Step 22: The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) - The finish robot

Everything is finished..

Not really, you need to hook up the shell to the robot.

To connect the shell to the robot, you can glue it directly to the battery holder, or you can use magnets; glue one inside the lid and another in a mathcing position on the battery holder.

I have switched the yellow tape with black to make it nicer. I have also painted the antenna black for aesthetic .

Congratulations, your beetle robot is done!
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Jerome Demers
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

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vadipp3 years ago
Hey, robomaniac, this project is awesome! Thank you very much for sharing this i'ble!
slugy4 years ago
thx i luv my robot
caoshi4 years ago
ohh,i will try it .thanks alot
jmhn4 years ago
Thanks for the awesome instructable! You inspired me to make more robots. This was my first.
day-veed4 years ago
Awesome robot! It's really simple yet very interesting! (not to mention cheap!)
I'm so gonna build it.
G.J. Dyason4 years ago
Dude i have not evin built my bot yet and i want 2 build another! I just want to know if the spdt switch is the same as a spdt microswitch? I'm from south africa and its not as easy to get the right parts, I have built the most useless machine EVER! and since then have been searching for another robotic project and now I found the best , thanks!!!
robomaniac (author)  G.J. Dyason4 years ago
microswitch will work, they are the same but smaller.

Good luck!

thanks man, that makes is much easier...I hope
hello everyone and robomaniac
i wanted to know that is it neccassery to half the voltage if yes why
can solder it under inside where battery is (with batery)
why motors should be 1,5v not 3 plzz tell

ok look maybe it would help if you understood what happens, if you put the two motors hooked up to one battery, youll get a really slow motion, because the battery is beng cut to half its voltage being used. but if you put a second battery, youll even out the Current and Voltage being put. study a bit of DC Vol 1, that should help.
themike00116 years ago
thanks dude , after reading all those votes i dont know what to write to thank you, everything has already been written, you have explained it like a professional, you have inspired me too much,i would probably construct it this week ,its amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ,you rock man ,THANKS AGAIN
janmaza6 years ago
man, you rule! awesome project and very very well explained; ive seen a lot of instructables that it is very hard to understand and do the things they say, but you really know how to explain, ill try to make it this week, congrats man!
RobotBoy7406 years ago
hey AWESOME robot i am buying all of the stuff but i will let you know how it goes
pablosartor6 years ago
amazing instructable thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed instructable!!!! you are d man
sra141317 years ago
Dude, great instuctables!!!! this is going to be my first robot so im really excited!!! well im totally voting for you!!!!!!!
oh is it even I'm starting to do this frm today will i get the good result??????????