How to Build a Robot - The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited )

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This is the beetle robot instructables revisited a la MythBusters style!
I originally made a instructables about my beetle robot version 1.

It is now time to show you a new version of this wonderful robot. This new version is much easier to build and fool proof!

The beetle robot (Beetle bot), is a very simple and efficient robot that use no electronics component to avoid obstacle in his path. It use two SPDT switch to avoid obstacles by reversing the opposite motor to pivote and free himself. There is no silicon chip, that is, no integrated circuit, no transistor, no resistor, capacitor, etc.
This mean very cheap to build!

The major modification is the cross antenna. When you have cross antenna, obstacles like a chair leg won't be any danger to the robot. The robot will be able to avoid it. On the original design, the antennas where in a V shape and the chair leg would go right in the middle of the V and the robot would had a hard time to get free.

By having the cross antenna, it also help with the assembly of the robot. The switch are closer together which help in the soldering of the wires.

Here is a little resume turn into a video. Check it out!

This article was created because I got contacted by a Make editor. I then took pictures and redid the beetle for an article that I wrote in the MAKE magazine Volume 12.

After a few month I saw this: Top articles in MAKE 1 - 12.

It turns out, that my article was one of the most read of there digital magazine!
Here is the digital version of my article.

I took 134 pictures, that is 235Mb of files! I had a really hard time to choose the perfect pictures to make this instructable!

In 2010 I made a internship at and made this solderless kit
Look at blue and the green beetle bot in the pictures! They look awesome!
The only thing you need is a screwdriver that we give in the kit!

Thank you!

Jerome Demers

Paso 1: The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) - The component list

This is what you will need to build this robot.

Items for the robot:
2 x 1,5V motors
2 x SPDT ( single pole double throw ) switches with a metal lever
2 x AA or AAA battery
2 x Terminal connector ( see picture )
1 x AA or AAA battery holder
1 x Plastic or wooden pearl ( Spherical bead )
1 x 1 inch x 3 inch piece of metal or aluminum
1 x Toggle switch for the on/off switchs

Paper clips big and small
2 feets of wires around 22/24 Gauge size
Heat shrink that will fit over the motor shaft and some that will fit over the terminal connector
Electric tape and masking tape

Items for the body shell :
Round plastic lid to make the shell of the robot
Some spray can paint, the colour you want.
Clear varnish
Autobody filler putty or epoxy glue
2 x Small magnets to attach shell to body.

You need some 1,5Volts motor, not 3V or no event 12V!!
Each motors are powered by a single AA battery. You will drain your battery if you use a bigger motor. You can find them in toys or even at your local dollarrama, in little car, fans, etc! ( beware, they might really suck you battery down )

the recommended tools for this project:
1 x safety glasses!!
1 x soldering iron
1 x glue gun
1 x wire strippers
1 x side cutter
1 x scissors, knife, x-acto, etc

I recommend you to take the time to read this entire instructable before starting. In every page I have added a lot of pictures, so don't forget to look.

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LouisC3 dice: Ago 24, 2014. 9:30 PM

can i use super glue?

tonexers dice: Ago 24, 2014. 9:01 PM

its ok one spdt switch can function it or no... pls

reply.....ned help..

myromr dice: Ene 5, 2014. 2:29 AM
Can I use a 4 x AA Battery Holder on this? and How can I connect it in the circuit?
Michelle101 dice: Nov 22, 2013. 7:24 AM
SO cute!! <3
andyloveseasyrobots dice: Nov 19, 2013. 8:35 AM
I am a 14 yrs old child and i just loved this robot i even am making it now so thank you sir whi made this beautiful robot.
ardiemoncreed dice: Sep 22, 2013. 7:33 PM
I have built the robot but it doesn't move.. is it possible for the circuit to use 9v battery source? what do you think mr. monkeynuts? i want to use 9v battery source can you do a circuit of the beetle bot using 9v? please?
monkeynuts dice: Jul 21, 2013. 12:52 PM
great robot!!! i just made one and it works great!!! thanks!!!
erdan dice: Jun 28, 2013. 8:15 PM
Hey guys! I was wondering if you could help me out. I tried building one of these but whenever the switch is pushed the corresponding motor stops instead of reversing. Any clue on what could be wrong? please help me.......
monkeynuts dice: Jul 23, 2013. 9:15 AM
Hi, erdan check out my instructable:

that should help you out! :)
erdan dice: Jun 28, 2013. 7:47 PM
can i use the SPDT switch of the mouse or even the Microswitch? please Reply dude....thanks..
diymaker%3D%29 dice: Abr 11, 2013. 4:22 PM
Can someone plz help me, i built the beeetlebot exactly as it was instructed, but one motor runs faster then the other. They are the exact same motors and they even came together. PLZ help, someone! Thanks
monkeynuts dice: Jul 23, 2013. 9:16 AM
Check out my instructable:
cmwils dice: Abr 11, 2013. 3:59 PM
I have built the robot but it doesnt move very fast. Not like in the video. It doesn't hit the switches hard enough to activate them. But they work because if I hit them with my finger it changes direction. The motors I am using are allelectronics DCM-409 which are 1.5-6v motors and I am using 2 AA batteries.
monkeynuts dice: Jul 23, 2013. 9:16 AM
Check out my instructable:
mfernando3 dice: Dic 4, 2013. 2:53 AM
Dude, sorry for the late reply, but check on your switch. Is it flexible enough? Maybe it's a little too rough and hard?
raj.ghanekar dice: Mar 31, 2013. 3:44 AM
nice i was making the beetal bot v2
diymaker%3D%29 dice: Mar 29, 2013. 8:18 PM
Hi Jerome! The beetlebot is a great robot! I made it the other day and it works very well! I made the beetlebot without any solder at all and it still works. I don't have any heat shrink, so I was wondering if there are any other things I could use as the wheels?
OneForTan dice: Feb 4, 2013. 8:20 PM
I forgot to post this in my previous comment. sorry! :)
OneForTan dice: Feb 4, 2013. 8:18 PM
Man, this one was more than awesome & a sign of excellency. Actually, you answered a question of 'wheels' (that how you add wheels?) You said you need a gearbox.
But actually man, I have nice wheels which fit in my motor shafts perfectly. What if I glued motors PARALLEL to ground facing away from each other & perpendicular to battery holder? I will add two wheels stuck on two ends of a small rod (axle) on other end so motor duo will perfectly work like a front engine & rear loading will be wiped. In my image below, you will find a parallel view as you have shown in step 7.
Thanks & Regards,

P.S. Lines in black is your original design. Lines in green are my modification.
Waiting for your response eagerly.
robot_cool dice: Ene 22, 2013. 9:21 PM
hard dude
botstarter dice: Ene 7, 2013. 3:45 AM
mine can run on one battery!

