straight?
moe12436 years ago
k my antennas work but when i press both instead of them both going backwards they stop what can i do!!! and i want to get heat shrink but it comes in a big bunch and its expensive but i just need a bit what do i do?
Hey robomaniac great project I originally saw a similar project on uchobby.com i was reading comments and i saw one from you saying he didn't give credit where credit was due. i saw yours. (which is much better i must say) Well getting to the point, I am creating a robotics website and am wondering if i can put your instructable in my website as long as I credit you and the people you credited?
Hey question for you robomaniac, in your opinion, would college level education be required to know all that you do about robotics. Is it WORTH it, if I spend thousands of dollars learning how to build robots, as compared to buying lots of kits, and putting the stuff together myself. I am not serious enough about it to go to a college for it, but I am 19 now, and building almost anything interests me. From fake vampire fangs and hollywood fx stuff, to robotics and electronics. I don't KNOW a ton about that stuff, but it really interests me and i'm interested in learning more.
robomaniac (author)  theshadow_razor6 years ago
I have learn all my stuff on the internet! google.com is your best friend. stay in school so you can get a cool job and healthy life style! I am studiyng electrical engineering and love it!!
Is it okay to use a AAA battery holder and 2 AAA batteries?
yes they are both 1.5v it will just die quicker
what kind of glue is best to do the glueing?
robomaniac (author)  Mwfranklin676 years ago
hot glue is not the best fo real permanent application. Epoxy is good but depends on how you apply and mix it. the secret is to make a good grip for the glue. There is ALL sort of glue for all type of application
iamabeast7 years ago
I just finished building the beatle bot. Every time I turn it on it starts to breakdance. Any tips to fix it would be nice.
hey nice bot,i hav a science fair at school and i wannna do this.how many wires do i need?around 13?
robomaniac (author)  smilespoon6 years ago
check the other version.

The beetle robot version 2 is much better and easy to build.

robomaniac (author)  iamabeast7 years ago
change song!
knarleydude6 years ago
cool robot. have you ever trying a mix of robots like beam robotics and bipedal robots.
emuman4evr7 years ago
Uh there selling these at the Radio Shack at my local mall...
robomaniac (author)  emuman4evr7 years ago
you are talking about what? the battery holder? motors? SPDT switchs? Don't buy there, they are to expensive. I remember buying 20 pin soccket holder for 2.99$ at RadioShack and my local electronic store sold them for 20 cent.
No there selling the robot from the video at the very top at radio shack. Except the ones there have a little plastic cover on them so they look like a beetle. Same circuit and little attenae and stuff.
robomaniac (author)  emuman4evr7 years ago
Si, it is.
ppft, don't buy a bot, BUILD IT! besides, I bought a hexbug for ammusment. Totally different than this one, and a complete waste of money. Robomanic's is soooo much more fun.
jawa137 years ago
Hello, any idea how long this activity will last with a group of 8 or 9 years old? Thanks Jawa
robomaniac (author)  jawa137 years ago
hello this depend of many things. How many tutor ( teacher ) are helping? How many tools do you have? 1 soldering iron for 15 kids? How many person? All this need to be in taking in consideration before starting. Jerome
Hello, Thank you for your quick response. We have 32 kids. I am putting together a kit for each student using your list. We will have one teacher + 3 helpers. We will have at least 4 soldering irons but we won't let the kids to use (helpers will do that). We will have an hour and 45 minutes for the entire session. We would the session to be engaging and I am hoping some sort of rally or competition at the end in which hopefully everyone can take part. We haven't done anything like this before before, any input form you will be helpful. Do you think we can do this in the specified time? Will this be an engaging enough for this age group? Has anyone done this in a classroom environment in the past? Thank you and I greatly appreciate your help. Jawa
robomaniac (author)  jawa137 years ago
ops I forgot to respond :P

if we think about this

32 kid with 1h45

1h45 = 105 minutes

105 minutes / 32 kids = 3.28 minutes per kid.

you have 4 people helping

32 kid / 4 helper = 8 kid per helper

each teacher has 105min ( 1h45) you are working at the same time

so it is 105 min / 8 kid = 13.12minutes per kid.

this sound interesting and I think it makes sense

you just need to be sure the helper has skill with the soldering iron and understand the robot circuit. The helper should at least make one robot before :)

I have a other version of this robot that is much simpler that would require less wires. I have posted that article in the MAKE magasine. Send me a private email.

ps- I am remaking a new instructable of this same robot but MUCH better in design and pictures. I am presently working on it for the robot contest :D

