Step 4: The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) - Motor grip

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You need grip to get around! Without tires, your car won't go anywhere. Try driving on your rims... does this make you think of police footage, bad guys trying to get away with busted tires :P

Same thing with the beetle robot.

The shaft of the motor is the rim and the heatshrink is the tire. Since the robot rests on the shaft of the motor to move around, you will need some grip.

You will need to shrink the heatshrink onto the motor shaft. I use a heat gun but the tip of your soldering iron will do.
amathew24 years ago
can i use a smaller motor?
lordpiplup4 years ago
Also, when I press the spdt switches the motors stop pls help, thanksl
lordpiplup4 years ago
For some reason.... my motors dont have a posivitive or a negative, and when i built it, it did not reverse any help for that?
pudgytaco4 years ago
i did a couple of layers of heat shrink
JCOOL7776 years ago
my motors have gears on their shafts i still put shrink tube on the but the bot is way to fast any ideas on how to slow it down
try using smaller gears...
niconoro4 years ago
mmm i have a problem! my suplier store doesnt has 1.5 motors. but i have two 5.9V motors.
any solutions??
zarkometal5 years ago

No encuentro ese Tipo de plastico =S

robomaniac (author)  zarkometal5 years ago
Usted puede encontrar que el plástico de la tienda de electrónica. También puede utilizar cola caliente en la punta del eje del motor.

You can find that plastic in electronic store. You could also use hot glue on the tip of the motor shaft.

Thanks Man..xD
marioman1346 years ago
When I used a soldering iron to shrink the heat shrink tubing, it got some sort of black residue on it, (I used black heat shrink tubing if that makes a difference, also the residue is only on a very few parts of the iron, in tiny splashes). I'm wondering if I should clean it off or not. I have tried to clean it off, but I have little to show for it (a little bit did come off). If it is important, I will clean it off the rest of the way (if so any tips for the cleaning?). However, the cleaning will take quite a while. I would really just like to know if it would just be a waste of time to clean this black stuff off my soldering iron.
robomaniac (author)  marioman1346 years ago
it is a waste of time. The day you will want something that look nice and pro, like covering wires or making connectors, use a heatgun or lighter flame and out is far from the tube so you don't see any marking/burning. Flames will make marking on yellow tubing and other light colours.