it also shocked me
botstarter dice: Ene 3, 2013. 4:37 AM
what happens if I accidentally solder the 2 pairs together?
miteshchellapa dice: Ene 2, 2013. 3:53 AM
and i have used NO switch !!!
miteshchellapa dice: Ene 2, 2013. 3:50 AM
i hav done everything as u have instructed but d problem is that when i connect d batteries the motor doesn't gets started and all the wires r connected properly can u give a solution for this ?
MegaThunderbird101 dice: Dic 30, 2012. 9:30 PM
Hey guys! I was wondering if you could help me out. I tried building one of these but whenever the switch is pushed the corresponding motor stops instead of reversing. Any clue on what could be wrong?
jwoo2023 dice: Dic 30, 2012. 7:41 PM
I cant get 1.5v motors at my place, the lowest voltage is 3v any ideas on what i can do?
jainankit dice: Dic 28, 2012. 12:53 AM
is it ok if i use 3v motors and 9v battery fir each
Cricketpunk dice: Dic 2, 2012. 6:21 AM
Hey where do i get those they come back to normal position once no pressure is applied on them .i have one but they have to be manually put back to normal position. I live in chennai , india please help!
jainankit dice: Dic 28, 2012. 12:57 AM
its very easy to get 'em only you have to find professional dealers in that, i live in rajkot gujarat
Constructo dice: Nov 20, 2012. 6:07 AM
Nice project. I used a scrap mouse for the casing, but the battery holder occupied too much space, so i used an AAA battery holder instead.
nassinger dice: Oct 26, 2012. 4:35 PM
Erm, i menaged to do most of it but then i had the brilliant idea to weld the antennas, and the heat melted the switches ¬¬
harryBOT2218 dice: Ago 22, 2012. 11:37 AM
word of the wise you lose like 2x the speed if the beetle bot is not propped up with a paper clip
memoscan dice: Ago 14, 2012. 9:14 AM
i have a question for robomaniac hey the metal part of terminal connector must be metal or what kind of another material can we use ? Can't we directly make the antenna and the metal part of switch come together ?
robomaniac dice: Ago 14, 2012. 11:30 AM
You can glue the antenna directly to the switch.

Yes you can make the antenna and the metal part in one piece.

You simply need to find a way to attach a big long lever (antenna) to the switch.
That's it.
Legend121 dice: Jul 20, 2012. 8:08 AM
I used a pen refill!!

Thanks a lot tomorrow is science fair.....i would have loved to have got a few answers to my question but its OK


Harsha aka Legend121
Legend121 dice: Jul 20, 2012. 2:08 AM
I am unable to find heat shrink tubing what can i use instead for grip

P.S- i live in india
Legend121 dice: Jul 14, 2012. 4:59 AM
any alternative to hot glue?
jainankit dice: Dic 28, 2012. 12:58 AM
dont make the project
srinagrao dice: Jul 6, 2012. 11:49 PM
can anybody send me a link from where i can gt those switchs...
i live in india
Legend121 dice: Jul 10, 2012. 8:50 AM
where in india do you live?
Legend121 dice: Jun 27, 2012. 10:50 PM
Thanks OT4,!!

one more question how can we add a phototransistor so it can react to light??
hsarode1 dice: May 26, 2012. 8:36 AM
hey i made one bot and it is awesome works very good but it is kind of ugly with wires popping out as i dont have a soldering equipment. it is great instructable
Legend121 dice: Abr 30, 2012. 4:59 AM
hello !
1st Question How do we fit in a mic in it to record sound

2nd Question Do we require a glue gun??

3rd Question The covers how do we get them??
OT4 dice: Jun 2, 2012. 3 AM
To fit a mic you cant just put it in. You need a audrio board or something like that. Glue gun can be purchased anywhere. Walmart or any craft store etc. The covers are just lids from containers. Hope this helps.
jblover dice: Abr 20, 2012. 12:40 PM
wat does it do cause it really looks dum tehhee
kaykay28 dice: Mar 19, 2012. 6:21 AM
i cant find the 1,5v motors were do u getit ???

ndogata dice: Mar 11, 2012. 1:05 PM
Excellente!! Vous etes ingenieux, Monsieur Demers!
Je suis un professeur d'ecole elementaire en Vancouver, et j'enseigne un "workshop de l'electronique" pour les enfants.
Je vais essayer votre design! Merci beaucoup!!
robomaniac dice: Mar 11, 2012. 3:31 PM
Merci, je vous souhaite bonne chance! Si vous avez le temps, spv envoyer moi des photos des robots que les jeunes on fabriquer. on des pièces et un kits de la coccinelle que j'ai developpé pour eux quand j'ai fais mes 2 stages à Calgary.
Ugifer dice: Feb 23, 2012. 8:12 AM
Just thought I would say "thank you" for a great instructable.

Last week I ran a project for a half-dozen six year old girls based on this little bug-bot. They bent and glued and soldered (with careful supervision) and by the end of the day all six had little bugs skittering around our kitchen floor. We used shallow expanded-polystyrene bowl (6 oz I think they were) as the shells 'cos they were easy to cut and can be painted with ordinary room emulsion paint.

The girls had a great time and the parents were amazed at what they had created so many thanks for this idea.

andrew6 dice: Feb 11, 2012. 1:04 AM
Hi robomainac,
I have a problem. My old R/C car has one motor from your first beetlebot and one from beetlebot v2.
Do they have the same power, resistence and intensity?
Will be good to put them together?
Thanks in advance.
Robot+Lover dice: Feb 22, 2012. 10:41 AM
It's probably not a good idea to mix motors if you don't know if they are the same speed etc. What will happen is that the robot will just spin in circles because one of the motors will be faster than the other. I would suggest going to radioshack (not the best) and buy 2 of the same motors. If you can't spend any money, get a multi-meter and check the resistance and RPM of the motor. If they both match up, you are good to continue with your project.
mso797 dice: Feb 5, 2012. 11:54 AM
instead of connecting the motor to the third pin on the switch with paperclips could use a photo resistor so that the robot is light sensing
mso797 dice: Feb 5, 2012. 11:53 AM
instead of connecting the motor with paper clips could you use a photo resistor so that the robot is light seeking
vadipp dice: Feb 3, 2012. 10:39 AM
Hey, robomaniac, this project is awesome! Thank you very much for sharing this i'ble!
powercow244 dice: Dic 12, 2011. 12:28 PM
i put both of the batterys in and the motors don't spin at all. however, when I press the spdts the cooresponding motor spins. HELP PLEASE!!!!
MegaThunderbird101 dice: Dic 30, 2012. 9:31 PM
Try reversing your battery connections. This should work
SteeleWorks dice: Nov 5, 2011. 9:24 AM
ive got the same switch as niconoro and im wondering if for the switches you used did you solder the connection that always has electricity flowing through it
rbkil90 dice: Ago 23, 2011. 10:50 PM
hi this project is awesome but can u tech me how to make it to another form but still the same concept and principles.
bdoggy45 dice: Ago 17, 2011. 8:43 AM
would a on off switch with 6 pins work cus thats all i see at radio shack
CaseBoy dice: Ago 15, 2011. 8:15 PM
ok so I followed kipkays tut and I wired it all up and I put the batteries and nothing happens. The Motors only move move when I push the switch. What to I do please respond
ktech95 dice: Ago 1, 2011. 5:32 AM
also.. when both the sptd switchs are pressed both motors turn off....
ktech95 dice: Ago 1, 2011. 5:29 AM
plz help when i connect the wire to the back of the holder only one motor turns on and that too it stops after a few seconds...
hsarode1 dice: May 26, 2012. 8:37 AM
check ur battery health dude
nzdvijkov dice: Jul 15, 2011. 4:27 PM
GR8 robot the instrukshuns were so easy 2 follow... thnX
amathew2 dice: Jul 9, 2011. 6:39 AM
can i use a smaller motor?
adit0078 dice: Jun 17, 2011. 1:45 PM
lol ya its necssry
lukeD dice: Jun 10, 2011. 7:02 AM
I made this robot and I bought all the stuff for it, included a 1.5 volts motor, but that is not strong enough ( by mine robot) Is it possible to make it work with more power? without spending more money?

