Step 14: The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) - The antenna holder

Picture of The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) - The antenna holder
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This is the cool part of the design. When applying this principal you can remove the antenna and pack it into your backpack!

Take those terminals and remove the plastic. You will be able to solder to the terminal.
Take your pliers to press down on the terminal connector. After that, you will be able to slide it tight on the metal connector of the SPDT switches.

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memoscan3 years ago
i have a question for robomaniac hey the metal part of terminal connector must be metal or what kind of another material can we use ? Can't we directly make the antenna and the metal part of switch come together ?
robomaniac (author)  memoscan3 years ago
You can glue the antenna directly to the switch.

Yes you can make the antenna and the metal part in one piece.

You simply need to find a way to attach a big long lever (antenna) to the switch.
That's it.
slugy4 years ago
plz tell me where 2 get the terminal connectors!!
i cant find them anywhere!!
you can get around 20 of them off Ebay for 99p
drake334 years ago
why does the is it possible to use 4 motors
drake334 years ago
you should eat harr

nem.p6 years ago
i cant find any terminal connectors and hot glue never works. What else can i try? PLEASE HELP ME!!
Solder the enteners to the switch but you wont be able to take them off and pack it into your bag
 these connectors only hold the paper clip to the SPDT's so you can just improvise, use wire instead.
try making something like that with Aluminum sheet
robomaniac (author)  beagle dogz6 years ago
Solder it using silver solder and file the tabs or scratch it before soldering. beware, you will melt the switch, you better remove the tab. epoxy glue make a tiny loop in the antenna end and glue it to the tab.
beagle dogz6 years ago
my terminal connector is to big what should we do ?