Good luck


ps- keep me inform and please don't forget pictures!!! :D
nice math guy
viacin7 years ago
I've built a few of these and the author's revised lady bug bot, and I would just like to stress the importance of the quality of your spdt switches. If you buy cheap radioshack switches, they will be hard to press, and will not work correcly. You can get around this by making strong and inflexible antenna, and by placing your antenna in JUST the right place...but it is much, much easier if you spend a couple of extra bucks on shipping and buy some good switches. I like cherry's spdt with metal tab switches -same ones he used in the pics. Also, another quick tip. If you wired everything correctly (double check!!), but the motors only run when the spdt switches are depressed, check your wiring from the motor (or on/off switch if you have one) to the battery. Most times, the plastic will melt into the solder and mess up your connection. I have, with good sucess, soldered another wire from battery connection to battery connection on the back (where your motor to battery connection is) when I have this problem.
Top Dog7 years ago
Great instructable, I almost have all of the parts but I need to know whether to use an SPDT switch with a "roller lever" or one without. They look almost the same. If I don't get a response I'll probably go without, it looks slightly closer to the switches you have. Appreciate any help :-D
Kcs7 years ago
My AA battery holder is different to yours and i can not make the third connection. What can i do?
hellstudios Kcs7 years ago
just solder a wire to where you need to, shoudn't be that hard.
it beautiful
Junior7597 years ago
hi!!! whats up? this is totally awesome! umm i have no idea about how to like.. buy the right things.. but yeah.. im gonna do this thing soon.. and btw you have a cool name lol, umm well.. so uhh like.. do i just go to liek home depot and say exactly what you wrote.. liek the names of the stuff?
robomaniac (author)  Junior7597 years ago
check this one first


same thing but easier.

Don't go to homedepot, go to a electric store. Radioshack...
Look in the yellow pages for better electronics store. Call them before and ask for SDPT switch with lever and 1,5V motors

Good luck

Kcs7 years ago
Ok so i got everything done. BUT!!! The motors only go when i press down on the switch. Im going over the wiring right now but i cant find anything. Any help?
i built one and the motors will only turn when i press the levers!! HELP!
ARCHGREEN7 years ago
I bought the 4-AA battery holder so how should I connected? I am so close of being done. I guess I can play around with the wire but its going to take a long time to find the right connection. thanks.
3wolf ARCHGREEN7 years ago
this is pretty irrelevant but how do i add you to my favorites ?
3wolf 3wolf7 years ago
oh i just found it :D
robomaniac (author)  ARCHGREEN7 years ago
you forgot the CAPLOCK key :P loll

in a 4-AA battery holder the 4 battery are in series to provide 6V

1,5V battery = |- AA +|
wire = ----

|- AA +| ---- |- AA +| ---- |- AA +| ---- |- AA +|

to get 3V from you 6V batttery connector you need to find the middle

like this

|- AA +| ---- |- AA +| ----HERE---- |- AA +| ---- |- AA +|

put some AA in the pack.
connect the black wire of a multimeter to the black wire of your batteryholder
then touch the red wire of the multimeter to the middle pin of the batteryholder to find 3V

solder a third wire to that location and your in business!

good luck
Any ideas on how to make it a light seeker, or how to somehow have it charge itself? I'm very interested in expanding on this design, think you could give me some pointers? Thanks
Bonjour! je ne parle pas en francais mais je suis canadien et etudie francais en école. la robot est tres formidable et je vais construire la robot en l'avenir. (Hello! i don't speak french but I am canadian and study french in school. the robot is very awesome and I will construire the robot in the future.) (hopefully thats what I said!)
aweb937 years ago
could I do this but instead of using two double AA's could i use two small 1.5v watch batteries?
Nice job. you had good clear pics. I made one exept mine has an on off switch and is all scavenged exept for the trigger switch's. I will post pics when i have built the outer shell.
Subtle7 years ago
Hey, j'ai un p'tit problème, au lieu que les moteurs tournent dès que je met les batteries ils partent juste quand je touche les switch... D'un coté c'est marche avant et de l'autre marche arrière... je sais pas si j'ai fait une mauvaise connection. Pourrais-tu m'aider
Subtle Subtle7 years ago
C'est bon j'ai trouver mon problème, c'était seulement une mauvaise connection au niveau du fil bleu. Merci quand même.
robomaniac (author)  Subtle7 years ago
salut! C'est bizarre car j'ai reçu ta réponse avant ta question :P ( par email je reçois un avertissement qui me dit qu'il y a une comment ) Il était connecter ou ton fil bleu? Car on ma déjà poser la question. Il étais juste pas brancher au bon endroit. Ok je vien de visualiser le problème et comment les électrons voyage dans le circuit. Je comprend le problème, c'est parfait! Est ce que sa marche bien? Merci!! Jérôme
Ouais ça marche parfaitement, c'était seulement que mon boitier est fait différemment, j'avais juste mal souder le fil. C'te satanner fil c'est vraiment la clée du robot. :P
ARCHGREEN7 years ago
robomaniac (author)  ARCHGREEN7 years ago