here some pics:

Ugifer dice: Feb 23, 2012. 8:15 AM
Having made these with little 6-year-olds, I think the issue is the wheels - they are amazingly fast running pretty much just on the motor shafts (we used 2mm to 4mm shaft adaptors for "tyres"). I can imagine that the motor just doesn't have the torque to turn those big 10mm+ wheels.

Try just popping off the wheels and see how it goes.
lordpiplup dice: Jun 6, 2011. 3:05 PM
Also, when I press the spdt switches the motors stop pls help, thanksl
lordpiplup dice: Jun 6, 2011. 2:12 PM
For some reason.... my motors dont have a posivitive or a negative, and when i built it, it did not reverse any help for that?
slugy dice: May 28, 2011. 5:32 AM
thx i luv my robot
slugy dice: May 26, 2011. 6:29 AM
plz tell me where 2 get the terminal connectors!!
i cant find them anywhere!!
SteeleWorks dice: Nov 2, 2011. 11:20 AM
you can get around 20 of them off Ebay for 99p
slugy dice: May 26, 2011. 6:20 AM
plz tell me where you got your terminal connectors
slugy dice: May 26, 2011. 6:17 AM
please tell me where you get your terminal connectors
Robofan1 dice: May 23, 2011. 8:25 AM
what is the name of the gel you got your cap from plz tell me
Chowmix12 dice: May 3, 2011. 7:01 PM
Can you tilt the angle of one motor so that the motors are balanced and the robot goes straight?
hsarode dice: Abr 23, 2011. 12:36 AM
Hi i am making the bettle bot but i don't know where i can get the SPDT switches please tell me where can i get SPDT switches
deobomb dice: Jul 25, 2011. 11:56 AM
munya-w dice: Abr 13, 2011. 12:28 PM
instead of a toggle switch could you use a push switch???
pudgytaco dice: Abr 10, 2011. 11:36 AM
i did a couple of layers of heat shrink
gchadha dice: Abr 6, 2011. 8:07 AM
mr dermers
my both motors stop working when i press even 1 of the spdt switches.

and the rotors have a very slow speed
JoshuaZimmerman dice: Abr 8, 2011. 6:21 AM
It's probably because your motors are rated at too high a voltage.  At three volts they're working, but slow.  When the switch is pressed the voltage halfs and your motor stops completely.  You need to find motors that are "efficient" or around 1.5-2 volts.  3V works alright, just not super crazy speedy.

I have some 3V motors that work rather well that I sell with my cheap version of this kit.  They would work for you.
rahmad3 dice: Abr 3, 2011. 6:26 AM
i really need to know this....i tend to forget many principles or laws in physics, and i would like to ask you if there are any principles used for the many and what are they??
i would really appreciate this because i need this for my science fair( dont worry, im not going to take credit for "creating a unique robot")
drake33 dice: Mar 31, 2011. 8:05 AM
drake33 dice: Mar 30, 2011. 3 PM
why does the is it possible to use 4 motors
drake33 dice: Mar 30, 2011. 2:57 PM
you should eat harr

drake33 dice: Feb 17, 2011. 8:13 PM
Hi ya wazzup yall
drake33 dice: Feb 17, 2011. 8:01 PM
solder you have to okay! comming from ismail babour
drake33 dice: Feb 17, 2011. 4:29 PM
MY bad like im sorry my real psn is snakeyes98
drake33 dice: Feb 17, 2011. 4:24 PM
Who likes blackops anyone add me snake98
drake33 dice: Feb 17, 2011. 4:24 PM
I know right
drake33 dice: Feb 17, 2011. 4:23 PM
Yo this works chiyah
yogesh+yoge dice: Feb 8, 2011. 3:20 AM
This is which terminal connectors?

please tell me
corn+holio dice: Ene 28, 2011. 5:52 PM
awesome bot i already built 3.
kabshab77 dice: Ene 24, 2011. 6:11 PM
Can i use a battery holder that holds 4 batteries that has a switch in it?
JoshuaZimmerman dice: Ene 24, 2011. 7:19 AM
Thanks for the great write up! I made two of them over the winter break, using plastic bulbs are shells!

I'm going to try using this idea with some of my more advanced elementary school students (6th grade) who know how to solder. I even put together some kits for it.

If anyone else would like a kit for this project send me an email or visit my webpage at It's a great activity.
jasonlsch1 dice: Ene 21, 2011. 2:06 PM
ok, thank you for answering my last question :) just one more thing, where do you get your battery cases? if its a local store, do you know any good websites?
jasonlsch1 dice: Ene 20, 2011. 6:25 PM
thank you for answeriny my last question :) i onlt have 1 more, where do you buy your battery packs? If its just a local store near you, is there any good websites you know? Thank you!
will0w222 dice: Ene 24, 2011. 6:57 AM
go to radio shack or get em off of ebay but radio shack (if you have one near you) is a great place to buy these things, all of them are there.
jasonlsch1 dice: Ene 18, 2011. 6:23 PM
ok, sorry its BOTH the wire and the batteray case, also if you tilt the bot to one side it'll start one motor up sorry for all the comments, kinda desperate
robomaniac dice: Ene 18, 2011. 8:02 PM
if you press and something moves, that mean thre is a bad connection is the battery case? Right? Strip the wire and soldered back. Cheap battery pack have the wires crips to the tabs of the battery holder. Also they have cheap wire.

