Step 16: The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) - Mounting the power switch

Picture of The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) - Mounting the power switch
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Your robot should be able to move around and avoid obstacles.

To stop your robot, you need to remove the battery. This can get annoying and I recommend adding a simple switch.

Look at the pictures and you will understand. I have added heat shrink to make it look nice and hide my beautiful solder joint.
botstarter2 years ago
mine can run on one battery!

it also shocked me
and i have used NO switch !!!
i hav done everything as u have instructed but d problem is that when i connect d batteries the motor doesn't gets started and all the wires r connected properly can u give a solution for this ?
r_carron5 years ago
i dont get this step...? in step 13 you soldered the wire from the back of the battery holder to the motor? ryte?
and you soldered the same wire to the switch and attached another wire to the motor to the switch.. i am lost now :(
wrong answer
robomaniac (author)  r_carron5 years ago
you have 2 ways to build the robot.

with NO switch
with a switch

if you want NO switch, you simply don't check that step. Leave the wire from the back of the battery to the motor.

if you want a switch, you will need to cut the wire and attach a switch to it.
drake334 years ago
Hi ya wazzup yall
hohohe4 years ago
Ref power switch @ 3rd connection (step 16). This does stop motors, but even in off (open) popsition, the lever switches still activate motors. Do I have something miswired.??
Carnavislol4 years ago
will a battery holder that has a switch on it work?
fundash5 years ago
 oh no!

i installed a switch and had mine working fine, until for some reason, the motors wont reverse...the just stop

also, when the on/off switch is off and i press a motor switch, the motors don't do anything! :(

Please reply!!!
elmvet fundash5 years ago
My motors don't reverse when antennas contact surface.  wired as per v1 but added a switch.  your wiring diagram could be clearer.
hey Garrett, im 15 years old and iv have always wanted to know how to make a simple yet fun robot. The beetle bot is so cool because you dont need a CB (circuit board) or a programmer to make it. my one question is do i HAVE to use 3V motors or can i use a smaller one and just make the robot smaller? thanks Garrett :)
smilespoon6 years ago
should v solder the 3rd connection to the positiv or negativ terminal of the battery holder