ARCHGREEN7 years ago
what is the blue wire? 22gauge wire? Its not part of the material.
kk khrab7 years ago
hey nice one guss what i have made a thing like that with pager motor and it is vvvvery smalll
girrrrrrr27 years ago
can you post a pic of how it looks when it is crossed...in an a shape???
Here's a photo of my bot with crossing "feelers":
awesome thank you
robomaniac (author)  girrrrrrr27 years ago
Do you mean the crossed antenna? I wrote a article in the next MAKE magazine! It is not yet out. (18nov 2007) I am not 100% sure when will that article come out.
ok ty...
...i got the antennas but how do i make the battery pack work... when ever i solder the third connection on... it seems to make the other side not work... i even made my own... and it still does the same thing...
jjy7 years ago
WoW thats awesome i think xD :D
alex007 years ago
Nice instructable. My 7 year old son and I just created this. He enjoyed putting it together and using the tools. It works great and was a great basic learning experience. Maybe he will also become a bot fan! Thanks!
robomaniac (author)  alex007 years ago
Thank you! I love to hear that! Very motivating! thanks again! Jerome
iamabeast7 years ago
I just built my own robot. It has two wheels and two motors, and a 9v battery. I am having trouble hooking up the battery to the motors. Every time I try to hook it up it keeps falling off. I am using this project for the science fair. I got everything but that right so if you can give me advice thank you.
robomaniac (author)  iamabeast7 years ago
You need two battery to make this robot work. So you will need two 9Volts battery. You try to build a metal plate that holds the battery and use double side tape to hold everything together. double side tape or even velcro could be use. Velcro could be better because you can remove it easilly. Thanks Jerome
iamabeast7 years ago
How many motors do you think I will need to use.
robomaniac (author)  iamabeast7 years ago
well... I wonder if I should anwer that question... did you read the tutorial??? How can you build your first robot if you did not read it?
said7 years ago
great project! what about pager motors and a computer mouse!
robomaniac (author)  said7 years ago
pager motor could be use but not sure if they are powerful engough. You need a light robot using AAA battery. You can use the casing of a computer mouse to build the chassis. check youtube for the herbie light seeking robot made by makezine
iamabeast7 years ago
I am about to make my first robot, and how do you get the metal poles in the front to make it go a different way. Like what components should I use??
robomaniac (author)  iamabeast7 years ago
I have some hard time understanding your question. I use paper clip and glue them on the switch to make antenna. Just bend it to make a big loop
dumdog9277 years ago
Thanks I made this robot quite a while ago with your article on Make magazine
Photo 1105.jpgPhoto 1107.jpg
robomaniac (author)  dumdog9277 years ago
Very Very nice!! Thanks for posting the pictures!! Very motivating too! Jerome
109227 years ago
can I use wheels ands a solar panel thing on it
martynov7 years ago
Thank you for the great idea! I've made one recently and have had a great fun :) Here are my videos:

taggerung7 years ago
could u plz tell me what a wooden or plastic pearl is and were to get it.
taggerung7 years ago
what size heat shrink would you recomend 1.5mm, 3mm or 7mm
brunoxyz7 years ago
nice, I'm gonna try to build this.
thetrojan017 years ago
joshman7 years ago
Hello, any suggestions for a beetle bot that just wants to keep bouncing and wiggling straight into walls? it seems that the shape and angle of the feelers would fix this but I can't figure out the best way.
coco17 years ago
this baby is awesome I loved building it and everything, it works like a charm, only I hooked the motors up to a remote and it works awesomely!!!
louey7 years ago
Hey, I made it. I found that if you paint the inside of clear plastic then the paint can look sloppy from the inside but from the outside it looks really even without much effort. Apparently this is how iPods are painted. Two minor problems though 1. My heatshrink tires keep falling off. 2. I epoxied the motors to the battery holder but the epoxy doesn't bond well causing the motors to keep falling off. Any ideas to help?
coco1 louey7 years ago
yes i have an idea fo rthe epoxy part, maybe if you took a wire and hooked it up it might work, btu great idea with the paint!!!
robomaniac (author)  louey7 years ago
Thank you very much the picture and the tip! All type of glue need some good grip to hold on! You need to use a hand-file the motor so the glue can grip the motor for a better bond! You can use a x-acto to cut lines and scratch the surface. Do the same thing with the plastic. For the heatshrink it might be to big! Try smaller or use hotglue inside the heat shrink. Put a small amount of glue on the shaft. Let it dry then put the heat shrink over and melt it. Thanks again! Jerome
Cool thanks, I'll probably try that later
chacho57 years ago
Hello again, I wanted to add an an and off switch and a power indicating LED to the beetle bot!! I just didn't know if I put the third connection in the right place in the schematic. Is it okay?
chacho57 years ago
hello, I would just want to say thank you for the great idea! this is the first robot I ever made! thanks!
first robot-beetle bot.jpg
robomaniac (author)  chacho57 years ago
hello That is really cool! Thanks for sharing! ps- I like your homemade door bell :P Jerome
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Hello Robomaniac. I used this project in my school science fair ( my grade doesn't compete in any other science fairs but the schools own)

Just to let you know, I acknoledged you and credited you and such.