there is a bad connection, find it and fix it.
jasonlsch1 dice: Ene 18, 2011. 6:04 PM
oh never mind that other comment, its the WIRE thats making it go, if i squeeze the wire, it'll turn on but if i dont it'll stop
jasonlsch1 dice: Ene 18, 2011. 6 PM
when i press down on the front of the battery case, it will turn on, but if i dont, the motors will just stop spinning, help?
The+Y dice: Ene 17, 2011. 11:55 AM
Could you also make it like a car (with 4 motorised wheels) so that the antenna is the cars bumper?
niconoro dice: Dic 30, 2010. 8:25 AM
mmm i have a problem! my suplier store doesnt has 1.5 motors. but i have two 5.9V motors.
any solutions??
niconoro dice: Dic 30, 2010. 8:09 AM
hey i couldnt find that kind of swich but i found this one.
hsarode dice: Abr 26, 2011. 5:23 AM
You could find the Switch. Just go to any near tv vcr and dvd repairing shop and ask them for SPDT Switch with a metal lever they will lend you 2 for 1$.
Waren-Neutron dice: May 2, 2011. 3:30 AM
that, is a new kind of SPDT switch
the two pins is on the right while the other is on the top
Chowmix12 dice: May 3, 2011. 6:54 PM
That will work just snip the roller off the end.
romanz+brother dice: Dic 29, 2010. 7:27 AM
what lid did you use for this robot?....I can't find an appropriate lid....
caoshi dice: Dic 17, 2010. 10:03 PM
ohh,i will try it .thanks alot
masynmachien dice: Dic 10, 2010. 11:13 AM

Your work is truly inspirational!
For workshop with children aged 6 to 12, I made an aquatic version with the same electrical circuit. We used an isolation foam body and propellers on the motors underneath (see picture).
robomaniac dice: Dic 10, 2010. 5:28 PM
Hey! That is very neat!
I was also thinking of making one for water but never actually made one one! Kudos to you for making it. That is the first one I saw that goes in the water!

Are you using special motors with proper waterproof casing like the tamiya or completely home made?

Thanks for sharing!
masynmachien dice: Dic 11, 2010. 4:50 AM

I use simple and cheap toy motors without any waterproofing. The simplest ones survive quite a lot of submersions. Another example is this:
jmhn dice: Nov 3, 2010. 3:39 PM
Thanks for the awesome instructable! You inspired me to make more robots. This was my first.
sparkspooky dice: Oct 29, 2010. 10:04 AM
day-veed dice: Oct 25, 2010. 4:32 AM
Awesome robot! It's really simple yet very interesting! (not to mention cheap!)
I'm so gonna build it.
hohohe dice: Oct 24, 2010. 8:24 PM
Ref power switch @ 3rd connection (step 16). This does stop motors, but even in off (open) popsition, the lever switches still activate motors. Do I have something miswired.??
lewis1234567890 dice: Oct 23, 2010. 4:38 PM
Dose the wire have to be thick because i hav a fin one from my xbox controller that work fine with my motors
msiddardha997 dice: Sep 30, 2010. 4:33 AM
HI, me again ignore my last comment i got the glue gun and whole soldering kit ^_^..!!
msiddardha997 dice: Sep 27, 2010. 11:28 AM
Hi, can i do anything else than gluing and soldering some parts like the SPDT switches 'cos i dont have a glue gun and soldering kit and my father doesn't like buying things online. And i am living in india , tamilnadu ,cuddalore. i dont't think i would get a glue gun and soldering kit here. i tried at the local shops but ... u know , if u have or anyone has any other idea than gluing and soldering please comment.
G.J.+Dyason dice: Sep 22, 2010. 1:28 PM
Dude i have not evin built my bot yet and i want 2 build another! I just want to know if the spdt switch is the same as a spdt microswitch? I'm from south africa and its not as easy to get the right parts, I have built the most useless machine EVER! and since then have been searching for another robotic project and now I found the best , thanks!!!
robomaniac dice: Sep 22, 2010. 7:09 PM
microswitch will work, they are the same but smaller.

Good luck!

G.J.+Dyason dice: Sep 23, 2010. 3:27 AM
thanks man, that makes is much easier...I hope
Carnavislol dice: Sep 20, 2010. 5:31 AM
will a battery holder that has a switch on it work?
jmhn dice: Sep 19, 2010. 1:15 PM
Is soldering necessary, or can you hot glue?
day-veed dice: Oct 27, 2010. 4:03 AM
You MUST solder! Hot glue is not conductive (i.e. electricity can't pass through it) so it won't work. If you meant hot gluing it when they are touching to keep them together, I still wouldn't recommend it.
raghavathej dice: Sep 16, 2010. 9:56 AM
hey...i like your robot or beetle bot very much...i have few suggestions to modify it...
firstly..i want it in bigger size..secondly it should have a cleaner such that each time it moves , it cleans the floor...thirdly it should have a big tail such that all the dust can be stored n easily remove....last but not the least ,the cleaner or cloth should be this way we can keep our house clean 24/7..
Waren-Neutron dice: Sep 5, 2010. 3:11 AM
clean job or your work.
Waren-Neutron dice: Sep 5, 2010. 3:10 AM
nice job robo maniac such a gonna be great job .
Guitarmanandy dice: Ago 11, 2010. 5:40 AM
your robot is great
robomaniac dice: Ago 11, 2010. 7:01 AM
haha Thanks!
nassinger dice: Jul 29, 2010. 5:55 AM
SPDT switches are those that are common in mouses? If yes, can i recycle them to make a robot with the old mouse?
robomaniac dice: Jul 30, 2010. 8:26 AM
in mouse they don't have any metal lever. You can make your own metal lever with a paper clip that go it the plastic noob to activated the SWT.
softballch1k99 dice: Oct 6, 2010. 2:42 PM
hey well if you look inside mouse there r two little boxes in the front of the mouse comp board they make a click-en noise when you press the down,those r mini ones
T_T_ dice: Jul 28, 2010. 1:07 PM
I just made mine the 9v batteries are there because 2 AAs couldn't do it
Waren-Neutron dice: Sep 5, 2010. 3:09 AM
awesome picture nice haa...
amt000 dice: Ago 26, 2011. 1:05 AM
good idea
hunter1125 dice: Jul 27, 2010. 3:32 PM
is it possible to do this with wheels on the motors?
TheNuclearWatermelon dice: Jul 23, 2010. 7:02 AM
One thing that i thought was a really awesome idea (that i got from the book Soler Energy Projects for the Evil Genius) was to find FUSE HOLDERS big enough for the motors to snap into and glue those down instead of the motors. Then, one the glue dries, snap the motors into place in the fuse holders. If either of the motors are accidentally connected wrong and spin backwards, you can just snap it back out and switch it around to go the right way.
day-veed dice: Oct 25, 2010. 4:18 AM
You don't necessarily need a bigger fuse holder. Use a smaller motor! (i.e. pager motor / vibrator)
r_carron dice: Jul 18, 2010. 11:29 PM
also what size are the terminal connectors because the place i am shopping at has these . which should i choose?
r_carron dice: Jul 18, 2010. 11:23 PM
hello i was wondering if this motor will work is the shape ok? please reply
Football+viking+boy dice: Jun 10, 2010. 11:44 AM
Go to this website to buy the switches It has many SPDT switches and shipping is around $3.
Chowmix12 dice: Jun 10, 2010. 7:06 AM
I was able to scavenge SPDT switches from an old mouse.. But you will have to use your imagination to create the levers for the switched..
art_ dice: Jun 3, 2010. 7:23 AM
Can only get one motor to turn on. They were tested, so they both work. Any ideas why?
robomaniac dice: Jun 3, 2010. 10:13 AM

The motor takes the power from the SPDT switch and the third connection.
The 3V power goes from the switch to the motor and then goes to ground via the third connection.

