Step 17: The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) - Making the shell

Picture of The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) - Making the shell
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To make the shell, you can use any sort of plastic container. The dark green is a peanut butter cap and the transparent green is from a gel container.

I decided to use the transparent cap to make my shell. I then cut out the cap to make room for the motors and the switches.
Robofan14 years ago
what is the name of the gel you got your cap from plz tell me
guitar gogo5 years ago

what was the name of the gel you got your cap from

123QWEe5 years ago
I agree plz explain it a little more thoroughly? it gets annoying trying to take the batteries out with the motor going
robomaniac (author)  123QWEe5 years ago
hello, did you look at the pictures in step 16?

Look where the switch is place

There is a picture where there is a single wire

then the second picture is the same angle but with a switch that is in the middle of the wire

This mean you cut the wire in 2 and solder a switch to the wire you just cut.

The "third connection wire" is the wire that you cut.
Look closelly at ALL the pictures.

That is it!
its good but step 16 is not clear