I won 1st prize!!! Thanks for sharing the project!!!
robomaniac (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
Very nice! If you can, please send pictures! Thanks again! Jerome
leizzu7 years ago
hi, my name is uzil, and i have chosen this robot to be my project in physics... i would like to know if this can be built with a controller??because i want to make it different ??and also i want to know what do u call the thing attached ain the anthena, the one look like a small box..??if this can be built with controller can u show me how to make it???thx
I used this project without the controller and won 1st place!!
dumdog9277 years ago
Hi, did you write the article on the beetle bot in Make volume 12 cause it is very similar. Also where did you get that SPDT switch from i got one from radio shack but it was ok is there a place where i can get a better one? please
robomaniac (author)  dumdog9277 years ago
Hello, Yes I wrote the article in MAKE volume 12!! I buy my SPDT switch from digikey, all electronics, goldmine electronics, etc I gave the link on step1 Good luck Jerome
Noodle937 years ago
Is this or this alright for the switches? I'd really like to build this, thanks.
Can I get SPDT switches out of any household appliances?
robomaniac (author)  UniversalMind7 years ago
printer, VCR, computer mouse, etc
opinstruct7 years ago
Hi Jerome, First of all thanks for this excellent tutorial and you are very talented person. Well, I have the same question of Useranme13: My beetlebot is not working. But when I press one of the antenna, one wheel moves, when I press the other antenna the other wheel moves. Could you help me with this? Thanks in advance Oscar (opereznet@hotmail.com)
robomaniac (author)  opinstruct7 years ago
I think the problem is the third connection. It is not there ( missing ) Battery holder connection, battery placement, bad solder joint, miss placement of wire, etc I need to check it out and get back to you. Thanks
karen12247 years ago
Although there were originally 10 white wires, when you show the step on how to connect the brain, I only see 5 white wires. Do the other wire it's connecting to, connect to the same wire on the opposite side.
robomaniac (author)  karen12247 years ago
they are connected in serie


you have 2 wire of 1inch to make a big wire of 2 inch

colt457 years ago
what kind of motor do you use
Robo maniac. What kind of motors do i need??
1.5v motors. You can actually find them in school supplies or somewhere like that.
Just ask for them. They're 3 dollars at most
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Thank you for this project robomaniac! It is really good and easy. Now I'm interested In making other little robots!
Dany7 years ago
i am a new guy!!!how can teche me how i can make a robot very simple pls help me!!!you find me at my messenger id jack_dany_93!i need help
MrCruz7 years ago
Couldn't you've just used a resistor instead of using the "third connection"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the battery life last longer with the usage of one? Otherwise, very nice instructable.
pankspj7 years ago
Excellent idea and very helpful presentation!! Thank you for your help from me and my nephews!!
brainspater7 years ago
this i like. You have to make one that has a eyes this time and add a frame as well. p.s. give me a diagram to me if you have time or if you have the nerve to help others see.
omnibot7 years ago
Hmmm .. I like. Let's think bigger .. 12v motors and a fan for vacuuming the floors :D
Username137 years ago
My beetlebot is not working. But when I press one of the antennae, one wheel moves, when I press the other antennae the other wheel moves. Could you help me with this? (P.S. Do you think you could post a picture of the wiring for the switch to be put on?)
Username137 years ago
Hey robomaniac, what is a home made PCB? I have a dremel.
robomaniac (author)  Username137 years ago

PCB = Printed Circuit Board

you should start at the bottom and climb up.
the PCB is at the top. You need to understand electronics circuit before everything else.

google.com is your friend for the rest of your life!
Username137 years ago
Hey robomaniac, this is a huge question, but I want to know how you built the beetlebot with the curcit board microchip thing (One of your pictures has that beetlebug in it). Like how did you get the microchip board, where to get the software, and how to put it all together and build it. This is a big question I know. I would really, really appreciate you responding to this. Just to let you know, I am really into this and I want to build more of these. Thank you robomaniac! P.S. (Maybe you could tell me where you got those little simple AA battery holders) You are a great builder and I think you are very smart to come up with this. (P.S. maybe you could tell how to get the ON/OFF switch hooked on my robot) Thanks
robomaniac (author)  Username137 years ago
hola, there is no microchip processor in my robots... the dark red beetle robot has only a home made PCB made with a dremel. YOu want to make a robot using a PIC? That will cost you money. You need the developement board plus de compiler. Jerome
Username137 years ago
Hi robomaniac, I have a quick question. If I were to attach a small ON/OFF switch to my BeetleBot, how would I do it? Please respond.
robomaniac (author)  Username137 years ago
hello, cut the third connection wire in the middle and solder the switch there boom!
Darkshot7 years ago
hey Jerome if i put four motors on my robot will it stop spinning in a circle? ive moved the motors adjusted the angle reversed them and even switched the wires IVE added glue also like you said to the motor thats spinning in a circle hen the other one spins in a circle that way..so i add glue to that one and it just spins in a circle HELP get back ASAP
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
first thing first!

Which motor is spinning which way?