Be sure you can measure voltage on the SPDT switch. You have this pin call (C) common, you should have 3V on that specific pin, then you should also get that voltage directly on one of the motor pin. The other pin of that motor should be connected to the third connection that is also link to the other motor.

check that and good luck

emdarcher dice: May 26, 2010. 12:35 PM
I guess solarbotics has made a kit of this robot so you should get some profit from it for sure. did they tell you?
robomaniac dice: May 26, 2010. 2:25 PM
I did 2 internship at Solarbotics and I am the one who design the kit :)
I still work for them part time.

It is a complete solderless kit! Plug in play and using a screw driver that we give in the kit. So you can build that complete kit in less then a hour!


godofal dice: May 22, 2010. 4:20 AM
i found the switches pretty cheap, here
$0.95,- probably will want 2 order other stuff to reduce shipping, but its the cheapest i've seen so far.
nosboy dice: Abr 24, 2010. 5:19 AM
WOOOOOOOOOOOOt i made one and itt works and i used no solder tho its not very pretty  it works :) thanks robomaniac
godofal dice: Abr 19, 2010. 7:20 AM
man, i spent the last hour looking for those cherry switches :D
i now have placed a sample request, 5 of chose switches.
with any luck, il get them for free :P
if anyone else wants to try this (not sure if it works though!) just go here

fill in the forms, and at the first questiion (
Do you have a part number in mind?) tick yes, and fill in this number:
if its right, that'l get u the right switches.
just enter some random stuff at the  "company" "anual usage"
ask for 2 switches, maybe 3 if ur afraid ur going to break one (wich would be really lousy, since those switches cost about $1~$2 each, and at those prices (for 1 switch!) u would expect them not to break :D
guitar+gogo dice: Abr 3, 2010. 2:48 PM

what was the name of the gel you got your cap from

Underclass+Hero dice: Mar 14, 2010. 5:14 AM
this is perfect instructable nice job man
Mudbud dice: Mar 4, 2010. 8:45 AM
 THIS IS AWESOME!!! Im using this for my project faire!!!!!!!!   I will give you credit though.
adrien23 dice: Feb 6, 2010. 8:13 AM
 Does anyone have more pics of underneath the thing?  Or maybe a video of how things work under there?  I mean there are no wheels right?  But how is it moving soo fast?
eyerobot dice: Ene 27, 2010. 8:03 AM
I'm always drawn to mechanical ways of doing things, It's like finding someone has recreated the mechanical computer, You just can't help taking a look at it.

The dynamics of this robot are fairly complicated, Even though the building procedures are simple.
I have done something similar in the past with a larger robot, And came up with many additions for it, Without ever adding a computer to it.
But in the end, I gave in and mounted an xt on it.

I would like to see more instructibles like this one, The kids today need to see how things used to be done, In order to fully understand the science behind their little gadgets, And the history that made them possible.

You have my vote, Nice job.
wocket dice: Feb 23, 2010. 4:55 PM
I'm starting out with all of this. any reading suggestions?
andraiy dice: Ene 25, 2010. 8:57 PM
 Just a small suggestion to anyone making this, make sure you take notice of the NO, NC and the COM labels on the touch sensors. I have a different brand of sensors and didnt realise that they weren't in the same layout as robomaniac's
adrien23 dice: Ene 24, 2010. 4:38 PM
do you know if I can get all these parts at radio shack, and how much will it cost?
Also, how long do you think it will take someone who has never done anything like this before?

zarkometal dice: Ene 18, 2010. 8 AM

No encuentro ese Tipo de plastico =S

robomaniac dice: Ene 18, 2010. 8:23 AM
Usted puede encontrar que el plástico de la tienda de electrónica. También puede utilizar cola caliente en la punta del eje del motor.

You can find that plastic in electronic store. You could also use hot glue on the tip of the motor shaft.

zarkometal dice: Ene 18, 2010. 4:10 PM
Thanks Man..xD
Starwarsfanatic dice: Ene 9, 2010. 10:25 PM
Nice robot. email me when you make a beetlebot v3
rohan_prince dice: Ene 7, 2010. 8:26 PM
can i use the spdt switch in my old computer mouse
zarkometal dice: Ene 5, 2010. 9:33 AM
Anyone speak spanish here?
Ive some cuestions but my english is too bad
pinguino117 dice: Ene 17, 2010. 5:59 PM
yo hablo q pedo
evan_jeffries dice: Dic 30, 2009. 1:09 PM
 is a soldering GUN okay?
smith786 dice: Dic 29, 2009. 12:44 AM
what kind of these SPDT switches, and how to identifie them .
supercolio dice: Dic 22, 2009. 6:09 AM
Hi :) I just started this project, and when I had bought my motors, it turned out that they are 2v, not 1,5v. So does this matter, or do I have to buy new ones? Thanks and please, fast response!
nosboy dice: Dic 16, 2009. 7:48 PM
hi im 13 and im gona make one this weekend i just bourght 2 $2 toys and toook the motors outa them are they ok ?
robomaniac dice: Dic 17, 2009. 2:07 PM

those motor should do the job.

have fun

MrLouque dice: Dic 10, 2009. 4:41 PM
Could you fully illustrate the circut?
ThePlatapus dice: Dic 10, 2009. 3:13 PM
Oh my Goodness! Thank you so much for making this instructable! I Made this robot and i won first place at my school science fair thanks to this instructable! Everyone was sooo impressed! Thanks again for such a great robot and very clear instructions.
frycook10 dice: Nov 28, 2009. 12 AM
I have a problem. I just built my BeetleBot but when i put the batteries in it it went backwards, and I have the motors in the exact same positions it shows in the pictures. Please help me.
sid_bet dice: Nov 30, 2009. 9:33 PM
i think you have connected the wires to the dc motor wrongly . the direction of the rotation of the motor depends  on which side you connect +and-. so just reverse the polarity...

fundash dice: Nov 25, 2009. 1:13 AM
 oh no!

i installed a switch and had mine working fine, until for some reason, the motors wont reverse...the just stop

also, when the on/off switch is off and i press a motor switch, the motors don't do anything! :(

Please reply!!!
elmvet dice: Mar 23, 2010. 4:14 PM
My motors don't reverse when antennas contact surface.  wired as per v1 but added a switch.  your wiring diagram could be clearer.
r_carron dice: Nov 22, 2009. 12:12 PM
i dont get this step...? in step 13 you soldered the wire from the back of the battery holder to the motor? ryte?
and you soldered the same wire to the switch and attached another wire to the motor to the switch.. i am lost now :(
robomaniac dice: Nov 22, 2009. 2:06 PM
you have 2 ways to build the robot.

with NO switch
with a switch

if you want NO switch, you simply don't check that step. Leave the wire from the back of the battery to the motor.

if you want a switch, you will need to cut the wire and attach a switch to it.
drake33 dice: Feb 17, 2011. 8:14 PM
wrong answer
Cubie2 dice: Nov 21, 2009. 6:03 PM
The only hard to find thing are the switches but I found out that most computer mouses (Mice? Mouses? Mousen?) have them in them.
Cubie2 dice: Nov 21, 2009. 6:05 PM
Meece maybe? Hey guys, whats the plural for a computer mouse?
jwoo2023 dice: Ene 18, 2010. 5:01 PM
mouses or mice
123QWEe dice: Nov 21, 2009. 2:31 PM
I agree plz explain it a little more thoroughly? it gets annoying trying to take the batteries out with the motor going
robomaniac dice: Nov 21, 2009. 4:46 PM
hello, did you look at the pictures in step 16?

