Step 5: Assemble Your Hand

Picture of Assemble Your Hand
Sew all of the parts onto an old glove. Make sure it matches the robotic hand (left glove for left robotic hand and right glove for right robotic hand). The side it is can be altered by swapping some of the wires around.

Solder the twisted wire to the motors and to the flex resistors. Again, I used about 2 feet of wire, but how much you use depends on how far away from the Arduino you want to get.

In my original hand, I used the twisted pairs out of an Ethernet cable. The color coding made wire management simpler, but the wires were a bit stiff. The stiffness does not affect the functionality of the hand, but it does make the glove feel a bit weird to wear. This can be fixed by using stranded wire instead of solid core wire.