LEFT MOTOR = backward
RIGHT MOTOR = forward


LEFT MOTOR = forward
RIGHT MOTOR = backward

then swap the connection of the motor that spin backward

swap mean

from this




why adding four motors? it will not work.

ok...i dont get nutin u said about how to switch the motors unless you mean put the red wire to the right side and put the black wire to the right cuz ive tryed thjat and its the right motor by the way im adding RC wheels to it >:D make it look RC woot lol enyway sorry if i suck at spelling but its becuz my left arm's in a cast so it sux to type..."my lef arms in a cast" do NOT ask please..it was kinda imberrasing for my wrestling carreer...
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago

euh the right motor does not work...

don't add RC wheel! GDI! MAKE IT WORK FIRST!

does it spin???

if yes... it mean it spin backward.


if yes continue

take the left red wire and solder it to the right' side and take the right black wire and solder it to the left side. Or vice versa

this is swamping

if you don't understand it GOOGLE IT !



take you time to type your message! I wrote this entire comment with one finger!

PS - save you money to buy the next MAKE magazine!!!

My robot will be in there! A new version much cooler!
I think it is the next one :P



-.- a bit crude i would say...maybe your getting tired of me asking about this awsome instructable :(
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
Hey Darkshot! How is your WRESTLING injury doing? got to make this robot work? I something don't understand what you say when you write comments. Take you time when you write so I will be able to understand faster and respond to your email faster. ciao Jerome
well my injury still hurts a little and now i can type with 2 hands!! yay :) cuz i just learned that now and my arm shrank enough for me to have my hand free enough enyway. I cant really solder with one hand...so im waiting till november 7th to get the cast off and i still need to buy some more motors..now its not melting problems its breaking apart problems or shorting out problems. Plus i need to find somthing like a little box to put it all in (im thinking altoids ) and i NEED to buy a "helping hands". my dad says he knows this shop that sells cheap parts so im gonna go there and buy alot if there cheap so i can make more robots :] plus sorry for all the bad grammer and stuff..i was on a online game for like...um...5-6 years and everthing was abreviated...like ppl=people fym= **** you moron, wtf=WHAT THE **** stuff like that...enyway....how are you man? and umm...can you refer me to some CHEAP electrical stores around california?



ciao <----(that mean goodbye in italian right?)
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
Yo Darkshot!

I have been busy with school and ROBOTS!

I won first place in the 3Kg sumo at the Canadian Natinal Games in Toronto a couple of days ago. I won second place in the 500gr master division and second again the walker division!!

Check the video here!

ciao means goodbye


sweet! and gj on winning :D ive seen that vid of yours b4 :) enyway awsome job and dang! so busy huh? ive been busy all this week with projects lol! enyway u go to collage? cuz i go to h.s. and yeah...dude! i need help...my freakin motors keep dying every time i buy a new one...what should i do? and can you give me some places so i can buy some CHEAP robot parts. by the way SO MEAN PUTIN AUREVOIR LOL! after u explained what ciao means! lol!!!! cleaver my friend very cleaver :) -DS
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago

I am studying at the University of Sherbrooke in Electronic engineering.

What are your motors? Do you power your 1,5V motors with 9V battery??


Bonne soiree!