Look where the switch is place

There is a picture where there is a single wire

then the second picture is the same angle but with a switch that is in the middle of the wire

This mean you cut the wire in 2 and solder a switch to the wire you just cut.

The "third connection wire" is the wire that you cut.
Look closelly at ALL the pictures.

That is it!
123QWEe dice: Nov 21, 2009. 2:21 PM
do you need to soter the paper clip to the switch?
rstevens76 dice: Mar 28, 2012. 3:36 PM
No, but you probably need to learn how to spell solder. =) J/k, as long as they touch, the electricity will get through. But when the bot bangs around, it may jostle the connection loose. Solder would prevent that.
triguy dice: Nov 11, 2009. 1:48 PM
Awesome instruction. I am doing a technology club at the high school I teach at and while I am somewhat new to robotics, my students have no electronics background at all. Your car is our first project and it is going great. If we end up posting some sort of a promo video, you will definitely get props and I will let you know.
This is great for our school with very limited funds to let our students get some hands on experience with a cheaply built project. It is an after school program that has 20 kids, which is really incredible compared to any other after school group at my location. Thanks again!
r_carron dice: Oct 24, 2009. 8:43 PM
 i was also wondering if i could get these terminal connectors?
r_carron dice: Oct 24, 2009. 8:16 PM
 hey im a beginner at this and i chose the beetlebot to be my first robot which i will stat making very soon. I bought 2 micro mini SPDT switches and they are 240 VAC , 1.5 A .  are they the right ones? will they work? 

amazin work btw =]
7ofspades dice: Oct 20, 2009. 6:12 PM
Heeey...! that mentions about the "on/off switch", but there are no pics about it... so, where can be placed the on/off switch?
robomaniac dice: Oct 20, 2009. 7:16 PM
 Are you sure about that?

did you really check all the step...
mohitgupta344 dice: Oct 10, 2009. 6:48 AM
hello everyone and robomaniac
i wanted to know that is it neccassery to half the voltage if yes why
can solder it under inside where battery is (with batery)
why motors should be 1,5v not 3 plzz tell

Colonel88 dice: Oct 16, 2009. 3:19 PM
If it was 3 volts then the motors would go R-E-A-L-L-Y slow. I'm overexaggerating but they WILL go slower.
Minifig666 dice: Jun 9, 2010. 3:21 PM
And you are making a semi-short curcit which is a bit dangerous with batteries.
robomaniac dice: Jun 9, 2010. 4:53 PM
in my setup, each motor runs on 1,5V. If you want to run the motor at 3V you will need two AA battery holder for a total of 4 AA batteries.
linkz601 dice: Ago 9, 2010. 10:53 AM
ok look maybe it would help if you understood what happens, if you put the two motors hooked up to one battery, youll get a really slow motion, because the battery is beng cut to half its voltage being used. but if you put a second battery, youll even out the Current and Voltage being put. study a bit of DC Vol 1, that should help.
CaseBoy dice: Oct 4, 2009. 11:36 AM
do you have to use heat shrink tubing for grips instead can you use some rubbery electoral tape instead
pupilfang dice: Sep 25, 2009. 7:35 AM
cool project!! sir i just want to know how to make the reversal longer, my switch reverses but it is so quick that it doesn't seem to move at all, thanks!!
Caassh dice: Sep 19, 2009. 8:16 PM
my terminal connectors wont fit in the spdt switches either ones 2 small or 2 big ... can i clamp the big one down? thanks btw just bought the parts today
Caassh dice: Sep 17, 2009. 4:31 PM
Caassh dice: Sep 16, 2009. 8:17 PM
i meant i found the same SPDT switch but i still need the on/off switch help please.. thanks
robomaniac dice: Sep 16, 2009. 9:28 PM
The motor are perfect and good choice.

The power switch you showed me will work perfect.

You have everything to start making a robot!

Have fun
linkz601 dice: Ago 9, 2010. 8:10 PM
they work.
Caassh dice: Sep 16, 2009. 6:12 PM
where did you buy the terminal connectors?
Also can i use any of these terminal connectors?
I'm making a beetlebot for a school project o.o


lol says female >.>
robomaniac dice: Sep 16, 2009. 7:51 PM
go at home depot and buy the blue ones, canadian tire also have them Have fun!
dragonface dice: Sep 10, 2009. 9:40 AM
can i use anything else instead of a spdt switch bt has the same effect
robomaniac dice: Sep 10, 2009. 10:48 AM
Sorry, it can only work with SPDT switch. No other swith except home made version will work.
rancher52395 dice: Ago 11, 2009. 10:57 AM
how big would you say the robot is?
robomaniac dice: Ago 11, 2009. 11:24 AM
depend how big you make it! it is palm size.
bat_wave dice: Ago 8, 2009. 1:59 AM
one of my SPDT switches has a click sound when I press it but the other doesn't...does this mean my spdt switch without the click sound is spoilt?
robomaniac dice: Ago 8, 2009. 7:27 AM
was it making noise before? Are they the same brand? Do you have the terminal connectors installed on the switch when you test? remove everything and test again. Be sure that the metal lever press against the body. Some manufacturer switch make noise some don't ( very little noise ) The best way to test this, it to use a multimeter between N and NO or NC and see if you multumeter "beeps" when you press the switch have fun!
spacecappa dice: Ago 5, 2009. 8:43 AM
the best robot on the site
paintsniper dice: Ago 5, 2009. 2:59 AM
hey jerome pls read my coment and watch vid an pls tell me wat u think
robomaniac dice: Ago 5, 2009. 5:27 AM
We can totally see that you guys are in summer break! I am studying like hell for final exams for next week! The black one seem to move better. So on the pcb version you habe the 9V NiCd battery to power your led flasher with transistors flip flop. Keep up the good work! Jerome
themike0011 dice: Ago 4, 2009. 11:07 AM
thanks dude , after reading all those votes i dont know what to write to thank you, everything has already been written, you have explained it like a professional, you have inspired me too much,i would probably construct it this week ,its amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ,you rock man ,THANKS AGAIN
spacecappa dice: Ago 4, 2009. 8:43 AM
does it matter if my motors are magnetic to my batterys
robomaniac dice: Ago 4, 2009. 9:12 AM
euhh... I don't thinnk I understand your question. magnets near a battery does not matters. All motor have magnets inside.
spacecappa dice: Ago 5, 2009. 8:42 AM
ok thank you
paintsniper dice: Ago 4, 2009. 3:20 AM
this is the vid of them running hope it works
p.s the only reason it stoped is that i ran outa paper clips and it was half broken but anyway this is my design and geromes (his is black my design has no shell)

paintsniper dice: Ago 4, 2009. 2:36 AM
here are my pics the one with the black case was one of your design wich is very neat and the one with out the case with flashing led and a tail light built on pcb entirly my design sortove i give u most credit if u would like but the only thing i copied was kinda the beam aspect but the black one is totaly ur design but with leds p.s im thirteen and suprisingly good at this and am already designing myown micro bots p.s im not a nerd or geek im a state swimmer
derbert dice: Ago 1, 2009. 11:25 AM
hey jerome. having followed a link on flickr, i ended up on your page. i have tried building the symet, and was wondering if there were any other transistors that could be substituted for the 2N3906. if so, could you give me a list? chrs.
paintsniper dice: Ago 1, 2009. 2:12 AM
nevermind all fixed i had the resister and transister wrong sorry will send pics
paintsniper dice: Ago 1, 2009. 1:03 AM
sorry to bother you again but have some problems with my pcb robot. motor runs faster tan the other thus going in circles. 2.the motors work even if the batery is only connected to one pole pls help me thank you
siennavt dice: Jul 30, 2009. 6:34 PM
THANK YOU! We did this as a project at our library today. We had over 30 kids and made 28 robots that all worked (we had to switch out 2 switches that weren't working properly). It took three hours and we got a grant to help pay for parts. Without your project and detailed instructions I don't know what I would have come up with. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
robomaniac dice: Jul 30, 2009. 7:54 PM
You are very welcome! That is GREAT! Thanks for sharing! Did you spend the entire money and were did you buy your parts from? What ages where the kids? Do you have any step that was hard to do, that I could improve? Thanks again! Jerome ps- Got some pictures?
siennavt dice: Jul 31, 2009. 6:52 PM
We got our parts from solarbotics. I had a hard time finding things much cheaper and when you add shipping and hassle it just seemed the clearest answer. We did spend all of our money and then a little more, but it was worth it. The kids were mostly 7-12. We went for gluing the antenna because if time and parts constraints. We are hoping to offer the project at the local elementary school. If we do we will either use the clips as you suggest here or solder copper wire as antennae. We only had two soldering irons which is why it took three hours. Again, Thank you so much! I'll post some pictures as soon as I can. The person taking pictures went out of town.
paintsniper dice: Jul 29, 2009. 12:57 AM
could you pls answer my second coment pls cheers
robomaniac dice: Jul 29, 2009. 9:53 AM
the PCB one? What robot? The beetle robot? You already have the schematic, so you can build your own pcb. Use the same switch layout from the beetlerobot to build it.
paintsniper dice: Jul 31, 2009. 2:09 AM
ok thanks i was just checking and iv half made it if u want il send u pics
rancher52395 dice: Jul 28, 2009. 6:47 PM
what is the estimated cost if you don't have any of the items for the robot? just the robot parts, not the shell or tools. thank you!
rancher52395 dice: Jul 28, 2009. 7:02 PM
and where can you find the spdt switch?
rancher52395 dice: Jul 28, 2009. 7:13 PM
never mind about the switch, I found it
rancher52395 dice: Jul 28, 2009. 7:12 PM
one more question- what should the circumference be for the heat shrinks? how big of round are the terminal connectors and the motor shaft? Thank you so much!
robomaniac dice: Jul 28, 2009. 8:20 PM
3/32 for the heat shrink. The motor shaft depend of company that makes them. Mine are 2mm ( 0.0750inch). Terminal connectors use colours for size, yellow, red and blue. I use blue.
rancher52395 dice: Ago 6, 2009. 12 PM
do the terminal connectors have to look like the ones in your picture? or can the have two prongs on the end?


can they look like either of these?
rancher52395 dice: Ago 6, 2009. 12:32 PM
ah, i c how yours are...where did you get yours? i can't find ones like that on help me!
rancher52395 dice: Ago 6, 2009. 1:57 PM
okay I found them, whew!
robomaniac dice: Ago 6, 2009. 3:02 PM
Have you look closelly at the terminal connector attach to the switch?

The connector slide in the SPDT switch lever.

None of the one you showed me work since there is no way to attach them.

You need the one I show in the pictures
paintsniper dice: Jul 28, 2009. 2:32 AM
can u pls help me design my own one using something like this design pls using pcb just something simple.tell me if u could and il give u my email plspls i will love ur help. thank you for all ur posts and cant wait for other instructable
paintsniper dice: Jul 27, 2009. 1:25 AM
hi i have made both your robots and love them.could you pls post a tutorial on the one with the pcb.i have some questions about a robot that im making its complies with the beam project and its pretty much the same as the ones you made ecxept on pcb and uses a 9volt battery and i have no idea how to make the 3rd connection pls help me
robomaniac dice: Jul 27, 2009. 5:44 AM
hello, You can not make the a third connection with a 9V battery the third connection is the connection between the two separe batteries, that is why you need 2 batteries. Use two 9V batteries. ps- I am working on other cool instructables. I am just really busy at school, I am in a summer session, youpi do!
beagle+dogz dice: Jul 13, 2009. 3:49 AM
my terminal connector is to big what should we do ?
smilespoon dice: Jul 12, 2009. 2:22 AM
how is it?wat do u think?

JTW525 dice: Jul 12, 2009. 12:44 AM
This set up worked for me but after reading the comments I took extra care on this step..... but it worked this way with the motors I had
marioman134 dice: Jul 8, 2009. 1:18 PM
When I used a soldering iron to shrink the heat shrink tubing, it got some sort of black residue on it, (I used black heat shrink tubing if that makes a difference, also the residue is only on a very few parts of the iron, in tiny splashes). I'm wondering if I should clean it off or not. I have tried to clean it off, but I have little to show for it (a little bit did come off). If it is important, I will clean it off the rest of the way (if so any tips for the cleaning?). However, the cleaning will take quite a while. I would really just like to know if it would just be a waste of time to clean this black stuff off my soldering iron.
robomaniac dice: Jul 8, 2009. 3:31 PM
it is a waste of time. The day you will want something that look nice and pro, like covering wires or making connectors, use a heatgun or lighter flame and out is far from the tube so you don't see any marking/burning. Flames will make marking on yellow tubing and other light colours.
marioman134 dice: Jul 8, 2009. 4:33 PM
Okay, Thanks :D
crossfrost69 dice: Jun 30, 2009. 7:22 PM
How do you buy stuff from the cherry site? because, i find the switch but then all it does is gives me info about it and doesn't say anything about buying it.
crossfrost69 dice: Jul 1, 2009. 11:22 AM
Can some one please tell me where i can get spdt switches like that other than from All Electronics, how do I order from Cherry? PLEASE REPLY
phant0m_sp00f3ra dice: Jun 26, 2009. 7:39 PM
holly crap dude you rock! this is simply amazing. fav'd!
janmaza dice: Jun 26, 2009. 4:38 AM
man, you rule! awesome project and very very well explained; ive seen a lot of instructables that it is very hard to understand and do the things they say, but you really know how to explain, ill try to make it this week, congrats man!
juggler4real dice: Jun 21, 2009. 12:13 PM
where can i get a spdt switch for low price or free
rainger dice: Ago 4, 2009. 11:47 AM
Just like Robomaniac mentioned about finding the motor, most $1 toys have one in it, even most HappyMeal toys... I tend to toss all my kids' McDonald's toys in my shop and cannibalize for motors, switches, LEDs, etc... AFTER they've finished playing with them of course!
juggler4real dice: Ago 5, 2009. 10:37 AM
thanks for the info
rancher52395 dice: Ago 6, 2009. 12:47 PM has some for about 2 dollars i think
tech123456789 dice: Jun 12, 2009. 2:11 PM
did you use a aaa battery holder or a aa battery holder. please reply thank you.
robomaniac dice: Jun 12, 2009. 8:09 PM
I use AA but AAA can work
peppeska dice: Jun 9, 2009. 4:31 AM
This is my robot.. "bugovo!!" (mix "bug" and Ovomaltine)