got any stores that might be in california?
you rock! and i havent bought enymore yet i kinda gave up on the robot because i had no money :( ... i have money now but i gotta save it for christmas presants for family and stuff and yeah... thanks for the sites :)
Hey jerome dude i found this guy on instructables that kinda "borrowed" some stuff from your beetlebot but he made it holloweenish by putting a pumpkin up on top looks real cool check it out [http://www.instructables.com/id/Beware-of-the-horrible-pumpkin-bots-..../ here]here
one more thing sorry for all the replys but i cant get the wiring down of the SPDT switches help :P
IMM NOT A PRO WRESTLER ITS FOR HIGH SCHOOL!! p.s. thanks for replying :)
girrrrrrr27 years ago
when ever i solder in teh connection... it allways seems to make it so only the side with the wire on it gets power... what do i do???
Dinomind7 years ago
thats amazing Robot ,gr8 Idea,i made it last night ,but i added light & on\off switch @ the "third connection" the step no. 6,by the way thnx 4 the idea & steps & the Videos :D
robomaniac (author)  Dinomind7 years ago
Thank you for building it! I am happy you like it!
da.prob7 years ago
yo robomaniac you should make a kit for the beetle bug in the first video.. I am very interested in that BEAM robot. =]
robomaniac (author)  da.prob7 years ago
YES I know! I made that prototype to know if that would be cool to make. It is cool :P I have a source for motors and miss the my change of getting them REAL CHEAP! I am waiting for that opportunity again. I have other simpler design to make this kit reall cheap. One day I will make it! I have other ideas too!
pitbikeman7 years ago
Purely genius. Thanks a bunch
robomaniac (author)  pitbikeman7 years ago
Thank you very much!
Bongmaster7 years ago
fun :d i had a kit like this from Maplin it worked on light sensors instead of obstacle collision, but is pretty much the same thing :)
fraseyboy7 years ago
Hey that looks cool. I wish I could do that, but I would probably fail :) "I has 16 years old" l0l, someone should make a lolcat about that ;)
hey man its simpler than you think just hook up the motors and battery and add a switch if you want ;0D
Darkshot7 years ago
uhh...i think i shorted out my motors or i shorted out my battery pack -.- i used all the stuff yo0u told me to! why did it do that?!?!? omgosh............................................ok fine i just gotta buy some more battery packs plus motors........................ugh...................
acidpaul7 years ago
do u have a complete documentation on this project? =)
wut u mean? complete documentation? i can put up pictures if thats what you mean...
A documentation that consists of an introduction, principle of operation and a circuit description...tnx a lot!
well...there SPDT switches they have 3 wires on them....and ive wired up the motors the "third connection" a led a switch and the battery pack alltogether in one bundle and whenever i put the SPDT switches on it dosent work but when i take them off.........viola! it works so how can i hook up the SPDT switches so it works?
Darkshot7 years ago
ok ive got the switch up and running :) everything works EXCEPT i still dont see how the bloody hell to wire the "antennas" or the SPDT switches i dont get how to wire them and ive looked at the picture its just hard to see can you put up a better picture or put a picture up of how i wire them? maybe draw how to wire them? by the way when ever i turn the switch off my batterys get REALLY hot can you help with all this? if so get back ASAP please
Darkshot7 years ago
ok i have a problem no matter what i do i cant get my robot to stop spinning in a circle if i add a glob of glue to the side that its spinning on it just spins in a BIGGER circle and i cant get the wiring down for the antenna's can you put a pic up in your reply about how i can do this and how to wire the antenna part spdt switch i think its called please thanks :) and im almost done just need those to parts THEN!!! you can tell me how to hook up a switch whahaha :) once im done i'll put up a picture
NCBob7 years ago
Great instructable! Lots of fun to build something that's so easy to make and can be so fascinating to watch run around your kitchen :) I am having one issue that I didn't see, and I've got a guess on what might be causing it, but want to see what your thoughts are on it. When one or the other switch is hit it reverses that motor, and it backs away fine. The problem is when it runs into a wall straight on. It just backs up with both motors, then moves forward again and basically bounces against the wall. I've tried moving the antenna around a bit, but that doesn't seem to have an effect on it. Any ideas?
robomaniac (author)  NCBob7 years ago
My robot do the same thing but they bump and rebump until they move away. Make one antenna longer then the other one. Or just bend it way more. So it will make it impossible for him to hit a wall straight on. I have a new version of this design that is more efficient. I have but the antenna in a " / \ " shape. The paper clip cross each other so if it hits a chair leg, it will be able to avoid it. It can happen but this rare. It all depend of the speed, antenna angle, battery voltage, etc. Thanks alot for building my robot! Jerome
Yeah, it's a great little project. I tried bending one antenna out much further than the other, but no matter how much I bend it, all that happens then is that it just bounces at a different angle. I also tried moving the antennas close/farther from the floor, and trying brand new batteries. Made no difference. I saw the video of your different antenna layout, I may give that a try and see what happens. It's still a great project, and I'm probably going to try some of the other ones on your site. The walkbots look really cool, and I've got a ton of extra servos that I can donate to the Robot Cause :)
Darkshot7 years ago
ok i dont get the wiring i tryed your wiring but when i wire it the way you want me to like in the picture my robot doesnt work but when i wire both the motors and the third connection without the anntennas it works perfect help?
Darkshot7 years ago
how you add switches now...ugh im askin to many questions i beleve :P sry if i am im just REALLY new to robots
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
I don't understand your question.
well...i saw in your pictures that on most of your bots you have switches on the back that turn them off/on how do i add those to my bot so it looks wicked cool? cuz sometimes i have to add mods to the motors to make them work and its kind of annoying to take out the motor, mod it then put it back in and screw it shut so plz help and get back ASAP plz
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
first does your robot works? Does it avoid obstacles in his path?
well no not really yet i havent exactly tested it ive just built it but can you please tell me how to put the on/off switch on there i already have a switch plz include pix if u can
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
When you robot will work I will tell you! Otherwise this will be harder to debug if your robot does not work. Since you are new to this, you better follow my instruction. Good luck Jerome
ok well im gonna go to radioshack maybe today do i need enything other than a switch two wires and solder plus a iron?
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
no only AA battery if you don't have them
k thanks :)
ok thanks but one question is it very complicated to put a switch on it?
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
this is very easy to add the switch! When your robot will work, I will tell two easy step and everything will work! GUARANTEED! ciao!
thanks :)
need a new motor so thats what im waitin on :P
plz add pic also
Darkshot7 years ago
hey jerome umm...ive been wonderin how the heck do you put a "third connection" as you put it onto a umm...enclosed "aa" battery holder???? plus im getin new motors and spdt switches today cuz i melted both of um...sigh...
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago

Check step 6, you solder a wire to the metal tab on the AA battery holder

black wire (-)------(+)----**---(-)-------(+) red wire
the third connection is the (**)

look a all the pictures in step 6, compare to your battery holder and you will understand.