nem.p dice: May 26, 2009. 4:47 PM
i cant find any terminal connectors and hot glue never works. What else can i try? PLEASE HELP ME!!
sid_bet dice: May 30, 2009. 10:24 AM
try cello taping it on the plate of the switch.
ure+dad dice: Jun 2, 2009. 10:23 AM
this is awesome and it works 100%
geoslim13 dice: Jun 10, 2009. 8:16 AM
Radio shack has the connectors in bags
beagle+dogz dice: Jul 13, 2009. 3:47 AM
try making something like that with Aluminum sheet
robomaniac dice: Jul 13, 2009. 8:33 AM
Solder it using silver solder and file the tabs or scratch it before soldering. beware, you will melt the switch, you better remove the tab. epoxy glue make a tiny loop in the antenna end and glue it to the tab.
evan_jeffries dice: Nov 22, 2009. 3:14 PM
 these connectors only hold the paper clip to the SPDT's so you can just improvise, use wire instead.
lewis1234567890 dice: Oct 23, 2010. 4:47 PM
Solder the enteners to the switch but you wont be able to take them off and pack it into your bag
aainventor94 dice: May 26, 2009. 12:56 PM
If you don't have a battery holder, can't you use 4 paperclips bent at 90 degrees instead?
ranger_ijo dice: May 23, 2009. 2:26 AM
do the motor work in 1,5 v (i mean just one battery affect one motor) ? because i only have motor that can work in 3 volt...when i connect my motor in 1,5 v (1 battery) motor cannot work.. i have been searching motor that can work in 1,5 volt..but it's so hard to find...
robomaniac dice: May 23, 2009. 8:51 AM
yes the motor only work is 1,5V so that is why you need 1,5V motors. You can also use 2 x AA battery holder and use the same schematics. . so you will have 3V instead of 1,5V per motor. yes 1,5V motor are hard to find
Manny_Bee dice: May 14, 2009. 5:36 PM
I want to make this but where did you get the cap/lid?
gmana dice: May 7, 2009. 9:44 AM
mine goes in circles could it be because the one motor is older than the other
gmana dice: May 11, 2009. 8:34 AM
pls help me soon
crampedyogapositions dice: May 7, 2009. 9:03 AM
you know what you should doo??

disguise this as a roomba.
imagine the reaction people will see when a giant lady bug is crawing on the floor. this way it can have a usecleaning
JCOOL777 dice: May 7, 2009. 7:54 AM
would plaster work to
JCOOL777 dice: May 6, 2009. 9:49 PM
my motors have gears on their shafts i still put shrink tube on the but the bot is way to fast any ideas on how to slow it down
niconoro dice: Dic 30, 2010. 8:42 AM
try using smaller gears...
JCOOL777 dice: May 6, 2009. 9:45 PM
are the 2 top ports of the switches supposed to be toching
tech123456789 dice: Jun 12, 2009. 8:32 AM
yes they are
robomaniac dice: Jun 12, 2009. 1:35 PM
You are going to solder them together, so yes.
RobotBoy740 dice: Abr 30, 2009. 5:59 PM
hey AWESOME robot i am buying all of the stuff but i will let you know how it goes
swachhand dice: Abr 22, 2009. 10:14 AM
can any one tell me where can I get SPDT switches in Mumbai, India
swachhand dice: Abr 22, 2009. 9:29 AM
hey jerome can you juzz tell me what each part costs, actually i am an Indian so can u tell me how much ruppees will it take to be made? THANKS :-)
gmana dice: Abr 21, 2009. 9:26 AM
this is awsum will definitely make it ;p
hotbabe3133 dice: Abr 20, 2009. 8:05 PM
how do i make a remote control or somethng like that... im in this competition to build a robot that can travel across the moon...... plz help me and fast........
Lacurazz dice: Abr 19, 2009. 12:10 PM
when i had my motors like this, it went in reverse!
clarkkami dice: Abr 20, 2009. 4:58 PM
what did you do to get it to go forward? I am having the same problem.
Lacurazz dice: Abr 21, 2009. 3:54 PM
all i did was position my motors opposite of the picture
mikeylawrence dice: Abr 28, 2009. 9:22 PM
Me too! I was so pissed. So i had to unsolder everything and switch it. But then it worked, so i was happy.
Lacurazz dice: Abr 19, 2009. 12:08 PM
how can you tell if the switches are sensitive enough?
the+tech+head dice: Feb 26, 2010. 6:32 PM
 usually the switch is just a strip of metal so it really doesn't matter 
Football+viking+boy dice: Jun 10, 2010. 11:49 AM
The operating force is measured in gf. They can range from 2gf to 3000gf. 30gf might be OK.
bot+builder15 dice: Abr 11, 2009. 11:52 PM
Garrett, where did you find the battery holder i cant seem to find any in the electronics i have
kenjimatsuda dice: Mar 3, 2010. 10:52 PM
radioshack youll b supprised
bot+builder15 dice: Abr 11, 2009. 11:44 PM
hey Garrett, im 15 years old and iv have always wanted to know how to make a simple yet fun robot. The beetle bot is so cool because you dont need a CB (circuit board) or a programmer to make it. my one question is do i HAVE to use 3V motors or can i use a smaller one and just make the robot smaller? thanks Garrett :)
raykholo dice: May 6, 2009. 7:07 PM
well that all depends exactly on what u said if ur gonna make the robot smaller then it might be possible to use smaller motors However, that would require u to totally remake this design and that kinda defeats it if so i would just apply this circuit to a different robot idea otherwise, it is possible to use smaller motors on this robot, but then i would suggest gearing it for more torque and thus the robot would move slower...
pablosartor dice: Abr 9, 2009. 12:09 PM
amazing instructable thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed instructable!!!! you are d man
Gliucoza dice: Abr 8, 2009. 4:08 PM
is this gonna work?
cotton dice: Mar 31, 2009. 7:05 PM