Good luck!


no you dont get my problem there is NO outside thing its all inclosed in thats my problem :/ so help plz or do i even need this step?
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
get by the INSIDE then! When you insert the battery into the battery holder, you can solder the wire there! if this is too complex, buy a other battery holder. Go to radioshack or look in the yello page for electronics store. You need this step, this is the most important part of the robot! without the third connection, it won't work!! good luck JErome
alrighty :) my dad bought a spare battery holder enyway all i need now is another freakin motor! DANG THOSE MELT SO EAZY gosh...ive gone thru like 4 motors just tryin to get one to work!! enyway another thing though ive tryed it with 2 motors and it still spins no matter what way i turn one motor it still just spins in a big circle help
rus917 years ago
hi are the motors supposed to stop when the switches are pressed
robomaniac (author)  rus917 years ago
The opposite motor is suppose to reverse. Check your third connection! (step 6) thanks Jerome
Darkshot7 years ago
ok ive put the glue on..ive adjusted the paperclip roller thingy...ive done pritty much everything but move the motors how do i get it to stop spinning in a circle???? please tell me please!! thanks plus do i even WANT It in a circle?
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
take a look a your spinning robot. one motor is spinning backward, so swap this motor connection. voila!!
thanks but one motor died on me :( so i need to buy another sigh.....
andy608 years ago
hey, i wonder if you can help, i am having a lot of trouble getting the antenna's to stay in place, i have epoxied them and even tried soldering but when they hit an obstacle they just fall of?? plz help lol
this is a way to do the antennas if u do not have butons like that in the tutorial, with a small metal thingy ...if u have ythem try useing soldering flux or paste ....(excuse the pictures ...home made IR webcam :P )
ok thanks man mine fell off :P kinda sux till now! thanks alot it will help ALOT :)
robomaniac (author)  Ainshtain8 years ago
WOW!!! That is truelly ingenius!! Thank you for sharing! Jerome
Thx the ones with the metal bracket wore to big to put in and the button was to hard to push. The small one is the one I used in the robot, the middle on is the one in the tutorial …and the big one is the one that I found to have the metal bracket, this one dose not have one because is one I had laying around the house a brand new one was kind of expensive and I had no use for it if I had bough it. And you know “necessity is the mother of all inventions” ;)
robomaniac (author)  andy608 years ago
Hello, You need silver solder to solder them! Not ordinary solder. Take some sandpaper and sand the metal tabs to clean it. Take a sharp knife and scratch the surface so the glue can have a good grip! You robot might be to fast!!! Try changing the angle of the motor! This might help! Good luck! Jerome
ok thanks a lot jerome :D
Ainshtain8 years ago
my "mouse bug" ...it uses 2 9V batt. 5 V motors and it is made out of am old mouse ...i whanted to ad some leds for movement ...but.... neah...it moves realy fast and it is very powerful... this picture was taken when i was in the middle od the asembly ...i wil make a video as soon as i get new batteries ...and post it ...
beatiful design :D i tryed makin it but it was to complicated with a mouse i'll try again :) plus HOW DID YOU GET THOSE WISKERS (PAPERCLIPS) SO STRAIGHT? AND AWSOME LOOKIN??? please tell get back ASAP
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot7 years ago

it took me 3 years of studying the art of blacksmith to get to this level!

you are 1094 days away to achieve the skill.

Don't give up!
you 3 years ....me 30 min :D it is not that hard all you have to do is bend them a little at the time, if u have like a "S" in your wire and you try to strait it out all in one you'll never succeed, but if you try to bent the first curve of the "S" and then the second .....success
Mr.Bean7 years ago
my motors move when switches are pressed but it doesn't move unless you press the switches...any help???
sometimes mine does that if i only have one battery in it... post a vid. of ur problem and im pretty sure i know how to fix it
here it is
well i cant really tel but are ou sure you put on the third wire conection? if not that than make sure all the wires are in the right place... mabey re soder? i dont know tell me the results, and from there i willl probably know what the problem is...
sgt harper8 years ago
I love to watch this bot travel around my box. i even added an led light to make it look better. anyways keep up the good work!
plus add a pic or vid please
Darkshot8 years ago
heyi gave up on the other stupid "mousebot" cuz it woulda cost me 70 bucks to totally trick that sucker out but yours i took a look at it again and see its VERY simple :] i really wanna build this so 3 questions: 1) how fast will it goe with 1.5 motors 2) can you do this with a 9v batttery to make it faster? if so e-mail me the plans on it please and 3) can this run on mini fan motors? GET BACK ASAP please!
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot8 years ago
you are funny man! 1) it can go aound 12mph 2) you can build it with 9V battery ( don't use 9V on 1,5V motors! ) 3) mini fan motor will not work You never build a robot and you already want to modify it! Start building this robot the normal way. Then you can modify it like you want it! Start one project at the time! Go at solarbotics.com and buy the Herbie the Mousebot. It is a great kit that goes fast! ps- it does not got 12mph! you could go around 1 feet a second Jerome
ok dude my dad's helpin me out with this now...he got kinda pissed cuz i was obsessin about the whole "bot" :] so hes all "lets work on this together then..since your so damn obssessive about it" so im like ok.... hehehehe i dont care enyway :p me n him dont do much stuff together enyway. well thanks for the project for me n da dad i hope it turns out cool plus by the way could you hook up a LED to the battery so everytime you turn it on the LED turns on? plz tell me cuz i just bought a led at the dollar tree and it works fine :p thanks
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot8 years ago
you could light up a LED if you want.

The flat spot on the LED is the Cathode


tie the cathode to the minus (-) and the anode to the SPDT switch, the commun pin. It is wirtten C on the switch. Or connect it to the motor connection, try one or the other one.

Good luck!

you didnt really answer my question HOW would i do it? please put detailed insturctions in there please!!
P.S. : im like half way through this project and i was wonderin what u used to glue the motors and SPDT switches on im tryin gel superglue but it kinda sucks to use plus the motors are hecka akward to glue on so i need to know what u used please tell me and please include some stuff i could use thanks :)
Mr.Bean8 years ago
couldn't you do it with just one battery???
robomaniac (author)  Mr.Bean8 years ago
no, it will only go foward and not reverse the opposite motor when it hits a obstacle. You need two battery. One for foward, the other one for reverse. Thanks Jerome
ok thanks
jrgcool358 years ago
Woot! Special software = Paint profram on windows uber rofl xD
Darkshot8 years ago
hey how long did this take you?
robomaniac (author)  Darkshot8 years ago
I made a new design and it took me less then 30 minutes
hey all love the tutorial awesome idea but... i made one and it keeps spinning in a circle... i double and triple checked and all my wires were connected right... how do i fix this? my left motor spins backwards and the right one goes forwards..=(
robomaniac (author)  homebowyerboy8 years ago
Easy fix!! Swap the wire of the left motor ( the one that spin backward ) You have two (2) wire on your motor. One on the (+) of the motor and the other wire to the (-) of the motor. Take the (+) and solder it to the (-) and the (-) to the (+). Swaping. Voila! Jerome
okay well i tried swapping the two wires and nothing happened so then i moved over the third connection wire as well and then the left motor worked but now the right one does nothing at all...
okay well i fiddled with the wires and somehow got it to work so thanks anyway.
just go to your local radioshack ask for 1.5-3 volt motors, a double battery holder, and 275-016 A single toggle double throw SPDT switches. remember the number cause they've got about 50 different kinds of SPDT switches.
sorry if this has already been asked, but do you know of any other uses of the switches so I can recycle some instead of ordering.
jongscx8 years ago
You could pretty easily make this an aquatic bug, neh? just put paddles on the and whatnot... I'm just imagining a whole bunch of these with leds on them skimming around in our swimming pool at night
thrudd jongscx8 years ago
Water and electricity dont mix too well. _-

Build the whole thing in a water tight container of some sort salvaged from the kitchen. Put a really strong magnet on the end of each motor shaft to act as a clutch through the container wall. Use another magnet on the outside as a paddle.
Im not sure how to handle the feelers and still keep everything waterproof.
Anyone have any ideas on that?
robomaniac (author)  thrudd8 years ago
In my world, electricity and water do mix! That is why I am so CRaZY! LOLL Here are pictures of what I did with a solar power boat. The motor shaft is attach to a WD-40 red stray and to the dollarama propeller throught heat shrink. Your magnet idea does not work, I just tested it out. I took a magnet and could not make the other magnet turn. To keep the feelers waterproof you could put them in a sort of condom! The entire feeler inside and glue the condom base to the body container. Or use sort of gloves, the finger part...
Coolio One look at your roboboat and I rememberd that I had a couple of those power pods used for toy boats kicking around in my toybox (somewhere, there a lot olf old toys and LEGO in there LOL ) You are right that the magnetic clutch idea doesnt work too well unless you have just the right magnets. I got the idea from the magnetic stir plates I sometimes get to play with in the lab. Sometimes things just don't scale well. Guess we will just have to settle for decent shaft seals. Oooo ... thats a neat idea for the feelers. I just had a random thought. Magnetic relays ... I'll check if there are such things as STDT ones out there, maybe even DPDT, I know I have a handful of SPNC or SPNO ones in my parts bin .... *goes out and searches the parts catalogues*
brainiac thrudd8 years ago
p.s. stuf blows up if u add fire

brainiac thrudd8 years ago
eletricty goes with any liquid in my book and nothing shortsirckets eather
jongscx thrudd8 years ago
Well, that's the fun thing about really simple circuits like this. I mean a flashlight will work even if it's wet inside. the beauty of the bugbot is it's about as simple as you can get... no actual "electronics" in the sense of logic gates or whatnot. you have electrical components, yes... but they're basically just really fancy switches (or really simple switches) Methinks it doesn't have to be watertight... just reasonably dry.
robomaniac (author)  jongscx8 years ago
Hello jongscx, This seem very interesting! I just wonder if the robot will not bounce off the obstacle without sensor... This depend of the shape of the robot. Humm.... You guys give me too much ideas!! Thanks Jerome
well, feelers would work just as well, no? hit something, reverse the paddle... I was thinking in a margarine tub, or perhaps something elongated to make it stable front-to-back... Dunno... i might make one when I have time...